Machine Translation – The Legendary Thief – Chapter 144

1: 144th crazy chain Potion
2: One hundred and fortieth chapters crazy refining Potion
3: The one hundred and forty-fourth Chapter crazy alchemy Potion

1: Frozen chopped also increased a lot, my continuing research, and discover 5 frozen cut not only the ice Attack , and even target monsters near to subject to a certain degree affected, Attack speed and movement speed are greatly reduced, and Murong Shan Shan Frost cut down would be similar.
2: Frozen cut has strengthened a lot, after my constant research, we have found five of frozen ice can not only cut Attack target, and even close to the target monster will also be affected to some extent, Attack speed and the moving speed are greatly reduced, and Murong Shan Shan frost cut down would be similar.
3: Ice cut is also reinforced, through my continued research, find level 5, The Ice cut not only in ice Attack target, but also target a nearby monster would be to some extent, and Attack speed and movement speed are greatly reduced, and Murong Shan Shan ice cream chop down some equivalent work.

1: Is the most exaggerated thick ice sword, 5 black ice sword launch chances up to 20%, about every five Attack they can be launched once, this drill and PK are quite favourable, even in the case of my character not often started this Passive Skills !
2: The most exaggerated is Xuanbing sword, five Xuanbing sword chance to launch up to 20%, about every five Attack will be able to launch a, which is leveling and PK are quite favorable, not even in my character the situation can often launch this Passive Skills up!
3: The most dramatic is the ice sword, level 5, The Ice sword a few rates as high as 20 per cent, about every fifth time of the Attack to launch the first time that a training level and PK are quite favourable, even if I wasn’t also able to Frequent this Passive Skills !

1: Pack, package in addition to the more than 20 groups of grass Potion , but also had much 6 high Level , Green Equipment , although it is green, but according to the current market, this high Level Green can also be sold to more than 200 RMB per piece.
2: Packing, wrapping in addition to more than twenty groups grass Potion , but also more than six high Level of Green Equipment , although the green containers, but according to the current market view, this high Level of green equipment can be sold for 200 RMB each of the above.
3: Pack up, package in addition to more than twenty group to draft a Potion , lot of 6 high Level of the Green Equipment , while the green loading, but under current circumstances, such a high Level the green armed, too, can sell for $ 200, SHOOTING with each.

1: Is the task before it, still heard so far Potion agent teachers moaning, I had to give him.
2: Or the first mission to pay it, so far away could hear Potion chemist groan, I really served him.
3: Just put the task on, so far still can hear the Potion . the groan, I am so proud of him.

1: Come to Potion Agent next to the teacher, I took out the 100 purple stars collected hard grass, the old man’s eyes immediately start to shine: “Ah, this is the Purple Star fuck! You really regained it from powerful monster in these precious Potion grass, young man, thank you so much! ”
2: Next came Potion chemist, I took out that 100 hard to collect Zixing grass, the old man’s eyes immediately began to shine: “ah, this is really you Zixing grass from those powerful monsters! recapture those precious hands of Potion grass, young, really thank you so much! ”
3: To the Potion . next, I got 100 in hard to collect the purple star grass, the old man’s eyes immediately began to light up:“Ah, this is the purple star! You’re really from those powerful monster to take it back these precious Potion draft, young man, Thank you so much.”

1: I laughed: “it doesn’t matter, it’s what I’m supposed to do! ”
2: I laughed and said: “Never mind, this is what I should do!”
3: I laughed,“that’s okay, I’m supposed to do!”

1: I temporarily suppressed, or “serve the people” really want to blurt out this sentence.
2: Fortunately, I temporarily depressed, or else “the people”, that is really going to blurt out.
3: OK, I have temporarily suppressed, or“serve the people”this sentence really popped out.

