The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 005

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 5 (The Experience)

Picking up the game helmet, I could feel my heart beating faster. It had been half a year, and now once again, I chose the path to conquering the online game.

Not like last time, this one is a virtual online game. Although I heard that <Moon Monochrome> could be confusing and player’s playing talent played a big role in mastering the game, but would I have talent to play this game? That might be only an illusion.

Once I wore the helmet, I felt my consciousness drifted away in a relaxing way. When regained my consciousness, I was already standing on a cliff edge in the middle of a cold night surroundings. Looking downwards, I could see the image of my hands very clearly. Was it my avatar?

I felt a strange feeling from wearing this simple clothes. But feeling the strong wind on this cliff edge blowing on me that even my clothes were fluttering, but actually it kind of gave me a nice feeling. Tilting up my head to the sky, The moon shone brightly emitting brilliant blue rays directly towards the earth, and the void space below the moon began to transform into a tragic war scene.

With the signaling from the bugle-horn sound, a human army regiment in a square formation marched forward bravely. Paladins armed with spike and saber, their weapons gave a white dazzling light that would frighten everyone who saw it. Behind them, a group of Magicians marched together slowly with them, were chanting their spells in a cryptic language sending a gigantic fireball flew towards the opposing army. It shone so bright that it illuminated the area that was surrounded by the darkness before.

In the bright light below the fireball, I amazedly saw that the human army was facing a giant ice bone dragon.

With a ‘tsing-tsing’ sound, the fireball hit the bone dragon. In a flash before it disappeared, mixed rippling flesh from the humans soldiers as well from the ice bone dragon could be seen from its gloomy big-red wings.

Beneath the giant dragon body, I managed to see that there were skeleton warriors waving the bone shield and rusty steel sword that they were holding. With an urge to kill, they sent a loud war cry towards the human army.

The human cavalries charged into the square-shaped formation of the skeleton warriors, and the big impact caused an opening in the skeleton warrior’s formation. But after just a short moment, the skulls of the fallen skeleton warriors were continuously forming back together, and immediately closing the opening which caused the human cavalries to be surrounded and isolated. The surrounded Paladins struggled for their lives with every effort they could, piercing the skeleton warriors with their weapons. Their body was covered in bloods that flowed out from the inflicted mortal wounds. Even the fallen war horses that were struggling to get up were chopped down into mince meat in an instant. The skeleton warriors seemed to be endless. Whenever a human soldier felt down, their remaining flesh disintegrated soon after with only their bones remaining, and a gloomy green light started to glow in their eye socket. These risen fallen soldiers immediately joined the ranks of the skeleton warriors!

A rippling substance suddenly filled the air surrounding them. Wherever this substance touched the skeleton warriors, they crumbled and fell in pieces. Rays of bright white light shone upon the injured human soldiers, rapidly healing their wounds. A group of Clerics finally arrived and joined the battle!

At a more distant place behind the giant bone dragon and skeleton warriors, were a hidden group of ten dark Necromancers. Obviously, they were the ones who was controlling the undead armies in this bloody battle!

When the Necromancers were concentrating on their spell to summon a second giant bone dragon, several shadowy figures who were hiding and waiting for a chance to strike, suddenly appeared beside those Necromancers. The tip of cold looking dagger could be seen under their black clothes when they stroke, causing bloody red light splashing out from the Necromancers’ neck.

With their deaths, the undead armies were defeated soon after. The Thieves’ appearance had changed the tide of this battle in an instance!

Far behind the human regiments, a group of old villagers were watching this bloody battle scene.

Apparently, some Swordmen were guarding their home village!

“Moon Monochrome”, two big words faintly appeared on the horizon. The battle scene below it also had come to an end.


I can’t help but let out a sigh of astonishment. The game trailer was absolutely too awesome!

The opening scene gradually faded, and next, I appeared standing on a big field in a forest. Operation instructions and tips also appeared in my vision. To tell the truth, the controlling in this virtual game is 70% more difficult compared to the using of a conventional keyboard in normal online games. Fortunately, I really seemed to be gifted with game talents. About two hours later, I was surprisingly already able to master the use of the keyboard and brain waves commands to move naturally. By the time this game officially launched, killing monsters would not be a big problem anymore.

According to the information on the game’s official website, it would take about three days to adapt to the gear and master the movement in <Moon Monochrome>, but it took me only nearly two hours to master it. Was I really gifted with such a great game talent?

Thinking back to when I was playing WAR3, I could make six strikes continuously on the keyboard in a second. People with this kind of reaction speed would be able to adapt easily to this game. I kind of wondered how long would my old friend need for him to master the controlling of this game. That Ye Qiu fellow reaction speed was even a bit faster than mine. If he had abandoned Warcraft and joined to play <Moon Monochrome>, most likely he would also be able to perform the same like me.

“Ding! System announcement!”

“You have already been online for eight hours, please pay attention to your rest!”

“This if your first time using this helmet. Would you like to lock this helmet with an iris-scan?”

I quickly decided to log out from the game. When I took off my helmet, it was already three o’clock in the morning. I went to sleep immediately. If Xu Lin had known that I was still awake at this hour, she would surely give me an unpleasant look.

Lying on the bed, I was still thinking about the experience I got from the game just now. Such a realistic game. It really made people to eagerly want to keep playing the game. During this pre-launch of the game, many functions of the game were still disabled, like the nerve or taste system. Even the avatar just now did not represent the player at all. It was said that the game helmet would make a face scan of the player, so the game character would have a close resemblance to their own face. You could make some minor alterations, but of course you could not change a dinosaur face into a beautiful woman’s.

That would be good. Needless to say, shameless women like Xin Yu would definitely want to change their appearance to look even more beautiful, so they would attract more men easily… However, Xin Yu was originally already beautiful, that without making any alteration would already attract a lot of male players. As for Lu Xue Han, she was even more beautiful. She had the kind of face that would make men drooling when they looked at her.

Xu Lin was also beautiful, but she had different charm and style compared to Lu Xue Han, also more mature. If her soul could be scanned, it would resemble a night elf. Surely, she would make a lot of rich male player determined to follow her in the game.

Even though I have been around for half a year, but her background was still unclear to me. She had also never serve a customer (in a sexual way). Although she often received such a request from the customers, she always refuses them tactfully. The way she managed her employees was also pretty good; she would never deduct their salary, or take some commissions from them.

With my mind still thinking about those things, I felt asleep at some point. It was already three past noon when I woke up the next day. Luckily, it looked like everyone were also playing until very late, so surprisingly I was the first one to wake up.

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