The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 001

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 1 (The Beginning)

White-smoke filled the small room. A pink electric heater submerged inside a water thermos, which just now made a noisy “Pu-Pu” sound, and boiling water was splashing out from it.

At the side, on a milky-white couch, a very beautiful and sexy woman was lying down. She wore a silky pink nightgown, which perfectly showed her alluring body. The way she posed, accidentally caused an opening down her collar. Her smooth-white skin could be seen clearly, together with a silhouette of two small erecting figures. Glancing further down, a faint pink-red line could be noticed.

The sexy woman was holding a copy of <Virtual World Magazine> and reading it with keen interest. She was deep in her thoughts, ignoring all distractions from her surroundings.

Yeah, she was my employer, Xu Lin, the owner of this place, a small ‘underground’ foot-massage center in the urban district!

This kind of foot-massage center was scattered all over this district. On this little street alone were already a dozen of them. It was called ‘underground’ because these foot-massage center, unlike normal ones, would start the business after eight in the evening. It was that kind of ‘legitimate’ business.

All this foot-massage center were well coordinated with an unwritten agreement. After eight, they would open the door and waited for customers to come, until ten in the evening – the time when police officers already went home to take their wives to bed. Afterward, these foot-massage center would make their ladies wear bathrobe sitting on the main hall’s sofa. The passerby on the street could see those young lady’s white skins through the large glass doors, and just by lowering the head a little, the underwear’s color of these ladies could be seen clearly.

With such an alluring temptation, men would seldom be able to resist and easily be tempted to get home late while they went inside to experience these ladies’ techniques. Of course, there were also people without money who could only hungrily glare at those women from the outside.

Our Foot-massage Center was just ordinary in size, not big yet not small either. Excluding Xu Lin, there were altogether five young ladies, a genuine foot-massage girl expert and me. I was the sole male in this center, the person responsible for the basic labor cores here. Sometimes I need to lift the heavy stuffs, some other times washing the ladies clothes. They were responsible to take care of the customers, and I was responsible to serve them. Fortunately, they would not ask me to do ridiculous tasks.

In addition, I was also entrusted with a big responsibility, which was soliciting customers!

Certainly, soliciting customers was illegal, so I was doing it very carefully. Under normal circumstances, in a week, I would only be able to pull one or two people, and the worst condition was not even able to pull any customer during a whole month.

I had been here for roughly almost half-year. The income was not that great, but also not too bad. I could not have satisfying meals, but at least I would not starve to death. Xu Lin treated all the staff pretty well. She even sometimes joked with everyone. As why she was doing this business, nobody knew.

Looking at the steaming boiled water, as I was sitting on another couch, I put down the <Virtual Tournaments Guide> that I was holding,

“Sister Lin, please pull out the plug, the water is already splashing out!”


Responding silently and motionless, Xu Lin still read her copy of <Virtual World Magazine>.

“Sister Lin, please pull the plug. The sound is so loud. If you don’t pull the plug, it will be ruined!”


There were still no reactions.

I shouted louder: “Sister Lin, if the plug is not pulled out, it will melt off!”

After a silence,


An exquisite pillow hit me on the head. Xu Lin glared straight at me with her beautiful eyes. She shouted, “Pull it yourself! It’s not mine.”

Damn! I suddenly remembered. That electric heater was bought with my own money!

Xu Lin, while still reading the magazine in her hands, said to me, “Hey, Xiao Lin! Go wake up the girls. I have things to discuss with them; you should also come and listen. This might influence our future life.”

I nodded. Although I was not sure what was going on, I obeyed and went to wake up those still sleeping girls.

In the resting room, five-six girls were lying wildly together in a big bed. Only one of them was sleeping in an ordinary pose, Lu Xue Han, sleeping in the innermost part of the bed. She was the genuine foot-massage expert, not a lady like the other girls.

“Hey, all of you wake up!”

“Lin Fan, you want to die? You have ruined such a nice dream!”

My position was not high, so the girls often burst out at me.

“The boss has something to say. Who isn’t there in five minutes will be fined 500!”


Soon, a big commotion had occurred. The girls, not even wearing underwear, simply wrapped themselves in a blanket, rushed to the room where Xu Lin rested.

I frowned. The one that slept in the innermost part of the bed, Lu Xue Han, did not react. She just pulled the blanket up to cover her chest, looked at me a bit shy, her charming little face was blushing.

“Lu Xue Han, why aren’t you going to the meeting? Aren’t you afraid to get a fine?”

I did like beautiful women, but I have to hold back against Lu Xue Han. Since she was not one of the escort ladies, I can only enjoy her beauty. Things were different with the other ladies. Even if I did not flirt with them, they would come to flirt with me. After all, my looks were not so bad too…

Lu Xue Han bit her rosy lips and whispered, “You … could you please go out first, I’m not wearing anything…”

I was stunned; this girl actually slept naked? Apparently, the other girls had started to give some influence on her!

“Then you should hurry. It’s really very important…”

I quickly got out and closed the door. I did not know why, but every time I faced her, I would feel uncomfortable. Not the kind of uneasy feeling like when a boy met the girl he had a crush on, but it was because I thought that Lu Xue Han should not be in this kind of filthy place at all.

What about me then? Why was I here?

I shook my head, not wanting to think about it anymore. There are things that I want to forget, so I would not be in the mood to look at these beautiful girls.

While pouring a glass of water from the dispenser in the hallway, I gazed my eyes towards the steady flow of pedestrians outside. This flourishing world … It seemed to have abandoned me.

“Hey, you’re not attending the meeting?”

Lu Xue Han asked with a sweet voice, like the voice of younger girls.

I turned my head around and saw that she had already put on a pale yellow nightgown. Her big firm pair of breasts still looked vibrant in such a loose cloth. White tender posture, combined with Lu Xue Han’s snowy face, sharp and beautiful eyes, giving an overall impression of a very supple woman.

Maybe I looked at her too intensely; Lu Xue Han blushed. She glanced at me shortly before going in Xu Lin’s room.

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