Machine Translation – The Legendary Thief – Chapter 142

1: 142th chapter Murong Shan Shan was destroyed?
2: One hundred and forty second chapter Murong Shan Shan destroyed group?
3: The one hundred and forty-second Chapter Murong Shan Shan was killed?

1: Returned to the place it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon, only this time I remember, today you want to breath rushed to level 45.
2: Back to the residence time is already 13:00, and this time I have only remember, but also breath today rushed to the 45.
3: Back to the house when it was already 1 in the afternoon, when I did remember, and today also in the same breath post-to 45-level.

1: In the bathroom to solve urgent and immediately back to the room on the line.
2: In the bathroom a little urgency to solve, immediately back to the room on-line.
3: In the bathroom to resolve the emergency, immediately go to your room online.

1: Silver months plain Shang of many Prairie Elves has brush out has, in I just online of when they immediately quickly of surrounding has up, scare have I quickly sub has put Phosphor Powder into has sneak State, then Murong Shan Shan of SMS also to has: ” Lin Fan , I with Guild in of people to Dragon Valley TU dragon to has, to has to I SMS! –Shanshan. ”
2: Many grassland Elves Silver Plains been brushed out, I was just on the line when they once quickly around us, scared I quickly sprinkled the Phosphor Powder sneak into the state, this time Murong Shan Shan of SMS came: ” Lin Fan , I took guild where people go to dragon Valley dragon to give me a text message – slowly leave!.”
3: Bank on the plain. many of the grasslands Elves had been brushed out, I just came online when they are immediately rapidly around the up and scared me to give me Sahara. Phosphor Powder into stealth mode, that’s when Murong Shan Shan the text also:“ Lin Fan , I get the people to go to Dragon Valley Dragon, give me a text!– Fashionably.”

1: I looked at the time, that information is at 10 in the morning, then immediately sent a text in the past: “How did dragon slayer? Would you like I used to? ”
2: I looked at the time, that information is 10 am, and then immediately sent a text message in the past: “Tu Dragon how well do you want me in the past??”
3: I looked at the time., that’s 10 a.m. for information, send text and past:“the dragon slaughter? Want me to go?”

1: After a few minutes, Murong Shan Shan replied: “no, we 11:30 will not start, walking for 1.5 hours before to the Dragon Valley, almost when you have finished. ”
2: After a few minutes, Murong Shan Shan reply: “No, we 11:30 before departure, not half an hour to go to Dragon Valley, you come when it is estimated that almost was over.”
3: After a few minutes, Murong Shan Shan re:“No, we 11: and-a-half, leaving a half hour still to Dragon Valley, it is estimated that you came in when almost done.”

1: “Well, could you shed some light on what is your Dragon, how many level BOSS? ”
2: “Well, you can not disclose what the dragon fight, how much class BOSS ah?”
3: “Well, can’t tell you what Dragon, how many levels, BOSS?”

1: “HA HA, 70 gold BOSS, not a fierce Dragon, long Valley, just outside the low-level wind Dragon, poisonous, I think we should call this no problem. ”
2: “Hee hee, 70 gold BOSS, not a powerful dragon, just outside Ryukoku lowest level wind dragon, the kind of poison, I think we hit this should be no problem.”
3: “HEE HEE, the 70-grade gold BOSS, is not what good dragons, just Dragon Valley outside the low-level wind, Dragon, Poison, that kind of, I think, we call this shouldn’t be a problem.”

1: “Had better be careful, Dragon BOSS absolutely different from the other, maybe the power of 70-100 the BOSS-level BOSS, anyway, one would look at the beat, remember to run first, or 1/4 level of Experience would have been uneconomic. ”
2: “Be careful or good, dragon BOSS is absolutely not the same with the other, maybe 70 of 100 BOSS BOSS have the power, anyway, will be watching a beat, I remember first run, or else off 1 / 4 of Experience does not pay up. ”
3: “Just be careful, okay, Dragon-type BOSS, with the other definitely not the same, maybe 70 level BOSS, there are 100 levels, BOSS, power, the counter is, a watch in a fight, remember to run, otherwise, off 1/4. Experience does not.”