1: Old man hastened from the pocket book, open follow the page begins to match Potion , next to Lou those dry, grass Potion on the grass just to use.
2: The old man hastily pulled from the arms of a book, a page turn follow the start with Potion , Lou grass next to those inside the dry Potion went so far as to use the grass on.
3: The old man rushed from the arms pulled out a book, and to open according to their page, start match Potion , side draft Lou for those dry, Potion draft still to use.

1: After a few minutes, Purple Star grass in the old man’s hands into several bottles Potion water, old man busy pulled his pants up and Potion poured water all over it.
2: A few minutes later, the old man in the hands of Zixing grass into bottles Potion water, the old man hurriedly pulled up the pants, then Potion all the water fell on the top.
3: A few minutes later, purple star grass in the old man’s hand for a few bottles of the Potion water, the old man busy to take my pants to pull, then get the Potion water, pour it all in.

1: Injury was visible to the naked eye in rate to heal HIV!
2: Injury to poison even in the recovery rate of visible!
3: Hurt drug, in order to the naked eye speed healing!

1: I was surprised, to interest: “the elderly, your recipe is really amazing, Ah, this is how the whole … … Whole bottles of Potion water, where the bottle … ”
2: I was greatly surprised, to the interest and said: “The elderly, this recipe you can really amazing, ah, how this whole …… even a whole bottles Potion the water, where’s the bottle …”
3: I mean, come interest:“old man, you this recipe is amazing!, how did this whole……. Actually the whole out of a few bottles of the Potion , water, bottle, where’s the…”

1: Old Leng Leng may system is analyzing the meaning of these words of mine, and after a few seconds, the old man smile looked at me and said: “thanks to you, young man! Otherwise I that lives may be lost in the mountains, since you’re Potion interested in water formula, so I gave this recipe to you! Hey, old man, nor a man up after Potion ! ”
2: Lengleleng old man, the system is likely to analyze my words mean, after a few seconds, the old man grin at me and said:! “Thanks to you, try any of this guy or else I may have lost in the mountains, Since you Potion are interested in water recipe, I put this recipe to give you! hey, old people, the future is not afraid of a man mountain mining Potion up! ”
3: Old man Wake Up, Wake, energy systems are being analysed, and I mean, a few seconds later, the old man smiling, look at me, and said:“Thanks to you, boy! Otherwise I this old life may be lost in the mountains, now that you have the Potion water The formula for the interest, I’ll put the recipe for you! Oh, old people, afraid is Can’t the mountain take the Potion !”

1: ” Ding~!
2: ” Ding ~!
3: “ Ding~!

1: System Notification : you have completed the tasks Potion Agent master’s instruction, the Experience 6000, the Gold coin 800, Prestige +4200, and get quest rewards: high Potion formula!
2: System Notification : you have completed the task Potion master agent exhortations to obtain Experience 6000 million and get Gold coin 800 枚, Prestige +4200, get Reward: Advanced Potion Formulation!
3: System Notification : you completed the mission Potion potion Master’s instructions, to obtain Experience 6000 million, to obtain Gold coin 800 to Prestige +4200, access to task incentives: high Potion potion recipe!

1: A dark blue book landed in my package, I quickly learn, unfortunately, the system has tips: you do not have Office Potion agent Division, cannot use this stuff!
2: A dark blue books fell within my package, I quickly learn the point, but unfortunately the system Tip: You do not have the inauguration of Potion chemist, you can not use this article!
3: A Dark Blue Book landed in my package, I even favor a bit of study, but system hint: you didn’t post a Potion ., can’t use this!

1: I was dumbfounded, but look to the old man.
2: I suddenly dumbfounded, had no choice but to see the old man.
3: I silly eye, just took another look at the old man.

1: “The elderly, how to learn? ”
2: “The elderly, how you can not learn?”
3: “Old man, what school doesn’t?”

1: Old man smiled and said: “well, it seems that is the basis of your not, come here, I’ll show you some basic knowledge! ”
2: The old man smiled and said: “! Oh, it seems that your foundation is not enough, come, let me teach you some basic knowledge of it.”
3: The old man smiled and said,“Oh, looks like your Foundation is not enough, come here, let me teach you some basic knowledge!”

