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This is a side project that I’m working on. Certain words are from the glossaries that I’ve prepared beforehand, so the translation would be at least more readable. However, my glossaries aren’t complete as I don’t put much time on it (yet).

Instead of using just one machine translation, I’m using three of it. Each MT are quite different, so by using three of them, sometimes an unclear sentence would be more understandable. From my experience reading them, there isn’t a perfect one, or best one. Sometimes one is better than the other, but another time, the other translates better. However, if you find one of them especially more accurate or less accurate than the others, let me know and I can remove it.

If you find any terms, names, etc which I haven’t put in the glossaries (you can see the words that I substitute from the glossaries as I put them in red color), you can let me know. However, please also mention the chapter in which those terms/names occur. That way, the MT quality might increase.

When a chapter is already translated and published (not MT), I will leave the MT, as there won’t be any need to make changes anymore. For the unpublished chapters, I will update around ten chapters in advance of the published chapters about once a week (if there are glossaries changes/updates).

The time/effort I will put on this project will depend on how popular this project will be among the readers. However, as this is just a side project, it won’t disturb the real translations, and I will always put the real translations as priority. Currently, I don’t spend really too much time for this project as in principle, most of it are processed automatically. Of course, I still need to manually get the chapter’s raw (which I need to do anyway for my translation), pushing the ‘Run’ button for the program to process it all (with minor setting changes, like changing the chapters number), waiting quite a while for the process to finish (the MT process takes quite some time, about a minute per MT, so it’s about 2-3 minutes to process one chapter. I think it might have something to do with my slow internet connection), and also manually copy pasting it here to publish it.

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