1: “I know you went to practice bar, after dinner and then contact ~”
2: “I know you, you go to leveling it after dinner and then contact ~”
3: “Okay, you first go to the practice level., eat dinner, and then the link~”

1: ……
2: ……
3: ……

1: Turn off the transmitters, I literally lick a monster up to 44, 46 to Experience is not much, so make up your mind right away, to visit on the Silver Mountain, now Silver Mountain because the monster was so strong, have been players considered to be forbidden, if you can find a suitable practice level places would be nice.
2: Turn off the communicator, and I can pack away a monster rose to 44, where 46 is to blame Experience is running out, so soon made up his mind, a visit to the Silver Mountain, Silver Mountain now because the monster too fast, the players have been considered off-limits, and if you can find a place for me just fine leveling.
3: Turn off the Communicator, I randomly get a piece of Monster up to level 44, this 46-level blame for the Experience already not much, so be sure to get silver from the mountain tour, in silver, on a mountain, because the monster is too fierce, has been the player we thought was help, if I can find a fit for my training level.

1: Silver Mountain is situated next to the silver Moon plain, in the left corner there is a huge open area of the plain, just connect silver mountains, silver Moon Valley and three large leveling of Silvermoon plain map, if I apply for resident coordinators, this will be my first choice!
2: Silver Mountain is located beside the silver on the plain, in the left corner of the plains have a huge open space, just connect Silver Mountains, Silver Valley and Silver plains three large leveling map, if I apply if the resident here would be my preferred location!
3: Silver, on the mountain just sits in the Bank, on plain side, plain on the left corner there was a huge open field, just linking to a Bank, on mountains, on mountains, Valley and Bank on plains of three major practice-level map, if I apply for resident, this will be my first choice!

1: The way to Silver Mountain, at first, you can still see many of the sword and the rose, the Guild who went out, when I came to the foot of the mountain, here have started to desert the only strange monsters in the Woods and hill walking back and forth.
2: Silver on the road to the mountain, but also see a lot of first guild Sword and the Rose, and later less and less, and when I came to the foot of the hill, where already started deserted, and only a variety of bizarre monster Hill back and forth in the woods and walk.
3: To Bank on a mountain road, originally also can see a few of the sword and the Rose Guild, and then less and less, when I came to the foot of the mountain, there’s already been a desolate, only a variety of the weird monster in the forest and hills and back to walk.

1: Mostly still be level 46 monster, I didn’t stay, walked directly up the Hill.
2: Most are still here 46 monsters, how I did not stay and went directly to the mountains.
3: Most of these remains are 46 levels to the monster, I didn’t stay, directly to the mountain and go.

1: Try to steer clear of Silver Mountain Avenue, although virtually no players capable of leveling up here now, but there is still a point to note, now to be here as long as the player is definitely the number one expert, in case my red name being targeted are in trouble. Now my situation is very awkward, red kill white is the value increasing evil, but white killing is heroic, in red brush out, I didn’t want to kill anyone.
2: Try to avoid the Silver Hill Road, although no player has the ability to now basically here to leveling, but still have to pay attention to that, and now as long as the players here is definitely the number one master, if my red names are locked in trouble. Currently my situation was very embarrassing, red name to kill white name is to increase the value of sin, but killing red white name names but it is courageous, washed off before the red name, I do not want to kill.
3: Try to avoid a Bank on mountain Avenue, and although now basically no players have the ability here to practice level, but still need attention, and now, just to be here playing house is one of the highest, if I’m such a big red name to be on that trouble. Currently my situation is very awkward, Red-List kill a white name is to increase sin value, but it’s a white name kills a red name is for the Red name to brush off before, I don’t want to kill again.

1: Through a dense coniferous forest, and with a wider open area in front, there are many little monsters are wandering on the red flowers and green grass.
2: Traveled through a dense coniferous forest, the front is a relatively wide open, the above there are many little monsters are wandering on the green flowery.
3: Through a piece of dense coniferous forest, is a relatively wide open field, there’s a lot of little monsters are red flowers, green grass, wandering.

1: I glanced around, eh? I faint cries in the bushes on the right!
2: I looked around, huh? In my right bushes actually came faint cries for help!
3: I was looking around to see, huh? To my right, the bushes actually came a faint call for help!

