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A Quiet Village – Chapter 12 (Mission Rewards)

Checking the inventory, I had collected 50 wolf teeth. We completed three missions, and the durability of our equipment was low already anyway. So, together with Lu Xue Han, we walked back to the village. Currently, she could already single-handedly fight a Level 9 monster, so our leveling speed would increase considerably.

Lu Xue Han returned to her village to complete her mission, whereas I went back to my village to complete mine.

“Young man, have you killed all the wild dogs around the village? Oh, you did it! This is your reward, please accept it!”


System notice: You have completed the <Defend the Village> mission. You received 1200 Experience, 10 Silver coins! Prestige +10!

Sweat, so much Experience and money! I also gained prestige, but that was not important. What I wanted was money. Money!!

Next, I went to the west side of the village to visit Ahua’s house to give her the 10 tomatoes.

“OMG, you collected the tomatoes. Thank you, brave warrior. This is your reward!”


System notice: You have completed the <Collect Tomatoes> mission. You received 2800 Experience, 40 Silver coins! Prestige +20! And since you are the only player to complete this mission, you received special rewards: Mrs. Ahua’s Tomato Ketchup x30!

Mrs. Ahua’s Tomato Ketchup: Increase the maximum Health by 100 points for the duration of 30 minutes. Restore 3 points of Health per second!

I looked at these 30 Tomato Ketchup, and for a moment feeling the enjoyment for the blessing I had received. Such a valuable medicinal item. Although at later stage, restoring 3 HP/second is nothing, but for starters, this is undoubtedly the leveling and life-saving potion!

Still feeling the joy, I pushed myself to go to the village chief’s house to deliver the wolf teeth. I didn’t know what kind of surprise I would receive here!

“Young man, you succeeded! Now, the villagers could go to the valley again and do their work. You are really a savior sent by the Heavens!”

I held myself back from telling him that the wolves would re-spawn again. The chief continued, “Young man, to express our gratitude, I would pass the deceased village guard captain, the brave soldier Ai Mi’s belongings to you. I hope you could fulfill his last wish: to eliminate the wolves leader. Only then would the villagers be safe once again!”

A Follow-up Mission?

Haha, well done!


System Notice: You have completed the <Bloody Counter Attack> mission. You received 10,400 Experience, 80 Silver coins! Prestige + 30! You also receive this equipment: [Soldier’s Armor]!

You acquired the mission: <Ai Mi’s Last Wish!> (Unique)

Congratulations. You are now at Level 9!

With all the nice surprises, I didn’t bother to check out my stats and immediately took a look at the new armor.

[Soldier’s Armor] (Green equipment)

Defense: 22

Stamina: +4

Strength: +3

Required Level: 8

Wow! Incredible armor. Not only was the defense higher, but the additional attributes were also exceptional. Fit perfectly for close combat! Currently, less than half of the players in the village wore green equipment, but I wore three pieces of green equipment by myself. Others would die of envy if they saw this. Understanding this, it would be better for me to avoid the masses. I didn’t like crowd anyway, there was nothing wrong being a lone wolf.

As I immediately put on the armor, I could feel my vitality risen. And when I looked at my stats after I add the bonus attributes from the leveling to my Strength, I almost lost my heart from shock!

[Qing Cai Baiyu Tang]

Level: 9

Health: 304

Attack: 30-48 (Sword of the Beast 7-12)TN

Defense: 43 (Soldier’s Armor +22)

Prestige: 60

Luck: 0

I could only say one word, Super!!

Next, I looked at the new mission:

[Ai Mi’s Last Wish]

Mission Statement: Fulfill the village guard captain, Ai Mi’s last wish. Kill the wolf leader at the Wild Wolf Valley, and bring back its head to the village chief!

I wandered in the village searching for another mission, but I couldn’t find any. It seemed that the final mission of this beginner’s village was to kill the wolf leader.

I had all the equipment repaired which had cost two silver coins. But it didn’t bother me since I now had money summed two gold coins. Didn’t know whether Lu Xue Han had any money to repair her equipment. But since we killed so many monsters before, and the money drop was split, she should at least also have 50 silver coins!

Once again, I went back to the Wild Wolf Valley where Lu Xue Han and I agreed to meet. When I arrived, she was already waiting for me patiently.

“Come on, let’s continue the mission to kill the wolf leader!” I said with high spirit.

Lu Xue Han was puzzled, “What wolf leader? I didn’t get such a mission.”

I suddenly remembered that this mission was a unique one. It was probably given to the first person who completed the first mission. So Lu Xue Han didn’t complete it before me!

Fearing that she would feel jealous, I said in a hurry, “Oh, never mind. I got a mission where I need to go deeper in the forest. You could kill Level 9 monsters by yourself here so you could level faster.”

“OK, be careful.”

I nodded. Watching Lu Xue Han went to the area where the Level 9 monsters were, I also entered the deep forest. It was said in the mission introduction that according to the legend, at the end of the Wild Wolf Valley lived a mighty wild wolf leader which lead its armies of beast to invade the lands of the villagers and viciously attacking the cattle.

A ‘Beep beep~’ sound rang. I wondered who would call me. I took a look; Xin Yu messaged me:

“Young lover, I’m tired and want to get some sleep. Don’t forget to call me for dinner~”

I responded fast, “Damn it big sister. Are you going to tell me every little thing? Are you also going to let me know when you change your tampon?”

Xin Yu initiated a voice call, she smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, calm down. I was just worried that you will get bored while you’re practicing, so I tease you a bit. Don’t be so rude.”

“OK, then just say what you need. I’m busy on a mission now!”

“Well, actually it’s nothing. I just really want to sleep. Don’t forget the dinner thing. See you later, BYE~”


I remain quiet for a while to calm down. The forest ahead was growing darker, and the sound of howling wolves could be heard from afar.

Continued following the path, I finally arrived at an open field. It was a sunny day, so the lighting also became brighter.

At some distance, a pack of gray wolves were gathering, moving in groups. Those wolves were bigger than the Level 9 wolves, and their fur were also paler.

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  • I changed the name from [Beast Sword] to [Sword of the Beast]
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