1: ” Ding~!
2: ” Ding ~!
3: “ Ding~!

1: System Notification : you get the Palace Potion agent Division point, learn Skills : Potion !
2: System Notification : you get a court Potion chemist’s advice, learn Skills : System Potion !
3: System Notification : you get the Palace Potion . the reference point, learn Skills : Potion on!

1: ……
2: ……
3: ……

1: I was busy opening their Attributes and Skills Panel, a strange thing happened!
2: I am busy to open their own Attributes and Skills panel, a strange thing happened!
3: I’m busy to open your own Attributes and Skills inside, a strange thing happened!

1: Without Office Potion agent Division of cases, I actually learned Potion agent Division alone SkillsPotion !
2: In the absence of the inauguration of Potion agent division, I actually learned Potion chemist headed Skills – System Potion !
3: In the absence of service Potion . the cases, I actually learn Potion . of Skills – the Potion on!

1: Lucky block can not hold back!
2: *** Good luck was no stopping it!
3: ***Lucky, I need to get!

1: More bizarre of is, business Potion Skills of behind obvious displayed with (1/10) of State, and frozen cut, Skills of behind is is (1/6), that is, as long as I of Level can to 90 level, I of business Potion Skills on can directly rose to 10 level, even those cumbersome of inauguration and turned vocational are from has, this cheap earned big has!
2: Even more bizarre is that later made Potion Skills the obvious display of (1/10) of the state, and later frozen chopped etc. Skills is the (1/6), that is, as long as I the level to go to 90, I made Potion Skills can directly rise to 10, and even those cumbersome inauguration and transfer are free, and this cheap earn big!
3: More bizarre is the Potion Skills back clearly shows (1/10) state, while the ice cut, etc. Skills and the back is a (1/6), that is to say, only my Level get to the 90 level, my system Potion Skills can be directly upgraded to Level 10, and even some of the cumbersome employment and a career change., cheap make!

1: I hoot and click on the Potion Skills , clearly shows a system behind Potion required ingredients: Apple Mint (4), lemon flowers (2), the empty bottle (1), require a large magic worth 10 points
2: I get enough points to open the system Potion Skills , clearly showing the behind-level system Potion raw material needed: apple mint (4), lemon flower (2), empty bottles (1), takes mana 10:00
3: I still point out the Potion Skills , clearly showed that a level of a Potion required materials: Apple Mint (4 of them), the lemon flowers, and (2), empty bottles (1), and need to consume magic value of 10.

1: Two grass Potion I have, but also a lot, but the empty bottle …
2: Different Kinds of Grass Potion I have, but also a lot of, but this empty bottle Well …
3: Two draft Potion I, and also, is that empty bottle….

1: I recall, as if seen sacking groceries down the Hill has to sell this stuff!
2: I remember carefully, as if seeing the place at the foot of selling groceries had to sell this kind of thing!
3: I carefully memories, like the mountain, selling groceries, places to see, there’s sell this thing!

1: Tidy things down immediately!
2: Tidy things down immediately!
3: Pack a few things, and immediately under the mountain!

1: After more than 10 minutes, the temporary camp appeared in front of me.
2: Ten minutes later, the temporary camps appear in front of me.
3: Ten minutes after, the temporary camps appear in front of me.

1: Equipment repaired, looked at the next grocer, and empty bottles to sell, each 1 Silver coin , cheap and bought 495, overlap there are 5 groups.
2: First equipment to repair it, looked at the grocer next, and sure enough empty bottles to sell, each 1 Silver coin , very cheap, so go to buy a 495, piled up a total of five groups.
3: Get equipment repair, look next to the grocer, and had empty bottles to sell, each 1 Silver coin , cheap very, breath, buy, 495, overlapping up to a total of 5 groups.

