Machine Translation – The Legendary Thief – Chapter 143

1: 143th chapters out the truth
2: One hundred and fortieth chapters destroy mission truth
3: The one hundred and forty third Chapter destroy mission for the truth

1: Murong Shan Shan open the transmitters, pleasant voice immediately: “not being out of it, is a gold BOSS for that level 70 Dragon fight! ”
2: Murong Shan Shan open communication, a sweet voice came immediately: “! Not being destroy missions it is to the other end 70 gold BOSS dragon to destroy mission.”
3: Murong Shan Shan open Communicator, and a pleasant voice immediately came:“to not be dead., the first 70 levels of gold BOSS, the dragon to destroy mission!”

1: “Level 70 BOSS fight? What’s going on? ”
2: “Is 70 BOSS destroy mission? What?”
3: “To be 70 level BOSS dead? What’s the situation?”

1: Murong Shan Shan said of is grievance: “I know, we group people are is 35 level above of senior players, equipment also good, who know in that wind Dragon of claws under fundamental on not so back thing, on even full blood added of Knight also fundamental on anti-not to second Xia, and wind Dragon BOSS also has State Attack , all into it 50 code within of players will poisoning, each minutes reduced 200多 points blood! I only half that more than 800 people fled, others are free in town! ”
2: Murong Shan Shan said quite aggrieved: “I know what we are a group of people more than 35 senior players, equipment is also good, who knows that under the wind dragon claws is simply not the case, even the whole blood added Knight also did not see a second anti next, but also wind dragon BOSS state Attack , enter it all within 50 yards of the players will be poisoned, reducing more than 200 points of blood per minute! I was more than 800 only half of the people escaped, the other free return to the city! ”
3: Murong Shan Shan that’s condescending,“I know, we are a group of people is 35 above the level of high-level players, the equipment is also good, who knows there’s a wind Dragon claws on the bottom just doesn’t have it, even the blood of the Knight is also a fundamental right to protest, no to the second, and the wind Dragon BOSS also have the status Attack That all access to it within 50 yards of the players were toxic, and every minute, a reduction of more than 200 points of blood! Me that 800 people had only half escaped, the other free back to the city!”

1: “Ah, so perverted? ”
2: “Ah, so perverted?”
3: “Oh, so twisted?”

1: “Just say, you know the wind Dragon BOSS so badly, why not tell me? ”
2: “I say you, you knew the wind dragon BOSS so powerful, why do not you advise me?”
3: “Just say it, you know the dragon BOSS is so powerful, why don’t you talk to me?”

1: I was gnashing replied: “I don’t advise you? Are you don’t listen!! ”
2: My teeth replied: “I do not advise you not to listen to your own !!?”
3: My jaw was clenched answer:“I don’t have to convince you? You don’t listen to it!!”

1: “Is it? ” Murong Shan Shan the tone of a little innocent:” If you told me, you should take hold of me, don’t let me go ~! ”
2: “Really?” Murong Shan Shan a little innocent tone: “If you advise me, should I not let me go pull ~!”
3: “Yeah?” Murong Shan Shan tone, kind of innocent:“you want to tell me, it should be hold me don’t let me go~!”and

1: “……”
2: “……”
3: “……”

1: I snapped of a language, bite bite: “Gu, how do you say, what do we do now, you continue playing level came back to practice? OK just system maintenance, or you take each of the more than 800 people out of level up! ”
2: I stifled a moment language, gritted his teeth and said: “Aunt, how you say how about now how do you continue to fight back or just better leveling system maintenance too, otherwise you take that 800 people per person? off a big loss! ”
3: I’m a language and smothering, biting his teeth:“aunt grandma, you say what, now what, you continue to call back for training? Okay, just system maintenance, you bring that over 800 people each level, it’s a loss!”

