The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 008

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 8 (The Challenge)

A wolf was howling in the distance. I was excited yet also felt some fear. This game is so real, even the wolf is so real. Who wouldn’t be afraid?

Wild Wolf

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Strange. I couldn’t see the monster’s level although it was not a BOSS. Could it be that its level was much higher than mine?

The wild wolf was beside a garden full of tomatoes, so fragrant that I could even smell it from this distance. The system adjustment for the sense of taste and pain was set at 10%, so I really didn’t know whether the tomatoes were so fragrant or my nose was too sensitive.

As usual, I rushed with my sword!


The red digit dazzled me. I could only inflict 4 points of damage? In addition, it’s live bar was only reduced a little. The wolf stroke me with its claw, which caused a pain that I almost couldn’t stand. And when I looked at my stats, it caused me to lose 15 HP! With my current live at 100 HP, I had to be careful!

I escaped in a hurry and ran as fast as Liu Xiang. While the wolf was chasing me closely, it attacked me several times. Obviously, its speed exceeded Liu Xiang’s
(TL Note: Liu Xiang, Chinese gold-medal hurdler of the 2004 Olympic Games)


The wolf finally gave up chasing me. When I saw my live at 4 HP, my heart almost jumped out from my mouth. If the wolf had continue, I certainly would have go back from level 2 again! (Dying would cause 1 level loss, being PKed would cause 2 level loss)

Now what? I couldn’t possibly give up this mission just because of this monster?

Thinking it over, I wasn’t going to give up. The wolf was biting his body looking for lice. Such a carefree appearance.


I cursed bitterly. Quietly, I sneaked around the wolf to the other side of the garden. With my hand still shaking, I picked a red tomato cautiously. Fortunately, the wolf only passed by and didn’t notice this part of the garden!

I collected the tomatoes very slowly. At some point when I was reaching for another tomato, the wolf turned around and it saw me!

God! Why did it notice me!

I rapidly pulled my hand and dashed frantically. It was even more dangerous this time. When the wolf stopped chasing me again, I only had 2 HP left in my health. My heart was beating like crazy!

I checked my backpack and was pleased to see a tomato was still in it!

Ahua’s Tomato (Mission Item)

Properties: Ahua’s carefully cultivated tomatoes, strong fragrant. Will recover 0.5 HP per second if eaten. When it’s used on an enemy, the enemy can’t recover any HPs for 30 minutes!

Unable to recover HP for 30 minutes? This is it!

No wonder this tomato smelled so fragrant. Its effect was so amazing! A bold idea popped into my head. If I could make the wolf unable to heal itself, then I could hit it little by little. Considering current situation where players were busy killing monsters so they could reach level 10 to change class, none of them would come this far to this remote place behind the mountain. So hopefully I could grind this wolf to death.

Being unable to see the wolf stats, the reward must be great too!

I acted immediately! I approached the wolf cautiously after checking my equipment once again. I held the tomato in one hand, rushed toward the wolf with my sword, and hit it. The wolf stroke back with its claw; I chopped it again. Ah, it managed to bit me!

With my super reflex speed, I precisely threw the tomato into the wolf’s mouth. Immediately a System Notice prompted: [Striped Ferocious Wolf] ate [Ahua’s Tomato], unable to restore HP for 30 minutes!

That was it! After hitting it again with my sword, I flee immediately. Three hits had inflicted 15 damage. It was probably only 1/20 of its health, but fortunately I could see its health bar dropping.

After 40 seconds of rest, my health was full again!

I kept repeating this over and over, accurately hitting the wolf and retreat back at perfect timing. Of course, my heart was beating like crazy. Someone with a heart disease would have already died by now.

25 minutes later, the wolf’s health had hit the bottom!

I breathed heavily. The durability of the damaged sword was almost gone. If I did not hurry and kill this wolf, soon I could only use my hand to fight and level up…

Once again after a perfect tactical control, I leaned against waiting for my health to restore. The wolf’s health was almost empty now. Few more hits would finish it!

My health was replenished. I attacked again!

Three hits, but this time I didn’t hesitate to land a fourth strike!


“System Notice: You are now level 4!”

I frowned. Shouldn’t this wolf be the highest rank monster ever killed on the entire server until now? And I only rose up 1 level? Nevertheless, it took only shortly for me to rise from level 3 to level 4. It was worth the effort!

I could finally see the wolf’s level!

Level 8!

The difference before was 5 levels! No wonder I couldn’t see the stats.

Hold on, it appeared to also drop several equipment!

I quickly gathered the spoils of war; 40 copper coins, a wolf tooth, a leg protector, a common robe, and also a shining long sword.

Ignoring the other equipment, I immediately look at the sword stats,

[Beast Sword] (Green equipment)

Attack: 7-12

Stamina: +3

Strength: +1

Required Level: 4

Wow! Laughing out loud, I almost drooled.

Such an excellent sword. With only a level 4 requirement, but its maximum attack was 12. The sword that I wielded until now only had 2 points max attack. This green tier sword would really be over powered!

Ah right, I also got a leg protector and a robe. I hurriedly looked at them!

[Ferocious Wolf Shinguard] (Green equipment)

Defense: +8

Stamina: +3

Strength: +2

Required Level: 4

[Mantra Robe] (Green equipment)

Defense: +6

Intelligence: +4

Required Level: 6

I gave out a small laugh. The attributes of [Ferocious Wolf Shinguard] was equal to [Beast Sword]’s, and also very useful for close combat situation. I equipped it right away! [Mantra Robe] would add 4 points of Intelligence, in this early stage it would be very impressive. Whether I gave it to Xu Lin or Lu Xue Han, both would need it. Now I only hoped they would be generous enough to treat me to KFC or something.

After I equipped the leg protector, I waved the sword and stood stylish for a while. Then I assigned the 10 attribute points that I got from the two level ups to my Strength. Now I felt a bit like an expert already!

[Qing Cai Baiyu Tang]

Level: 4

Health: 168

Attack: 15-29 (Beast Sword 7-12)

Defense: 20

Prestige: 0

Luck: 0

Hmm, Superb! Now, back to collecting tomatoes!

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