The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 003

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 3 (We Need You)

“How did you know?” Xu Lin had gotten my information in such details, that it made me feel somewhat surprised.

“Huh, if I hadn’t known about you, would I feel at ease letting you stay at my place?”

Lu Xue Han blinked, looked at me and said, “I know about WCG. You were Shanghai Regional’s champion? Then, you were very skilled?”

I said nothing, but inside my heart I felt some pain.

Xu Lin explained to Lu Xue Han, “As WCG Shanghai’s champion, his reaction speed and hand skills are top national level. After winning that event, Lin Fan ranked eight in the world. Had he continue to play, he might even place higher.”

“OMG, world rank 8th!” Lu Xue Han was amazed, with her mouth wide open.

Xin Yu pressed her breast on my upper arms and laughingly said, “Good boy, I had always known that you have more potential than other guys!”

I remained quiet while Xu Lin looked straight at me. Impatiently, she said, “Lin Fan, if you will join our clan, my dreams of fortune will be easily achieved.”

Xu Lin’s face turned red from excitement, made her look even more beautiful.

“Why should I join?” After thinking long enough, I finally responded.

Xu Lin stared blankly while facing me. It felt like her beautiful eyes were speaking to me when she said, “Because, for these half-year, we have taken you in as our own, treating you nicely, and shared our stuff together with you!”

“Hm, what kind of benefit would I get?”

Xu Lin sighed, “To prove yourself!”

It was not a good argument. Everything I had done until now, wasn’t it just to prove myself?

However, the school would expel you for skipping classes too often, and spending all your time playing games would make your girlfriend run off with someone else…

“Come on, join with us. Consider it as a favor for Sister Lin with her important issue!”

Xin Yu knocked against me. I noticed Xu Lin was looking at me with her beautiful eyes with full of expectation.

“Fine, I’ll join!” I watched as Xu Lin’s face turned happy. After a short pause, I continued, “I can’t promise you that I would accomplish anything, but I will work hard to level up in the game, so at least that I can protect you all if you are being bullied by others!”

Lu Xue Han looked at me with her sparkling eyes. Even Xin Yu, who was seldom serious, was now also staring at me with her beautiful eyes as if they were entranced.

Xu Lin snapped her finger and laughingly said, “It is settled then! After we acquire the game device and helmet, we need to decide where we will set up our playing studio. Do you all want to continue staying here, or should we find another place for our studio?”

Lu Xue Han confusedly asked, “Then, would this foot-massage center still be operating?”

“It will be closed. My savings should be enough to cover our living expenses during the first half-year we play the game. If things don’t work out well, then we will find another way out.” Xu Lin with a full confidence continued to say,

“I think we should move to a residential area. The living cost here is too high. In the southern part of this town, I have an apartment with 4 bedrooms and a living room. Xiao Lin will get his own room, and the rest of us will need to squeeze. That should be sufficient.”

Xin Yu smilingly said, “Then, wouldn’t it be too convenient for Xiao Lin, having a room for his self? How about if Sister share the room with you?”

I became speechless. Xin Yu said that while touching her breast. She acted really a little too vulgar..

Xu Lin expressionless helped me and said: “Xiao Lin sharing a room with you would be too good for you. It would be better if Xue Han and Xiao Lin share the room, they would match better!”

I found it ok, but Lu Xue Han’s face had turned red.

Executing Xu Lin’s plan, the game devices were ordered. All of us went up to pack our belongings and prepared to move to the residential area.

Only within half day, the usually slow girls, but now they could pack all their belongings and we finished moving to the new place. Before dinner, even the eight gaming devices we ordered had been delivered by the company. They even include a limited edition manual book for the game.

Merely flipping the manual book, I found out that the three big game developers were indeed very optimistic with <Moon Monochrome>, that they didn’t even mentioned the beta-test. The manual itself mostly contained narrative stories about the background of this game, which mostly was already well-known to people. There was almost no information about the gameplay itself.

“So, is there any information that would help us in the gameplay?” Lu Xue Han asked with her big beautiful eyes blinking.

Lu Xue Han’s background was a mystery. I only heard that she left her house because of some grudge. I knew nothing else about her.

“There isn’t any important information inside. It only says that the game characters are divided into eight classes: Warrior, Archer, Magician, Cleric, Summoner, BeastMaster, Thief, and Knight. There are also eight secondary professions. As to what they are, nothing was said about it. But this information should be sufficient. At least, before the game begins, everybody can already decide what class to choose.”

Xu Lin nodded and said, “A balanced team needs to have both attacking and supporting types of characters. Everyone should decide on your own about what class you want to choose for the game. I will pick the Magician, a class with high attack power. The team can’t go without it.”

After thinking for a while, Xin Yu said, “Archer. With my proper figure, it would be a waste not to choose this class.”

“Be careful not to let your big breast disturb your balance. It would be a shame if your arrow missed!” I responded half-jokingly.

Xin Yu proudly looked at me while she straightened up to expose her cleavage figure with a full confidence.

Li Qing chose the Summoner class, Liu Yun chose a BeastMaster class, and the rest of them chose the remaining classes among themselves. In the end, they felt troubled that no one has chosen the Cleric class yet…

“Don’t look at me like that. I have chosen the Thief class. I will definitely not be a nanny …” I met Xu Lin’s and Xin Yu’s eyesight unhappily.

Lu Xue Han, who remained silent the whole time, said softly, “I will choose the Cleric then.”

Everyone at once rejoiced. All the important classes had been chosen.

Xu Lin looked at the installation manual and said with a smile, “Xiao Lin will help everyone to install the game device. Exactly at midnight the day after tomorrow, the game will launch. Everyone must be punctual. Level up your game character immediately and strive to get your world rank as high as possible. If we have more experts in our clan, then we will have a better opportunity to recruit or PK-ing other players. Then, the money will naturally come to us. PK-ing to get equipment for sale would also be profitable. Anyway, the higher your level is, the higher your attribute will be. If your attribute is high, then you’ll become an expert player. Once you become an expert, gaining money would be an easy thing to do. Does everyone already understand? !”


“Very good … Then tomorrow, we will all go shopping to buy foods and daily needs. Later on, we will take turns each day to prepare the meal. With us, seven girls in charge for that, Xiao Lin can focus on training and leveling up his character. After all, the one that would bring fame to our clan later in the game would be you.But in the early stages, for a Thief to level up might need a lot of Healing Potions. So everyone will finance you.”

“No need. I can manage it by myself!” Nevertheless, I still had some pride as a man. I wouldn’t take any women’s money.

TL Notes:

  • Several changes were made regarding the classes name. Swordman changed into Warrior, Healer changed into Cleric and Paladin changed into Knight.

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Translator: Lingson
Editor: Lingson

Special Thanks To:

  • karami92: for spotting and correcting some errors.
  • KyleSteward: for suggesting the new class names

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