1: Cut through the grass, a ragged old man was leaning against a stout tree, a small shovel in hand, just like I do the miners tasks are small shovel, but short, should not dig.
2: Poke the bushes, a ragged old man was leaning against a stout in a tree, holding a small shovel, just like when I get to do the task miners spatula similar, but a lot shorter, it should be mining is not used.
3: To get to the grass, a ragged old man was leaning on a tree, a big tree, holding a small shovel, just like when I do the mission to the miners, little shovel almost, but shorter. not least, it should be no mining.

1: Lou a new grass in the old man’s feet, poured out a lot of dry Potion grass.
2: A New Lou grass down in the old man’s feet, which poured a lot of parched Potion grass.
3: A new draft Lou down at the old man’s feet, pour out dried up. Potion .

1: And there should also adopt Potion grass man Potion to continue their practice and indeed has a long history!
2: ***, There still has mining Potion grass people in Potion medical knowledge really long history!
3: ***That I still have to take the Potion draft, Potion to the Medical Council if and long!

1: Old man’s breathing was weak, he seems to have felt, then looked up to see, lost in the eyes there was a glimmer of hope.
2: The old man’s breathing was weak, he seems to feel that it was coming, so looked up, confused eyes appeared a glimmer of hope.
3: Old man’s breathing was very weak, he seemed to feel someone coming, and looked up, confused eyes offered a glimmer of hope.

1: Holy mackerel! I was an exclamation point, this game from the beginning to now, it has called for more than a month, and a lot of patience! In this case, 1:30 is he can’t hang.
2: Dude! I much lamented, this game from the beginning to now Ah, must have called more than a month, a big patience! In this case it seems that he is not half past one would hang.
3: Good guy! I appreciate that sigh, that girl from the game until now, has been calling for over a month, great patience! In accordance with this situation, it seems, he is hung.

1: “Young people……” his breathing becoming rapid.
2: “Young people ……” He started to get some shortness of breath.
3: “Young people……” His breathing started to get some quickly.

1: Respect the virtue I have, then ran to say: “the elderly, what’s going on with you? ”
2: I have the virtues of care for the young, then quickly he ran over, said: “? The elderly, how do you”
3: Respect for elders and love the young virtues I have, so this is rushed away and say:“old man, what’s wrong?”

1: Old heavy cough twice, right hand touched the left leg, then I note that his left leg and ankle that had access to a lot of black blood clots, blood has been flowing from the leg to the floor, even the grass and the land beneath has been dyed black, a hint of blood came.
2: Old heavy cough twice, right hand touched the left leg, I then noticed that his left leg at the ankle piece actually has a great pool of blackened congestion, blood has been flowing from the trousers to ground, grass and land under the coveralls are also some dyed black, and a faint smell of blood came bursts.
3: Old man heavy cough two sound, the right hand touch the left leg, I noticed that his left leg ankle at all, and a significant assessment of the Black blood, the blood from my pants has been flowing to the ground, even the grass and the land was transmitted to some of the Black, a faint trace of the smell of blood. the line of traditional.

1: I’ll be surprised and asked: “old man, what happened to your leg … … Hurt? ”
2: I immediately asked surprised: “The elderly, how your legs …… hurt?”
3: I’m surprised to ask:“old man, what happened to your leg…… Hurt?”

1: “Cough cough……” old long call out has tone, road: “I is silver months Kingdom of Palace Potion agent Division Tran, three days Qian, I mountain to mining a compared rare of Potion grass, who know was will was mountain Shang toxic of food people spent to sting to has, so only will has been was trapped in here, now has no extra of strength to back has, you can help I a busy? ”
2: “Ahem ……” old man exhaled a long breath, and said: “I am Silver Kingdom palace Potion chemist Portland, three days ago, I come up to pick a relatively rare Potion grass, who knows even the mountains will be toxic piranha to sting, so will have been stuck here, now there is no extra effort back and forth to the city, can you do me a favor? ”
3: “Cough cough……” Old General called out,“I’m banking on Kingdom Palace Potion pharmacist, Puntland, three days ago, I went to a mountain to take a relatively rare Potion draft, who knows what would have been a mountain of toxic, man-eating flowers to sting, so I’ll always be stuck here, now I just don’t have the strength to come back to the city, could you do me a favor?”