1: “Go back and practice level, estimated only if all of us are to level 50, have a chance to destroy the head wind Dragon …”
2: “Go back leveling it is estimated that we all have to be 50, and have a chance to get rid of the other end of the wind dragon …”
3: “Back to practice level., it is estimated that we only have all the 50 levels, have a chance to kill the cold Dragon…”

1: “Well, I’m now on a silver mountain, pick a task you don’t want to come? ”
2: “Well, I’m now in the silver on the hill, and then the task you want to do together?”
3: “Well, I’m now in silver on the top, got a task, you want to come in?”

1: Murong Shan Shan thought for a while, answered: “I promised to take their training level at the foot of the mountain, not with you. ”
2: Murong Shan Shan I thought, replied: “I promised to take them at the foot of the mountain leveling, will not accompany you.”
3: Murong Shan Shan wanted to think, answer:“I promised to take them to the foot of the mountains for training level, but not with you.”

1: ……
2: ……
3: ……

1: Turn off the transmitters, I began a journey of killing monsters, follow the quest item now gets speed, at least 8 hours before I could complete the task.
2: Turn off the communicator, I began a killing trip, according to the current rate of quest items get perspective, at least 8 hours I can complete this task.
3: Turn off the Communicator, I also began to kill strange journey in accordance with the existing task items to obtain speed, at least 8 hours, I can complete this task.

1: Until 6 o’clock when my equipment was almost corrupted, this monster magic Attack is not very much, but equipment damage is particularly serious, it is time to down the repair equipment !
2: Until 18:00 when my equipment has been damaged almost, this monster magic Attack , while not very powerful, but equipment is particularly serious damage, it is time to repair down equipment up!
3: Until the evening 6 points when I have the equipment had been damaged almost, this kind of Monster magic Attack although not very powerful, but the equipment for damage is particularly serious, it’s time to down the mountain, and the repair of equipment !

1: First came to the foot of the mountain, received Lu Xue Han notification messages to eat, simply come back before dinner!
2: Arrived at the foot of the mountain, also received the message Lu Xue Han notice to eat, simply come back first meal!
3: Just to the foot of the mountain, and also Lu Xue Han notice of eat news, why not have dinner first!

1: Offline, get Helmet , then heard a Xin Yu sound of splashing, do not know what is happening and happy things, based on my previous impression, Xin Yu , in addition to talking to me, the rest of the time is basically don’t laughed.
2: Offline, get Helmet , then I heard Xin Yu splash sound, they do not know what the happy things happened, according to my previous impression, Xin Yu In addition to talking to me, other times basically It is not very laugh.
3: Down the line, get the Helmet , heard Xin Yu the splash, don’t know what happened, happy things, according to my previous impression, Xin Yu except talk to me, other time basically is not how to smile.

1: Pull the stool, sat Lu Xue Han next to my surprised look Xin Yu asked: “what’s so happy? ”
2: Pull the stool, sat Lu Xue Han beside me looked surprised Xin Yu asked: “? What do so happy.”
3: To open the stool to sit in Lu Xue Han next, I was surprised to see Xin Yu ask:“what things so happy?”

1: Xin Yu smiling behind a Leer, Lu Xue Han , but instead she said, ” Xin Yu afternoon playing an ordinary Monster blew a 47 37 purple Lance! With 25 million RMB were sold in the city! ”
2: Xin Yu smiling throwing a flirtatious, Lu Xue Han was replaced, she said:! ” Xin Yu afternoon when playing an ordinary monster 47 actually burst a purple 37 guns in the city just 25 million RMB price sold! ”
3: Xin Yu laugh, chant, chant, of the eye., the Lu Xue Han and replaced she said:“ Xin Yu afternoon, when a 47-level of ordinary monster burst of a 37-level purple long gun! Just in town to 2500 million SHOOTING the price to sell!”

1: “Ah, that rich would become smaller? “I was surprised, and asked:” what kind of ordinary monsters … … Could broke 37 Purple Equipment ? ”
2: “Ah, it would be turned into small rich woman?” I greatly surprised, asked: “? What kind of normal monster …… can burst 37 of Purple Equipment
3: “Ah, wouldn’t it become a little rich girl?” I’m surprise, asked:“what kind of normal monster……. Can pop out of 37 level Purple Equipment it?”