1: In-place operation, I began the first production Potion agent action!
2: Work place, I started the first production of Potion action agent!
3: Field, I started first as a Potion dose of action!

1: Progress bar sliding fast, blink of an eye a little with the loot Potion bottle of completely different Potion water onto my parcel– Health restore Potion agents (ⅰ): Instant heal 800 Health value!
2: Sliding the progress bar quickly, blink of an eye drop with a small monster Potion bottle completely different Potion water falling on my parcel – Health Recovery Potion agent (Ⅰ): instantaneous recovery 800 points Health value!
3: Progress in flying fast, sliding, suddenly a monster dropped a small Potion bottle completely different Potion water falling on my package.– Health restoration Potion Agent (I): the instantaneous response 800 points Health !

1: Meanwhile, the System Notification I Potion success Potion Skills Experience Add 3 points!
2: At the same time, System Notification I made Potion is successful, the system Potion Skills Experience increase 3:00!
3: At the same time, System Notification I a Potion success, Potion Skills Experience to increase 3!

1: I almost didn’t laugh sound to, 1 level of business Potion Skills only need 1200 points Experience on can rose to 2 level has, that is I only need do 400 a Potion water business Potion Skills on can rose to 2 level has, 1 level Skills made of Potion water are can reply 800 points blood has, that 2 level does, too worth looks forward to has! You know, now on the market for sale the best Potion is thousands of water Potion water, but can heal 1500!
2: I almost did not laugh out loud, Level 1 system Potion Skills only 1200 Experience can rise to 2, and that is I just have to do 400 Potion water system Potion Skills can rise to the two grade 1 Skills to make Potion water can reply to 800 points of blood, and that two of it, to look forward too! You know, now available on the market the best Potion water is thousands of Potion water, but in order to reply to 1500 points only!
3: I almost didn’t laugh out loud, 1 level development Potion Skills only need 1200 points Experience can be upgraded to Level 2, So I only need to do 400 a Potion water, Potion Skills can be up to 2 levels, Level 1 Skills to make Potion water can back 800 points the air-blood, Level 2. that’s worth looking forward to! Know, now on the market for the best Potion water is Potion water, but only back to 1500 points!

1: Playing this game since I have never been so excited, and suddenly Miss sleep.
2: Play this game since, I have never been so excited, suddenly no trace of drowsiness.
3: To play this game, I never so excited, however, when no a silk to sleep.

1: Buy some magic Potion consumed water to make magic, until two o’clock in the morning, when my business Potion Skills finally tossing to level 2, and to my surprise is that the level 2 Potion Skills turned out to be empty, there’s nothing there!
2: Bought some magic Potion to supplement the water consumed by magic, has two in the morning when I made Potion Skills to finally toss a two, to my surprise, the two braking Potion Skills Lane was empty, nothing!
3: Also bought some magic Potion water Supplement consume the magic, until two in the morning when my Potion Skills finally, toss the 2-level, let me surprise, the 2-level system Potion Skills , because there is a space, nothing!

1: “What’s the matter? “I Fed will be realized:” ***, forgot to learn how recipe! ”
2: “How is it?” I secretly scared, after a while before suddenly realized: “! ***, Forgot how to learn the recipe.”
3: “What’s going on?” I secretly heart surprised, just suddenly realize:“***, what forget to learn the formula!”

1: Busy book to learn advanced level 2 Skills also appear in the formula bar: Apple Mint (8), lemon flower (4), Iris (1), the empty bottle (1), requires Mana 20!
2: Books hurriedly advanced formulations unlearned, Level 2 Skills column also immediately appear recipe: apple mint (8), lemon flower (4), iris (1), empty bottles (1), takes mana 20!
3: Busy, high-level recipe books to learn off, Level 2 Skills column. also immediately. recipe: Apple Mint (of 8), the lemon flowers, and (4), butterfly flower (1) to flask (1), and need to consume magic value of 20 is!