1: Tasks are coming! Returning to the task tips!
2: Task is coming! Returning to the task prompt!
3: Tasks! Long mandate to sign!

1: I’m ecstatic points to determine key right away.
2: I was ecstatic and immediately points under the OK key.
3: I am ecstatic, and immediately point to determine key.

1: “Ahem … … This food people spent of venom is can lifted of, in Woods side Shang on has many like collection rare Potion grass of small monster, you to beat they, on has may from they of body search out some Potion material, solutions I of HIV by need of Purple Star grass also has may get, because I injured too long, so Potion volume may will need many of grass Potion , young, to collection’s, if I this can survived words, will to you rich of award of! ”
2: “Ahem …… this piranha venom is released, there is a lot at the edge of the woods like to collect rare Potion grass little monster, you go to beat them, it is possible to search out from their body Some Potion material, the solution I needed Zixing poison grass may also be obtained, for too long because I was injured, so Potion amount may need a lot of grass Potion , young people to collect it, if I this can be survived, then give you huge rewards! ”
3: “Cough cough…… This man-eating Flower, the venom can be broken, in the woods on the side is a lot like collecting rare Potion draft of little monsters, you beat them, it is possible to from them. search out some of the Potion materials, I drug all that is needed, purple star grass, that’s possible, because I hurt for too long, Potion may need a lot of grass Potion , Young man, go and collect it, if I can survive it, it’ll give you a generous reward!”

1: System Notification : accept the Court Potion Agent master Tran’s request, collect 100 Purple Star grass, the grass may be close to a monster collection.
2: System Notification : to accept the court Potion Portland master agent requests, collected 100 parts Zixing grass, the grass may be collected close to a monster.
3: System Notification : for the Palace Potion potion Master of requests, to collect 100 purple star grass, this grass may be near a monster collection.

1: Little old man didn’t think it would be the Palace Potion agent Division, but quickly turned into cloth clothes from him, it still has some very fine patterns, should be such that civilian is not wear expensive clothes, the rich rewards as he said it, like what is certainly not bad.
2: Did not think this little old man turned out to be the palace Potion chemist, but quickly turned into strips of cloth from his clothes that point of view, there are even some very fine pattern should be such that if the civilian population is so impossible to wear extravagance clothes, as he said huge rewards Well, certainly not want what is bad.
3: Didn’t see this little old man actually is in the Palace Potion pharmacist, but from him almost into the article of clothing look, there’s some very exquisite pattern, it should be this way, civilians can’t wear the noble clothes, he said, rewarded you want to be sure, not much of a difference.

1: Very good, this big!
2: Very good, but also the big hair!
3: Very nice, this time was going to!

1: Checked out the package, equipment have all gave Xin Yu , I left back volume sets Potion should be loaded Potion grass, if not overlapping.
2: I checked the parcel, which the equipment has given all Xin Yu , now only left back to the city and several groups Potion , should be enough to install Potion grass, if not overlap.
3: Look at the package, inside the equipment had to Xin Yu , now only back to the city papers and a few group Potion , armed Potion , even can’t overlap.

1: Walk around in a circle, found one possibility is I target Monster-
2: Walked around in a circle, I may be found a mission objectives monster –
3: Nearby, walking in circles, one possibility is I mission objectives the monster.–

1: The evil witch grass, 48 monster, tall and small, a few soft tentacles crawling around on the floor, a garlic-like things on his head.
2: Evil demon grass, 48 ​​monsters, not large head, a few soft tentacles crawling around on the ground, one thing is the same as the garlic on top of his head.
3: Evil Demon grass, and 48-level monster, with a head and, a few soft tentacles on the floor, crawling around, just like garlic, the same thing was top in the top of the head.

1: “This thing should be no great thing! ”
2: “This stuff should be no worse place to go ~!”
3: “Is that supposed to be not what good place!”

1: I was thinking to pay road, then raised the sword will cut it down.
2: I thought to myself, pay, and then he would cut down his sword.
3: I’m secretly thinking to pay, and then held a sword to cut off.

1: “Managed ~! ”
2: “Puchi ~!”
3: “Putt-putt~it!”