1: Xu Lin pour me some wine, smiling, said: “it’s really funny, Mad Warrior men have three trivial Thief called ‘ crotch myth ‘ name, such as, do you remember? ”
2: Xu Lin poured me a point of red wine, smiling, said: “To be honest really good laugh, Mad Warrior There are three wretched men Thief called ‘crotch myth’ of the name of the class, you also remember it? ”
3: Xu Lin pour me some wine, smile and say,“speaking of which, it’s really funny, Mad Warrior . there are three creepy Thief called‘crotch. one myth’type of name, you remember, right?”

1: “Well, seems to be the thing, when they attack Murong Shan Shan , I got two! “I thought, remember that time Murong Shan Shan is no PK XP , when silly off.
2: “Well, if there is such a thing, then they attack Murong Shan Shan was it, I was blown away two!” I mused, still remember that time Murong Shan Shan nothing PK Experience , then silly out.
3: “Well, as it happens, that’s when they sneak attack Murong Shan Shan , I killed two!” I think, remember that one time when Murong Shan Shan nothing PK XP , when all silly.

1: Xu Lin sipped his wine, and said: “so, me and Xue Han return to buy blue Potion , Xin Yu left us at the practice level and later turned out to be three Thief verbal dalliance…”
2: Xu Lin he sipped his wine, and said: “Well, I Xue Han back to the city to buy the blue Potion , Xin Yu waiting for us to stay in leveling the ground, and later even by those three Thief speech molested … ”
3: Xu Lin purses SIP and said:“Here’s the thing, me and Xue Han back to the city to buy the blue Potion , and Xin Yu to stay in the training area waiting for us, and then they were three Thief language….”

1: “Oh, really? “I was surprised and turned on Xin Yu said:” you will be like that… ”
2: “Oh?” I am greatly surprised, turned to Xin Yu said: “So you will be molested others …”
3: “Oh?” I accidentally, turn the Xin Yu said:“Oh, you’re also going to be the game…”

1: Xin Yu gave me a dirty look, charming smile and say: “Yes, so what? The three idiots put down half the monsters want to burst out of my equipment , but I have all resolved with 32, and pulled the half blood killing, didn’t think would burst into 37 purple gun… ”
2: Xin Yu he stared at me, charming smile, said: “Yes ah, so what idiot put down the three monsters want to play half broke my equipment , but was I San Liangxia wide solution? , and then shoving the half-blood monster kill, I did not think 37 would burst purple gun … ”
3: Xin Yu staring at me for a eyes, sexy smile and said,“Yeah, so what? Those three morons down to half a monster, trying to blow out my equipment , but I was three two under the settlement, it’s just that a half-blood, monster kill, I didn’t actually pop out of 37 levels, the purple gun…”

1: “There is such a thing …” my mind messed up “this if the three Thief knows, it is not blue in the intestines are regret? ”
2: “And this kind of thing …” I started thinking chaos: “This is so that, if the three Thief know, and not the intestines are regret Green?”
3: “There’s such a thing…”my thoughts began to confusion:“this is not going to let those three Thief know, and not regret?”

1: “Is green. ” Xu Lin wiped her lips of wine and said,” Xin Yu was stored video and virtual equipment Guide to a few Thief , it is estimated that they are crying right now! ”
2: “I have been the Green.” Xu Lin wiped his lips Jiuzi, said: ” Xin Yu then put the system stored videos and virtual equipment that a few illustrations distributed together Thief , it is estimated they are now crying! ”
3: “Already young.” Xu Lin wipe lips of wine stains, said:“ Xin Yu when the system of the virtual pre-existence of the video and equipment a diagram for the a couple of Thief , with an estimated now, they are crying!”

