The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 004

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 4 (The Assignment)

“How about you group with someone to train? This way the advancement would be faster. Who would you pick from us?”

Xu Lin really regarded me highly. She put my needs at the highest priority.

Looking at the girls, I stood up after making some considerations:

Xu Lin would not do. Since she was the boss, she used to order around. If she lost her temper, I would be troubled.

Xin Yu also would not do. Her skills should be ok, but her characteristic might be a problem. If she suddenly got wild and took off all her clothes in the game, wouldn’t it make me loosing my face? Furthermore, I did not want to get too close to her. With her background like this, not many people would accept it.

Li Qing would even be a worse option considering her psychological side. She often encouraged her customer not to wear any condom. With such a reckless woman at my side, would be too risky for me!

After some more thinking, Lu Xue Han would be the only one that could be considered. At least, she is still more to my liking.

Xu Lin chuckled, “You are considering to pick Xue Han, right? That’s also good. As she is a Healer, at least you will save some Healing Potions!”

I nodded and decide to pair up with Lu Xue Han.

Xu Lin had organized quite a feast for dinner. Surprisingly, Xin Yu’s cooking made everyone drooled when she brought out the meals. I really never expected that besides being an expert at spreading her legs, she was actually a skilled cook. If she were a virgin, marrying her would be quite a good idea.

Xu Lin happily filled everyone’s cup with red wine, and proposed a toast, “Let us make a toast for the glory of our clan in <Moon Monochrome>!”


Xin Yu laughingly said, “What should be the name of our clan? We should think about it.”

Xu Lin became quiet for a while, the she laughed, I almost forget about that. Does anyone have a suggestion? Preferable, a short name.”

“Rose? What about ‘Rose Legion’?”

“Don’t choose a gender-biased name. I think ‘Shining Moon’ would sound better!”

“Come on, wouldn’t ‘Crescent Moon’ sound better?”

After a long discussion with no conclusion, Xu Lin said to me with an expectant look, “Xiao Lin, what do you think?”

After some thinking, I said, “It should be easy to remember, but doesn’t need to be fancy. We are playing to gain fortune, not to conquer the world.”

Seeing Xu Lin nodded, I continued, “So to speak, the name shouldn’t be elegant or vulgar. If it’s too elegant, it would provoke people to dislike or bully us, and if it’s too vulgar, it would disgust others. That’s why a common or normal name would suit our little group better since our main focus it to make money.”

Xu Lin nodded again and said, “Then, would name do you think we should pick? But make it a short one.””

“Well…” I thought for a moment, then raised my head to looked straight to Xu Lin and said, “What about ‘Green Veggies’?”

Xu Lin was silent for a moment, but then with a resolute sound she answered, “It’s settled then. Our clan name would be ‘Green Veggies’ Clan!”

Xin Yu uselessly expressed her disagreement since the boss already agreed to it.

I smiled innerly. An absurd scene flashed in my head: me wearing silver-colored armor, with a God-tier sword, leading a group of women inside <Moon Monochrome>, laughing and singing loudly, “We are the disastrous worms! We are the disastrous worms!” while we stomped over countless of newbies!”

Everybody was eating quickly, even the hot soup was drunk without hesitation. Seeing me finished with my meal, Lu Xue Han at once pulled my sleeves and whispered: “Lin Fan, please help me installing the game console and device in the second bedroom from the right. I want to give it a try.”

I looked at the room she mentioned, which happened to be the room that was given to me. I look her amazedly, said, “But, isn’t that my bedroom?”

“Didn’t Xu Sister just now said that we should share the room?” Lu Xue Han asked with her eyes looked puzzled.

How could I share the room with this invigorating young girl?

It would be a miracle if nothing would happen!

Watching Xu Lin looked at me while trying not to burst a laughter, I earnestly said to Lu Xue Han, “That was just a joke from her. You should ask her again which bedroom you should take.”

Xu Lin heard what I said, seeing the ball was already tossed to her, she gave me a staring glance and immediately said, “Xue Han, you can also see that the other bedrooms have been occupied by those girls. Beside Xiao Lin’s room, there’s a small studio on the mezzanine. You can sleep there. As for to play the game, we have a big spacious living room. We won’t be having many guests here, so please bear with it for now. The game console can be installed besides the sofa, and sitting on the sofa to play the game wouldn’t be uncomfortable either.”

Seeing that she had no other options, and Xu Lin’s words were reasonable too, without thinking about it further, Lu Xue Han agreed.

The next thing was simple. Using Lu Xue Han’s game set, I demonstrated to everyone how to assemble it. The wire to connect the helmet and console already had indicating marks. Frankly speaking, it was actually a plug and play setup. What interested me most was the operating keyboard of <Moon Monochrome>, which was different compared to the traditional keyboards. The <Moon Monochrome> keyboard was made from some kind of liquid crystal inductor, which would look just like a molded glass board when it was not connected to any power sources. But once it was connected to a power source, it would transform into a soft-flexible operating keyboard emitting a twinkling dark blue colored light. But upon touching it with my fingers, the touching sensation was bizarre. Although I never touched a woman breast before, but I dare to swear on my ancestors name that this texture felt even better than a woman breast’s.

Clapping my hands together, I turned around facing the other girls and said: “Ok then, everybody let’s try it out. There is a mini game installed in the game console, so everyone should try getting used with the controller. That way, when the game begins tomorrow, you won’t be confused.!”

It seemed that my words had made some impact. The girls excitedly took each game set and rushed to their room. Xu Lin laughed saying, “Each helmet is engraved with a unique game account. When you activate the helmet for the first time, it will scan your iris and lock on it. So you don’t need to worry about the helmet getting stolen.”

“Well, I have locked the door. Call me tomorrow when we are going shopping.”

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  1. jacobpaige

    Why are they letting him make the decisions? Its her studio.

    What kind of name is Green Veggies? Does that actually sound good in Chinese or something? ‘Cause I’d be pretty embarrassed to tell people that that was the name of my clan.

    Isn’t using a controller pretty immersion breaking? Though it does explain why they think he’ll be so good at the game.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Their naming sense are different. In America, perhaps it could be compared with the naming style of the native American tribes.

      Since almost every players are using those strange names, it would be considered ‘normal’ for them and no need to feel shame.

  2. dave26

    “Well, I have locked the door. Call me tomorrow when we are going shopping.”

    The above ‘..we are going shopping.’ does not sound right. It should be rephrase, ‘..we will be going to buy food.’.

  3. iamsleepless

    thanks for the chapter
    Xu Lin became quiet for a while, the she laughed, I almost forget about that. Does anyone have a suggestion? Preferable, a short name.”
    didn’t place quotation mark at the sentence starting

  4. iamsleepless

    i know this is a draft but i just couldn’t stop myself from commenting

    “Then, would name do you think we should pick? But make it a short one.””

    “Then, what name do you think we should pick? But make it a short one.”

    “then raised my head to looked straight to Xu Lin” – this sentence is sounding awkward consider these
    -then raised my head to look straight at Xu Lin
    -then raised my head and looked straight at Xu Lin

    there are more awkward sounding sentences, hope they will be corrected when the chapter is cleaned

    wow texture better than a woman’s breasts!! i definitely want a controller like that.


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