The Legendary Thief – Book 01 – Chapter 013

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A Quiet Village – Chapter 13 (The Wolf Leader)

[Ferocious Gray Wolf]

Level: 11

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

No detailed information, only that the wolves lived and hunted in groups. These wolves are blocking the way in front of me, and behind them, most likely was the mysterious wolf leader!

With the sword in my hand, I trembled a little…

There were at least four wolves in every small group. With my current Attack, I would need to attack 15 to 20 times to kill a Level 11 wolf. It would take about 30 seconds. In that situation, each wolf would also hit me 20 times on average, and with four of them I would get 80 hits. If every time they attacked would cause me 15 damages, I would lose 1200 HP in total. Did I have 1,200 points of Health?

No! Obviously not…

Even using [Mrs. Ahua’s Tomato Ketchup] would only add 90 HP during the 30 seconds, and together with my HP, it would be around 500 Health Points. This situation would be a dead-end. Could a novice player really complete this mission, or was the player supposed to change class first and bring a group to finish this?

I suddenly remembered the trick I used when I killed a Level 9 wolf before, where I used an obstacle to avoid being bitten by the wolf. Could I also use that trick with these wolves?

With that plan in my mind, I just acted and immediately walked towards those four wolves. But to my big surprise, these wolves were spiritually connected. Rather than only attracting the four wolves, all the other groups behind them were also rushing out towards me continuously.

No way! I was bound to lose a level for sure. Even if I ran away now, those wolves would still bit me to death. There were simply too many of the gray wolves. Even more unfortunate for me, on the path back, there were two wolves I killed before that had re-spawned already!

Which perverted programmer had designed such a situation? This was an absolute death situation!

The plan I had thought well before was forgotten in an instant. While I was trying to avoid the attacks from the wolves behind me, I ran away in panic. Unaware of the direction, I ran into a dead-end surrounded by walls of rock. Was it possible to climb?

Not good! It had just rained, and the rocks were very slippery. There was no place I could grab!

Now, what? What should I do?

Huh? Over there was a narrow crack on the wall. No time to think, I slipped into the crevice immediately!

It must be a BUG. When I got into the crevice, the large group of wolves couldn’t follow me, and only one wolf could enter the crevice at a time. The situation had turned and given me a new opportunity. If this was really a BUG, then a moment ago, when I wasn’t able to lure just the four wolves, that was certainly made intentionally by that perverted person.

After taking a bottle of ketchup, I drew my sword and stabbed the nearest wolf. Surprisingly, the wolf could only deal me 5 damages. Besides that, because of the surroundings, it had constrained the wolf so that the frequency it attacked me was also reduced. Without having to move my body too much, I only needed to swing my sword down vigorously to chop the wolf.

Thus, even with no potions, I could continuously kill the higher level wolf, and could even rest a while before another wolf moved forward.

Without realizing it, four hours had already passed. I looked at the time, and it was already six in the afternoon. Only one hour before dinner. My stomach had already since long cried out some growling sounds, but in this kind of situation, I would not dare to log off the game. What kind of situation would I be when I got online again? Lu Xue Han had just told me that she already reached Level 8, and miraculously ranked in the top 100,000…

Xin Yu went offline before to get some sleep while Xu Lin and the others were all still online. I noticed that she had reached Level 7. Although not as high as Lu Xue Han, but it was quite good, considering she was a female player.

The wolves outside the crevice had disappeared already, only a few left pacing back and forth hesitating outside. I finished them fast. These four hours, I had at least killed 300 wolves, but it dropped only one green equipment and three pieces of white equipment, as well as some red potions. With such a dropping rate, no wonder players would cry and weep that they had to spend RMB to buy the equipment. Moreover, the experience required to level up was also too much, that even after killing 300 wolves, my level hadn’t risen from Level 9 to Level 10. It seemed the rumors were true, that it would be especially difficult to rise from every ninth level to the tenths because of the experience requirement. It would be possible to reach Level 99, but to rise to Level 100 would make a legend…

After hastily put the last wolf down, I could finally let out a sigh of relieve and moved out the crevice. The bright and clear sky outside was really giving a damn feeling!

The 300 wolves didn’t give me much a lot of equipment, but the money drop was actually a lot. Roughly figured, it would be around two gold coins worth.

I took the green equipment to look, it was a bow:

[Wolf Tail’s Long Bow] (Green equipment)

Attack: 18-32

Stamina: +6

Agility: +4

Required Level: 10

I carefully took another look. I thought my [Sword of the Beast] was the best equipment, but compared to this bow, it could be considered as a trash since not only the attack was lower, but the other attributes differences were also too much.

That’s right, which of us again chose the Archer class?

I looked in the friend list to check, and it was none other than “Qing Cai You Huo” – Xinyu!

I had to consider whether to give this high-quality bow to her or not. Just imagine, if I give this bow to her, she would then childishly in a coaxing voice say that I’m really so nice to her, and worse, she would then keep clinging to me pushing me for it…

A drop of sweat fell from the tip of my nose. This warrior who was so brave facing the pack of wolves before, now at last felt some fear!


A wolf howling sound was heard, and made me remembered the goal of this mission – The Gray Wolf Leader!

As I expected, when I walked around the big rock, a majestic Wolf leader was sitting straightly on a big cyan colored stone. The ridiculous thing was that the other wolves from its pack that was lying quietly under the stone, suddenly turned into Experience points.

[Gray Wolf Leader]

Level: 13 (BOSS)

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

I couldn’t wait any longer. The wolves could re-spawned any second now!

I quickly stepped forward, aiming to cut down the wolf leader’s neck.


The damage numbers didn’t disappoint me. It was good that I could deal high damage to a Level 13 BOSS. But this damage was only like scratching the wolf leader. Even its health bar was almost unchanged!


A fierce claw felt on my body giving me 25 damages. With my 43 points of Defense, I still lost so much health, the BOSS really lived to its reputation…

Several hits later with my sword, the wolf finally felt some pain. And when it opened its big bloody mouth angrily, I didn’t waste the opportunity to throw an [Ahua’s Tomato] into it.

System Notice: [Gray Wolf Leader] has eaten [Ahua’s Tomato]. Unable to restore health within 10 minutes.

It wasn’t 30 minutes but just 10 minutes? Was it because it was the BOSS?

No time to think about it, I continued to attack!

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