1: Didn’t think Xin Yu would have such luck, even the BOSS explosion Purple Equipment the chances are quite low, not to mention ordinary monsters is 47, the odds probably told more or less likely to even five times Lottery Grand Prize!
2: I did not expect Xin Yu have such luck, even the BOSS burst Purple Equipment the chances are quite low, not to mention ordinary monster 47, this is probably just the probability of chance Lottery grand prize even five times about it !
3: Didn’t think Xin Yu luck, even the BOSS explosions Purple Equipment the odds are quite low, and 47 level of ordinary monster, the odds probably like the fifth time, enough lottery special prize.!

1: This Xin Yu , this guy really has capital raising little white …
2: *** This time Xin Yu this guy really capital raising small white face …
3: ***That Xin Yu this guy is really a capital raising small white face….

1: Luck goddess seems to really take care of our people first and I Lu Xue Han to Guild Creation Certificate received a windfall, and now Xin Yu make a common strange also play Purple Equipment , I do not know what miracle will happen in the future.
2: Luck goddess seems to really take care of our group, first I Lu Xue Han hit Guild Creation Certificate get a windfall, and now is Xin Yu can make ordinary strange play Purple Equipment , do not know the future What kind of a miracle will happen.
3: Luck the goddess seems to really take care of us, first me and Lu Xue Han hit Guild Creation Certificate received a sum of violence, now Xin Yu to an ordinary blame can Purple Equipment , and I don’t know how this miracle happened.

1: Xin Yu give me a clip a piece of food, saying: “come back in the afternoon, is Murong Shan Shan leveling with go? ”
2: Xin Yu gave me a clip a piece of food, said: “? Back in the afternoon, is not with Murong Shan Shan leveling go together.”
3: Xin Yu to clamp a piece of food, said:“in the afternoon, came back, told Murong Shan Shan a training level?”

1: “No, please, please, don’t speak good pressed an affair with your wife, I can’t bear it anymore. “I paused, see Xin Yu and not get angry, so he said:” I in silver on the hillsides of the mountain in the afternoon to pick up a task, half a day there, killing monsters, and continue at night, estimated before 12 o’clock will most likely rise to a level 45! ”
2: “No, please do not pressed as an affair with his wife speak good, I can not stand fast.” I paused, see Xin Yu did not get angry, then said: “This afternoon I was in silver on the mountainside on pick up the task, half are there killing it, the evening goes on, estimated before 12:00 will likely rise to 45! ”
3: “No, please, don’t tell the wife ask the same talk I can’t stand it.” I pauses, see Xin Yu and not angry, said:“in the afternoon, I was in silver on the mountain waist, a mandate, a half day there to kill. that night to continue, it is estimated that in the 12 before that, probably will rise to 45!”

1: “Oh, so fast? ” Lu Xue Han surprised big mouth.
2: “Ah, so fast?” Lu Xue Han surprised mouth open.
3: “Ah, so fast?” Lu Xue Han surprised Zhang big mouth.

1: “Well! “I nodded and explained:” the monster on the hillside a level 48, one has been 24000 per kill XP , and I was a man and beat more quickly, so upgrade speed, of course, will soon be slightly ~ ”
2: ! “Well,” I nodded, explained: “There is a mountainside 48 monsters, kill every one can get 24,000 Experience , and I was a man, killing faster, so the speed upgrade Of course, soon slightly ~ ”
3: “Yes!” I nodded, and explained:“the side of the ridge there is a 48-level monsters, each kill one can get 24,000. XP , and I’m a man, and kill relatively fast, so upgrade the speed will certainly soon.”

1: Xu Lin asked surprised: “a monster so much XP ? We killed 46 geeks 8000 XP … Or Lin Fan you took us to the leveling Chang? ”
2: Xu Lin surprised and asked: “a monster so many Experience we kill 46 each geeks 8000 Experience Yeah … Otherwise, Lin Fan you take us tomorrow to go to the private use of leveling??”
3: Xu Lin that’s strange to ask:“a monster is so many XP is? We killed 46-level geek, each of the 8000 XP ….to no, Lin Fan you tomorrow to take us to the training level of the bag?”

