The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 006

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 6 (The Launching!)

Everyone was so excited. Even Lu Xue Han who rarely smiled looked like a blooming flower.

Right after getting back from the shopping, Xu Lin gathered us for a meeting again and started the discussion,

“All of you has already chosen your player class. Right now, nobody can tell how the game would be like, not even whether there are beginner villages or not. Until now, about one hundred million game helmets has been distributed worldwide, but limited server numbers have been set up. When there aren’t many beginner villages, all the players will be cramping inside them. That’s why I think that when the game later begins, everyone should first spend their time in the game by themselves for a while. Tonight at midnight, the game will launch, so we should sleep first this afternoon. At eleven o’clock, we will get up and eat dinner, so we can get online right on time. We will then log out from the game tomorrow morning at eight, and everyone will then report their progress in the game. Does anyone still have any questions?”

Xin Yu put her cup down and asked, “Ah, staying up all night would affect one’s beauty, in addition to that we’ll have our dinner so late, wouldn’t it bad for us?”

Xu Lin’s face showed no expression, “You can choose not to play, but each of your salaries later on will depend on your contribution to the clan. So just do as you will.”

“Never mind. The game is still more important…”

Since nobody has any questions, we all went back to our room to take a nap. Lu Xue Han followed behind me and before she went into her room, she stuck out her tongue at me, which made me at a loss for a moment.

Only able to take a light nap, it was not even three o’clock in the afternoon when I woke u. Since it was still a long until dinner time and I could not get back to sleep again, I opened the <Moon Monochrome> online forum. Perhaps there might be some helpful information there.

Upon looking at the forum board, I saw a sticky post at the top of the forum titled ‘Talent, a natural skill!’. I opened the post to read it. Even though there was no such information on the game’s official website, it was said that this leaked information was obtained from a reliable source. At the <Moon Monochrome>’s character creation stage, each player would received a Talent. As for what this ‘Talent’ meant, there was no further information regarding it. Only that it would not affect the balance of the game. One person can only use one game account, and on account deletion, they have to wait for a whole month before they can acquire a new account. So it would not be possible to keep creating a character until the person got a desirable Talent. It would really depend on each person’s luck.

Browsing other forum posts, although there were many, but most were speculative information. There was very little really useful information. It seemed that <Moon Monochrome> were really doing a good job of keeping the secrecy.

With some hard effort, I managed to get some more sleep until eleven. Exactly on eleven, Lu Xue Han called us to eat dinner. From her appearance, it seemed that she didn’t have a hard time to sleep. Even her sleeping make up were not ruined.

With less than one hour time before the game launched, some of the girls even ignoring their table manners, devouring their food and rushed back to their room. It was Liu Yun, who until now mostly remained quiet, who accompanied me finishing the egg soup.

Liu Yun was actually a pretty and delicate woman. I was always wondering why she was in this business, but I never had the courage to ask her directly. She gave me a polite smile before she finally went back to her own room.

I shook my head looking at the mess on the table. Quickly, I cleaned up the mess and bring all the dishes to the kitchen before I also retire to my room. The clock showed 23.50 by the time I was finished with the cleaning. Only ten minutes before the game official launch time!

I wore the game helmet and skipped the opening trailer immediately. In my vision now, there was only a big countdown clock showing at the background scene of <Moon Monochrome>.

The time passed slowly as I was staring at the countdown scene. I knew that besides me, there were also hundreds of thousand other players currently doing the same thing as me. In the history of online games, there was always a reward for the first player that entered the game.








A system notice immediately showed up on the scene, “Please choose your character race!”

Without the slightest hesitation, I picked Human as my character race. Elves were too delicate, showing no sign of masculine at all. Orcs … Forget it!”

“Please enter you character name!” The system continued to prompt.

I quickly said, “Qing Cai Doufu!”[1]

“Sorry, this name has already been taken by another player!”

“Qing Cai Baiyu Tang!”[2]

“You have successfully chosen the name. Now scanning your face. Would you like to make some changes to your appearance?”

I observed the displayed avatar that looked exactly like me. I would be recognized too easily, so I altered it a little. Now it was OK!

“Congratulations. You have successfully setup your account. Would you like to enter the game now?”

I confirmed right away. The scene changed, and now I was standing in an old small village.

“Ding~!” System notice,

“You are the 1,250,003 player to enter the game!”

“Congratulations. You have obtained the Talent ‘Ambush’!”

Ambush? What the hell?

I opened my character status window at once and scrolled down to find the Talent at the bottom. It really showed ‘Ambush’.

I was stroke dumb immediately!

Talent — Ambush: An ability to hide one’s presence in the darkness. Only monsters or players with a level less than 5 levels above the stealth player could detect the player’s presence within a 4-meter distance. Once moving, the stealth effect would disappear. Cooldown period 5 minutes.

What was this? I had to stay still and play dead, for real?

A Talent should be important for the player, but my Talent was really a useless one. Perhaps if I explain my situation to the game operator, my Talent would be canceled?

Let’s just put this aside for now and decide later!

Opening the map window, I was in a village called ‘Wild Dog Village’. An uncommon name for a village, but it suited pretty well. You could hear the sound of dog barking every so often.

Other players came out one after another from the village center. Apparently there were really so many people playing this game at this moment. There were some strong-looking Orcs among them, as well also young female Elves equipped with only underpants and brassière…

I looked at my equipment and felt pity for myself:

[Damaged Coat]

Defense: +2

[Damaged Leg Armor]

Defense: +1

[Damaged Short Sword]

Attack: 1-2

The attributes displayed on the player status were simply the player’s base attributes plus the attributes from all the equipment. My Attack was really pitiful. Even equipped with the sword only game me an attack of 2-3. What could I do with it?

Not far away, I saw a soldier wandering around in the village. I walked over to the soldier and started a conversation, hoping to get a quest!

“Lately, packs of wild dogs had appeared outside the village scaring the villagers, that they would not dare to go outside the village. For the sake of the villagers, would you eradicate these beasts?”

I agreed immediately. A mission statement came out, “Kill 20 wild dogs, collect their fur, and take them to the village guard Ha Ke!”

TL Notes:

  • Qing Cai Doufu means Green Veggies Tofu. I’m not sure whether to use the Chinese pronunciation or to use the translated name. Both are strange for me.
  • Qing Cai Baiyu Tang means Green Veggies Tofu Soup.

Status: Draft

Translator: Lingson
Editor: Lingson

Special Thanks To:

  • KyleSteward, for Talent name change suggestion.

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  1. jacobpaige

    “Only monsters or players with a level less than 5 levels above the stealth player could detect the player’s presence within a 4-meter distance. Once moving, the stealth effect would disappear” I think you meant “level more than 5 levels above.”

    Is he really planning to play a thief? If so, then why does he think Ambush is useless? He should be dancing for joy and thanking the gaming gods.

    btw, why does this site use black text on a black background? It seems like a rather bad idea.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Thanks, I would check the original text again regarding this matter.

      The MC is a melee type player who likes to be in action. This ambush ability required him to stay still and just passively waiting which doesn’t suit his playing style.

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    Thanks for your work on this novel . I started reading it today and like it already :). Thanks.

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    Ehh?? If is Green Veggies Tofu soup wouldn’t it be Qing Cai Doufu Tang? Baiyu doesnt mean white fish?? /@.@/ \@.@\ so confusing….

    1. Lingson Post author

      No, the “yu” in “Baiyu” refers to a kind of jade, not fish. So Baiyu Tang literally translate to White jade soup, where the jade here is the tofu.


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