1: Sword of darkness as if cut into cotton, soft to evil demon grass took a few steps back, a red number from taking over its head: “924! ”
2: Dark Sword as if cut into the cotton as soft grass evil demon stepped back, a red number from the head to take it up: “! 924”
3: Dark sword seems to cut into cotton, evil Demon grass soft to back a few steps, a red figure from the top of a cold:“924 it!”

1: That’s good! This soft Potion d Defense very low, I just created a sword will kill nearly 1000 points in blood, then the last Combo , the level 48 monster even have no chance to fight back, left hanging off a few things at once.
2: well! It seems that soft Potion grass Defense quite low, I’m just a sword to kill nearly a thousand of its blood, and then followed by the last Combo , the 48 monsters chance to even fight back no, leave immediately and hung up a few things.
3: Good! This looks to be squishy, and Potion draft of the Defense fairly low, I’m just a sword to kill it, a thousand points of blood, then again, Combo , that a 48-level monsters even stand a chance no, immediately drop a few things off.

1: Battle information: you kill the evil demon, and get Experience 24000!
2: Combat Information: You killed the evil demon grass give Experience 24000!
3: Battle information: you killed the evil Demon grass, Experience 24000 it!

1: Oh, really?!
2: Ah, is not it? !
3: Ah, isn’t it?!

1: I was astonished, a monster from 20,000 Experience , this before-but never matter!
2: I suddenly surprise Cross, a monster can give twenty thousand Experience , but it has never before had things!
3: I’m surprise, a monster can give two million more Experience , this in before, but never had!

1: Look at what was left of the monster on the ground, a total of three Potion grass, Apple Mint, ox tail, Purple Star grass!
2: Monster looked at the ground what is left, a total of three Potion grass, apple mint, oxtail flowers, grass Purple Star!
3: See the last monster left in the East-West, a total of three Potion grass, Apple Mint, the cow’s tail flower, purple star grass!

1: Have a purple star grass, there are two should also be able to use it, first put into packages as though it should be overlapped.
2: With a Purple Star grass, there are two should be able to apply, first put the parcel again, evidently, it should be able to overlap.
3: There is a purple star draft, and both should be able to use, the first package again, looks like we should be able to overlap.

1: Evil demon grass except Potion , and also gives me 54 Silver coin , it can be said that for 48 of the monster, which was supposed to be very stingy.
2: Evil demon grass except Potion grass, but also gave me 54 Silver coin , it can be said that for 48 monsters, this should be a very stingy.
3: Evil Demon grass, except for Potion draft, and also gave me a 54 Silver coin , it can be said that, for the 48-level monster, this should be small.

1: Tidied up, I started to look for the next target, open between hillsides, most of the monster in front of me was this evil witch grass, and some forest flying beetle out of the Woods, but I’m not going to fix them, killing the demon grass is, after all, has the task to reward and Potion of grass.
2: Clean up after, I started looking for the next target, in open land between the mountain, mostly in front of me is this evil demon monster grass and some woods forest Beatles flew out, but I did not intend to fix them, after all, is to kill the demon grass quest and Potion grass holding.
3: Clean up was completed, I began searching for the next objective, an open field on the mountainside, between, in front of me, the monster is this evil Demon of a draft, there are a number of forest Beatles in the woods outside flew, but I didn’t intend to fix them, after all, kill the Demon grass is a mission reward and a Potion draft pick.

1: Evil demon grass no less, to see if each step one, but is not very dense.
2: Not less evil demon grass, every few steps you can see one, but not very intensive.
3: The evil Demon is grass not least, every few steps you could see one, but not very intensive.

1: Quickly rushed up to one Combo and Heavy Strike grass into an evil demon blood, this was not seconds away!
2: Quickly rushed to a Combo plus Heavy Strike put an evil demon grass labeled as empty of blood, this is not even seconds away!
3: Fast post, a Combo to Heavy Strike an evil Demon grass into empty Blood, this time not to have seconds!

1: “Bomb ~! ”
2: “Boom ~!”
3: “Blast it!”

1: A mass of bright red fireballs burst open on my chest!
2: A mass of bright red fireball in my chest burst open!
3: A glorious red ball of fire in my chest burst open!