1: “Take you to? It will look good… “I smiled, looked next to look at Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu .
2: “Take you to? That was nothing to see the benefits …” Hey I smile, peering looked at the next Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu .
3: “Take you? So, to see if there’s anything good…”I Hey Hey a smile, straight look, and next Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu it.

1: “What you want, you say? ” Xin Yu is pretty full in the chest, a vaguely face looked at me, a look of you picked.
2: “If you want something, you say?” Xin Yu quite a pretty full in the chest, ambiguous look at me, like a pick Ren.
3: “Want what, you say?” Xin Yu pretty. pretty full Breasts, one face ambiguous look at me, a pair of any monarch picking.

1: “Damn, I can not stand! “I groaned in his throat hard swallowed.
2: “Mom, I really can not stand!” I secretly crying, throat swallowed hard.
3: “Mom, I can’t stand it!” I secretly called pain, throat hard to swallow. spit. it.

1: Xu Lin also said with a smile: “Yes, what you want, say, with us, what are you kind? ”
2: Xu Lin he said with a smile: “Yes, what you want, say so, we told you what kind?”
3: Xu Lin also smiled and said:“Yeah, want anything, say it with us, you’re welcome. what?”

1: “But they Xue Han little Miss not talking? “I smiled to see Lu Xue Han .
2: “But people Xue Han Little Miss not speak?” I smiled to see Lu Xue Han .
3: “But, Xue Han little girl didn’t talk?” I smile and look at Lu Xue Han it.

1: Lu Xue Han nu produce Ones lips, smiled and said: “you said it, don’t keep us guessing! ”
2: Lu Xue Han efforts Nuzui, smiled and said: “! You say, do not guessing.”
3: Lu Xue Han work work the mouth, smiled and said:“You just say so, don’t be like that!”

1: “Either? Xue Han , in Exchange for the price? “I said very carefully.
2: “Otherwise? Let Xue Han a pro, the price in exchange?” I said carefully.
3: “Want one? Let Xue Han a kiss, in exchange for price?” I was careful to say.

1: “Wow, you rogue, I have seen you coming! ” Guo Zi laughs and boos.
2: “Wow, this rogue you, I had to see you coming!” Guo Zi booing, laughing.
3: “Wow, you big blackguard, I see you!” Guo Zi smile and chant it.

1: I’ve made a stop sign, saying: “the end of the joke, say, Xue Han fast drill table below, take you to tomorrow is, me, where was boring anyway, but, where the monster probably 4 or 5 person become saturated, much, but not enough. ”
2: I made a stop gesture busy, said: “The joke so far, say the words, Xue Han fast drilling under the table, tomorrow it wants to go with you, anyway, I am a person in there practicing too boring, but there the monster will probably saturated 4,5 individuals, no amount of words, it is not enough to play the blame. ”
3: I’m busy, made a stop gesture, said:“joke, I’ll say, Xue Han fast drilling under the table. go, tomorrow I take you to, anyway I there for training, too boring, however, there’s a monster, maybe 4, 5 people stuffed, and, more, blame is not enough.”

1: “That was just right, just the four of us, Guo Zi , they all have their own practices level team, it’s a deal! ” Xu Lin immediately knocking set.
2: “That’s just good, the four of us, Guo Zi they have their own leveling team, it’s a deal!” Xu Lin immediately knock set the board.
3: “That’s just right, just the four of us, Guo Zi they all have their own training level team, it’s a deal!” Xu Lin ‘ll knock on the next.

1: “Okay, eat eat! Also, I might be late tonight off the production line, if you get up tomorrow morning and have breakfast, don’t call me. ”
2: “Well, eat eat! Also, I might be late tonight offline, if not to get up tomorrow morning to eat breakfast, then do not call me.”
3: “Okay, eat, eat! Also, I tonight may be a little late off the line, if tomorrow morning didn’t get up to eat Breakfast, don’t call me.”