1: Almost all the requirements are increased, consumes more raw materials.
2: Almost all of the requirements have increased, the need to consume more raw materials have changed.
3: Almost all requirements are to high, need to consume a material change.

1: Do two hours, almost raw materials are also used, and IRIS out less, unlike the Apple Mint, one almost every monster.
2: It did two hours, the raw material is also used almost the same, less than a butterfly flower, unlike apple mint, almost every monster will be a.
3: Another two hours, while raw materials are also used a lot, butterflies, flowers out of less, not like Apple Mint, almost every monster has the one.

1: Thought for a while, put equipment Hill continued to play materials, until he arrived at 6 in the morning when finally stay, most of the package materials Potion agent and gave Murong Shan Shan send a text message to tell her I will be online, and referrals cooking instant noodles to eat, sleep!
2: After thought, tidy equipment uphill fight raw materials continue to go until 6 o’clock in the morning, when finally beat it, most of the parcel material Potion agents to Murong Shan Shan made SMS told her I would later on the line, then the next line cook a packet of instant noodles to eat, sleep!
3: Think about it, and fix the equipment up the mountain continue to of raw materials until the early morning 6 when, finally can’t stand it, get the package, most of the materials Potion . then, Murong Shan Shan a text, tell her I’ll be later online, and then line cook, including instant noodles, eat, and sleep!

1: ……
2: ……
3: ……

1: Past drowsy sleep, did not know how long it takes, until the face has been hot sun didn’t wake up.
2: Groggy sleep in the past, do not know how long, until his face has been hot woke up a little sun tan.
3: Drowsy sleep in the past, don’t know how long until the face has been out in the sun a little hot. just woke up.

1: Got a little headache, face greasy and a belly very timely gave a cry, well, now is clearly displayed on the mobile phone is at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s no wonder that hungry, packet of instant noodles in the morning would have to digest.
2: Aching head, his face a greasy, stomach very timely called out, uh, it clearly showed the phone is now 13:00, and no wonder so hungry will be the morning of that long packets of instant noodles digest bare.
3: Head hurts a little, face greasy, a picture, a belly, too, it’s only appropriate that the name of a, well, phone already clear as now is already 1 in the afternoon, no wonder so hungry in the morning, the bag of instant noodles long to digest.

1: Dressed, looked at going out, everyone in the game should not be for someone to cook for me, the refrigerator in the kitchen with the noon rest of cake, I’ll put them up in the microwave oven, the heat, wash your face and brush his teeth, and after a few minutes, personal hygiene well, food is too hot.
2: Dressed, looked out, everyone in the game, should not someone out to me to cook fishes, kitchen refrigerator, stood a few remaining dishes at noon, I’ll put them all out into the end microwave heat it, then grooming themselves after a few minutes, do a good job of personal hygiene, food will heat.
3: Get dressed, out the door, to see everyone in game, there should be no one here to cook for me, the kitchen, the fridge with a few of noon, the rest of the pickles, I get them all put it in the microwave, and then brush teeth, wash face, few minutes, personal hygiene, care of., the food is too hot.

1: After a hurried meal, immediately entered the game continues Potion great cause!
2: A hasty meal, and immediately entered the game continues prepared Potion great cause!
3: Hastily ate dinner, and immediately entered the game to continue the Potion !

1: Online Hou, I appeared in that tablets demon grass haunted of open Shang, injured of Palace Potion agent Division has didn’t has figure, seems is has back has, but he to of this task is very of let I benefit, task award of Experience let I real of from 45 level of Experience from 1% helicopter to 64%, again plus I yesterday killed blame has been killed to 6 points, so 45 level of Experience and to 80% has.
2: On the line, I appeared in the patch of grass demon-infested open ground, wounded palace Potion chemist did not have the figure, seems to have returned to the city, but he gave this task is very good enough to let me, the task reward Experience let my real from 45 of Experience helicopter from 1% to 64%, plus I have been immediate concern yesterday, killing six o’clock, so 45 of Experience has to 80% of.
3: Online, I’m in that Demon grass in the open field, wounded in the Palace Potion pharmacist has no shadows, it seems, is already back to the city, but he gave this mandate was very, let’s use the mandate to reward Experience makes me real, from the 45 level of Experience , from 1 per cent has increased to 64 per cent, plus yesterday I kill a monster has to kill to 6, and, 45 levels Experience Again, to 80 per cent.