1: Finally see the evil witch grass Attack , it was fire magic!
2: Finally see the evil demon grass Attack mode, the original Fire Magic!
3: See an end to the evil demon to draft the Attack mode, the original is the flare and magic!

1: Fortunately, this Attack is not very hard, for me at least I know I can afford, in my current blood 3720, 80 hurt as nothing, since most evil demon grass a chance Attack I 1 to 2 times.
2: Fortunately, this Attack is not very fierce, at least to me and said can bear, to my current blood 3720, the 80 points of damage is negligible, since every evil demon grass up to chance Attack me 1-2 times only.
3: It is good that this Attack is not good, at least to me, can take that in my current 3720 air, blood, 80 points of damage, that’s nothing, every evil demon to draft the best opportunity to Attack , I, 1 to 2 times.

1: Hand sword grass kill the evil demon blood, and this time it only broke two Potion grass, does not I need Purple Star grass.
2: This sword hands empty evil demon blood to kill the grass, broke the only two Potion grass, and I did not need Zixing grass.
3: Your hand, a blade in this space, blood, evil Demon grass killed off, this time it just popped out of two Potion draft, and no, I need the purple star.

1: Continue ~ continue ~!
2: Continue Continue ~ ~!
3: Continue~continue~it!

1: A hours soon of past, I of package in has a total more than 300 more tree Potion grass has, Ontario a is, I also almost killed off more than 200 multiple evil demon grass has, Experience also growth has more than 6 million, 44 level of Experience article has to 8 has, according to this speed development down, should in 12 hours within on can rose to 45 level has.
2: Soon one hour past my parcel has a total of more than 300 trees Potion grass, rough count, I almost killed more than 200 grass evil demon, Experience also increased by more than 600 million, 44 of Experience has to Article 8, and according to this rate continues, within 12 hours we should be able to rise to 45 a.
3: An hour soon past, my package has a total of more than 300 tree Potion , Ontario, one, I pretty much have to kill 200 evil Demon, Experience increased by more than 600 million, 44-level Experience has reached 8., according to this speed development to go down, it should be in the 12 hours up to 45 levels.

1: More than 300 multiple Potion grass in the only 14 a is purple star grass, other also has more than 10 species also not know has what with, first put with, anyway package in each grid can overlay grass Potion 99 a, I now of package also has more than 180 multiple spaces, fundamental on not need worried, let people no language of is a hours on burst has a 38 level of green Mage Shoe , seems wants to in here playing equipment is basic impossible of has.
2: 多个 300 Potion grass Zixing grass is only 14, there are a dozen other do not know what to use, first stood, anyway, wrapped in each cell can be superimposed on the grass Potion 99 个, I now there are more than 180 parcels spaces do not need to worry about, silent people is an hour a burst 38 green Master Shoe , seems to want to play here equipment is basically impossible .
3: 300 Potion draft of only 14 purple star grass, and other ten several don’t know what to put, anyway the package where every one can add a draft Potion 99, I now package and more than 180 space, there is no need to worry, let people no language of is, an hour to shoot a 38 to level the green Wizard Shoe , it seems want to do that here equipment Basic not possible.

1: Go across the open land is this evil witch grass, I a person be killed out, and Experience and Potion grass is quite big, as you can imagine, after a few weeks, there must be as many players compete for leveling site, then there will be a whole theater scene of the Qing dynasty, just the scalp tingle.
2: Go ahead, open land throughout all this evil demon grass, I kill a man is simply endless, it was just, Experience and Potion are quite rich grass, it is conceivable a few weeks, there must be a number of players will compete leveling place, that time there will be private use Qing scene, think about the scalp.
3: Keep it up, the whole open ground was full of this evil Demon shit, I’m a People’s fundamental can’t kill all of it, maybe it’s better, Experience and Potion grass is pretty rich, and one can imagine that in a few weeks, there will be many players to practice at a place, when must expect the course to clear people, want to want to scalp go numb.

1: “Drop ~! ”
2: “Drop ~!”
3: “Drop it!”

1: When I was smug, Murong Shan Shan send a text message: ” Lin Fan , we were out! ”
2: I was smug when, Murong Shan Shan has sent a text message over: ” Lin Fan , we destroyed the group!”
3: Being complacent about me, Murong Shan Shan and text here:“the Lin Fan , we were dead!”

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