1: Lu Xue Han agreed: “Yes, I know, don’t be too late! ”
2: Lu Xue Han nodded: “Well, you know, and do not be too late!”
3: Lu Xue Han nod should:“well, you know, not too late!”

1: Lu Xue Han kind of look is fascinating, with Xin Yu differ from the cutesy sexy.
2: Lu Xue Han gentle, pleasant way too charming, with Xin Yu flirtatious sexy different.
3: Lu Xue Han sweet. so charming, with Xin Yu sexy sexy are very different.

1: ……
2: ……
3: ……

1: After dinner, drink a cup of Xin Yu has just bought tea, then hurried into the game.
2: After dinner, drink a cup Xin Yu bought back the tea, then hurried into the game.
3: After dinner, drink a glass of Xin Yu just bought milk tea, then rushed into the game.

1: Shang has line, I on station in Silver Mountain Xia equipment repair business of next, with I station in with of also has several sword and rose Guild of members, just began see I a red name online are eat has a surprised, a are wipe knife prepared hands-on has, later a see is I, immediately laugh with greeted, which a 37 level of Mage also joked said: “boss with people in front practice level, to don’t brother to you informed a sound? ”
2: On the line, I was standing next to silver on the mountain equipment repair business, and I stand there with a few members of the guild Sword and the Rose, I’m beginning to see a red name on the line were surprised all of a knife ready to rub hands, and later saw me, immediately greeted with a smile, one of the 37 Master joked: “? mastermind with people in front of the leveling, you do not give your brother loudly informed”
3: On line, I’m standing in a Bank on the mountain, equipment Repair business on the side, and I also have a few sword and the Rose Guild members, just starting to see me, a big red name on the line, are we surprised that a clean knife ready to hand, then see me, immediately smiled and say Hello, and one of 37 level a warlock also a joke said:“the boss brought someone in front of a train level, not to give you a briefing?”

1: I can’t help but miss smiled: “*! Stop it! I’m not leveling with her today, picking up a task, do it now, you are busy ~! ”
2: I can not help but lost smiles: “! * Stop it today, I do not leveling with her, picking up a task, do it now, you also busy it ~!!”
3: I can’t help but lost smiles:“*it! Come on! Today, I’m not with her, training levels, of a task, to do it now, you’re too busy!”

1: “HA HA, take walks, if PK, don’t forget to call my brothers! ”
2: “Haha, take a good take a good, if encountered someone PK, then, do not forget to call brothers!”
3: “Ha, ha, let’s go good to go good to meet someone to PK, don’t forget to call brothers!”

1: “That’s for sure…”
2: “that’s for sure…”
3: “That’s for sure…”

1: Kind is completed, I have repaired it equipment up, because too many monsters, so I am directly into stealth mountain, which saved a lot of things.
2: Polite finished, I repaired what equipment on the mountains, because too many monsters relationship, so I directly into stealth mountain, so save a lot of things.
3: Welcome, I was repair. equipment on the mountain, because the monster too much relations, so I was directly into the stealth mode mount, it saved a lot of things.

1: More than 10 minutes of time, I came to the open area in the forest, the Court Potion agent Division where the poor live, and I didn’t talk much, directly in the front to check out the Monster’s body.
2: Ten minutes of time, I came to a patch of forest open land, the court Potion chemist called poor live still there, I do not have more Dali, directly in front of the targeted monster’s body.
3: Ten a few minutes, I came to the woods to the open field, the court, Potion . still there. poor call, I don’t have much with that directly target the front of the monster.

1: Haven’t made some strange, Captain in the Guild channel speaker:
2: Not to play a few strange, guild channel where there is little captain spoke up:
3: Haven’t had a couple of weird, the channel’s Team Leader.:

1: “MOM, we bring the Crow was the brother of PK! ”
2: “Mom, our brothers in the crow collar was a PK!”
3: “Mom, our brother, the Raven of being PK!”