1: Open long has of Level rankings, first still is 45 level of I, second is is 44 level of red, I is in this when only found he was is Mage Class , ranking third of KnightRelease That Girl ” is 44 level, ranking fourth of is 43 level of Lu Xue Han , Murong Shan Shan to 42 level row in v, shortly thereafter is 42 level of Mage ” Little Ants on the Tree Leafs “, while the four on the list is the Mage, but names are never heard, Xu Lin and Xin Yu are level 41, not Forbes.
2: Open returning to the Level list, the first is still 45, I 44 and the second is blood red, I also discovered that at this time he was the Master Class , ranked third in the KnightRelease That Girl ” it is 44, ranked fourth in the 43’s Lu Xue Han , Murong Shan Shan came in fifth with 42, followed by that 42 of the Master ” Little Ants on the Tree Leafs “, the other four on the list It is the Master, but never heard the name, Xu Lin and Xin Yu is 41, did not ENTRY.
3: Open too long. Level charts, the first is still 45 level I, and the second is a level 44 blood red, I also in this time found out he was a sorcerer, Class , and the third KnightRelease That Girl ”is also level 44, and the fourth-43 levels Lu Xue Han , and Murong Shan Shan 42 levels in fifth, closely followed by 42-level Warlock.“ Little Ants on the Tree Leafs ”And the other four on the list is also a wizard, but the name never heard of it, Xu Lin and Xin Yu all 41 levels, they didn’t get on the Board.

1: Situation gradually clear, Mage impact grade speed finally began to reflect, top 7 are Mage Class , which shows the problem, it is estimated that, before long, my first position must also be red to snatch.
2: The situation gradually clear up, the Master finally beginning to show the speed of leveling out the top ten was surprised that seven of the Master Class , which greatly illustrate the problem, it is estimated, Soon, my first position also It is bound to be snatched to blood red.
3: The situation gradually clear up, the teacher post-level speed is finally beginning to show here, there’s actually a 7-sorcerer Class , which is a considerable statement of the problem, estimated that before long, I’m here in the first place also tends to be blood red to get the job.

1: System update Hou, also out has several list, which on has a equipment rankings, also has a Guild rankings, Guild rankings is to Guild Experience for benchmark of, probably is Murong Shan Shan often with members practice level of sake, sword and rose Guild high home topped, romantic world and blood sky followed subsequently, whole Silvermoon City also on this three a Guild has.
2: After the system update, but also a list of several, including one equipment list, there is a guild charts, line charts will be based on the guild Experience as a reference, presumably Murong Shan Shan often with members of the leveling sake guild sword topped with a rose, romantic world Scarlet sky and followed the entire Silvermoon City will be the three rows.
3: System update, a few charts, including a equipment countdown, one of countdown, the countdown is going to Experience as a benchmark, that is probably Murong Shan Shan used to take members of the training class, the sword and the Rose of the top, the wind flow days and red sky followed, and the whole Silvermoon City that these three.

1: Drop ~!
2: Drop ~!
3: Drop it!

1: System Notification : players Murong Shan Shan request to speak to you!
2: System Notification : Players Murong Shan Shan request to call you!
3: System Notification : the player Murong Shan Shan request with your phone.

1: I immediately agreed to the request, coming from the ear immediately Murong Shan Shan : “doing last night, how now on-line? ”
2: I immediately agreed to the request, the ear immediately came Murong Shan Shan voice: “Last night went, how now was on the line?”
3: I immediately promised to request, ear immediately came a Murong Shan Shan voice:“last night, doing last, what’s now on the line?”

1: “Do not tell you the task, last night to do the task, but also a Vice Skills ! ”
2: “Not tell you it received a mandate yesterday evening to do the task, but also learned a deputy of Skills !”
3: “I told you to?, last night on a mission, but also a Deputy of the Skills that!”

1: Murong Shan Shan surprised asking “what deputies Skills , now there are very few players busy professional, you’re free! ”
2: Murong Shan Shan surprised and asked: “What deputy Skills , few players can now engage in sideline busy, you can really busy ah!”
3: Murong Shan Shan surprised asked:“what Deputy Skills , it is now possible without a few players too busy to get side business, you can really get around!”

1: I laughed laughed: “this Skills because it was practical, so I take the time to learn! ”
2: I smiled and said: “This Skills because practical, so I took the time to learn!”
3: I smiled:“this Skills because, that’s why I take the time to learn!”

1: Said finished, I put Health recovery Potion agent (ii) of illustrations to has Murong Shan Shan , this Potion water can one-time of added 1400多 points blood, only than now market Shang most expensive of thousand Potion water less 100 points of effect, alone thousand Potion water is to playing senior of Monster only burst of, quite of precious, now basic no how many people with that Potion water, Generally popular in the market is still a plus 800 blood red Potion with water.
2: Then, I put Health Recovery Potion pictorial agent (Ⅱ) issued to the Murong Shan Shan , this Potion water may be added to more than 1400 points of disposable blood, than it is now only the most expensive on the market one thousand Potion 100 points less water effects, not to mention one thousand Potion water is the only fight monsters advanced burst, very precious, and now basically not many people with the kind of Potion water, generally remains popular market 800 is a plus point in bottles of red blood Potion water.
3: Finished, I put the Health restoration Potion Agent (II), the map given to Murong Shan Shan , a Potion water can in 1400 more gas blood, only than the market, the most expensive thousand Potion water a minimum of 100 points to the effect of, thousand Potion water is going to hit high level monsters off, it’s pretty rare, in the basic not many people like that Potion Water, in General, on the market popular still is an 800-some blood in a bottle of red Potion water.

1: Last system update of a items content is extended has Health Potion water using of cooling time, yiqian only need 8 seconds on can drink second bottle Potion water, but now is to a minutes to drink once Potion , this also in must of degree Shang weakened has players of recovery capacity, this probably is Murong Shan Shan in 70 level BOSS before out mission of reasons.
2: Last update an element of the system is to extend the Health Potion use of water cooling time, just eight seconds before you can drink a second bottle Potion water, but now have a minute to drink a Potion , which to some extent weaken the player’s ability to recover, it is probably also the reason Murong Shan Shan in front of 70 BOSS destroy mission.
3: The last time the system updated the element is a extension of Health Potion water use of the cooling time, only need 8 seconds to drink the second bottle Potion water, but he needed a minute to drink a Potion , which is also to a certain extent weakened the player’s recovery, it probably is Murong Shan Shan 70 level BOSS before dead.

1: Murong Shan Shan after a while says: “very well and continue to do, on the evening I have several! ”
2: Murong Shan Shan after a while he said: “very good, continue to do in the evening to give me a few groups!”
3: Murong Shan Shan after a while, only said:“it’s really good, keep doing it all night, give me a couple of team!”

1: She said hanging up the call, didn’t give me any chance to explain … …
2: Then she hung up the call, did not give me any chance to explain ……
3: She said and then hung up the phone, and didn’t give me any chance to explain…….

1: This guy, does she think this Potion is something simple as water poured into the water?
2: This guy, does she think that Potion get some spring water into irrigation water is so simple?
3: This guy, unless she thinks this Potion water is get some spring water to that simple?

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