1: Representative of the sun never sets at once Murong Shan Shan reply: “what the hell is going on? ”
2: May not sacked on behalf of Murong Shan Shan answer: “? In the end how it was.”
3: Sun horse on behalf of Murong Shan Shan back to:“what the hell is going on?”

1: The captain said: “here’s the deal, originally the brothers guide good practice level practice in crows, but who knew all of a sudden a few romantic people in the world, though they have no PK and we, but it has been robbed of our Monster, make we did not rise much in half an hour XP , really *** depressing! ”
2: The captain said: “The way it is, our brothers in the former Ravens collar leveling properly trained, but who knows suddenly to a few romantic world, although they did not PK us, but it has been deliberately grab our monster, and made us a half hour did not rise much even Experience , damn depressing! ”
3: The little captain and said:“Here’s the thing, the original of a few of our brothers in the Raven area of practice, level of practice, but who knows, all of a sudden a couple of naughty days, they don’t have PK, we, but they have been deliberately trying to steal our monster, we’re a half-hour, because there’s no rise in how many XP , really***depressed it!”

1: “Turned out to be robbed …” Sun never set a time does not know what is good.
2: “So is Qiangguai …” the sun never sets a time do not know how to do is good.
3: “It was robbed…”sun never set, a time also don’t know what to do.

1: Murong Shan Shan finally said: “young with 200 people in the past, be sure to clear out all of them in five minutes, and then immediately with all the transferred practice level, the Ravens get to them! ”
2: Murong Shan Shan finally spoke up: “Dazed and Confused with 200 people in the past, within five minutes, be sure to put them all cleared away, and then all at once with the transfer of land leveling, the crow brought to give them!”
3: Murong Shan Shan finally speaks:“young man, take 200 people in the past, in five minutes to take them all off, then immediately with all the transfer of training level, the Raven collar, just give it to him!”

1: “OK, OK! “Happy we were young soldiers killed in the past.
2: “Go ahead!” Dazed and Confused happy Troops kill over.
3: “Sweet!” Young, happy little soldiers to kill the past.

1: I have seen some dumbfounded, Murong Shan Shan , has become more and more like a big gang boss to be doing either Liwei, can avoid further conflict and affecting the speed impact grade, very wise and firm!
2: I see some dumbfounded, Murong Shan Shan has been more and more like a big gang boss look like, and so do both Li Wei, and also avoid the conflict continue to affect leveling speed, a very wise decision!
3: I can see some silly eyes Murong Shan Shan has been getting more and more like a gang boss. it was both a threat, and to avoid the continuation of the conflict and the impact of post-level speed, it is very wise if!

1: I continue to kill monsters, and soon, news in the Guild, is young in the report: “they have 34 people, all killed, blast 12 equipment , we hung the two men, now we have all been transferred to the South of the Valley practiced in class! ”
2: I continued killing, and soon, there will be in-line news, is young and frivolous reporting on the situation: “They are a total of 34 people, all killed, burst 12 equipment , we hung up two people, now we have all moved to the south in the valley leveling! ”
3: I continue to kill the monster, no one will, the Will is back in the news, a teenager, reported:“they a total of 34 people, all are killed. 12 equipment , we two were dead, now you have all of them transferred to the South of the valley training level!”

1: Murong Shan Shan not talking, not long after, I received a text message from her: “young fool! In the Guild channel level words and where this confidential matter, too careful, you have to communicate with him. ”
2: Murong Shan Shan did not speak, did not take long, but I received a text message to her:! “Dazed and Confused fool even line will channel says somewhere leveling this secret thing, too careless, you keep him what a good exchange. ”
3: Murong Shan Shan ain’t talking, not long after, I received her text:“the young fool! In the channel said in what the local practice level, this kind of secret, so don’t Be careful, you need to talk to him exchange.”

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