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A Quiet Village – Chapter 14 (The Big Reward!)

When the health of the wolf leader had fallen about 20%, I pulled back into the crevice at once. Although it gave an angry muffled growl, but with its big body, the wolf couldn’t get inside the crack. I rested there to restore my health.

After 40 seconds, my health bar was full again! Restoring 3 HP/second with the tomato ketchup was surely different!

So I jumped out the crevice to continue attacking the gray wolf leader. When another 20% of its health had dropped, I would then went into the crevice to rest again.

In between that period, I had thrown another tomato. Then, after five rounds of this guerilla tactic, the wolf leader’s health had finally bottomed out!

The wolves’ corpses that were lying around began to gradually disappeared, and not far apart, new wolves had begun to re-spawned. The wolf leader had only a bit more health I needed to take care of.

Its eyes were already flashing red, and it bit with all of its strength every time. Even my leg protector had cracked already. Fortunately, it was due to the falling durability, not damaged beyond repair.

I then drank a small red potion which restored 100 points of my Health, enough to send the gray wolf leader to the netherworld.

‘POW~!’ It was a critical hit. A bright red number ‘127’ popped out and the wolf leader felt. Although its eyes were giving an unwilling look, but it died helplessly.


System Notice: Congratulations, you are now at Level 10!

System Notice: Congratulations, you are now at Level 11!

This was quite unexpected…

Green light also flashed. Yes, another green equipment!!

I almost cried out in excitement. I took the wolf’s head and throw it in my inventory bag, then cut its corpse open. There was a wrist guard and a long big sword glowing in green lights.

I was immediately busy looking at the green equipment’s attributes. I was damn looking forward to it, especially that sword!!

[Pine Forest Claymore] (Green equipment)

Attack: 24-45

Strength: +8

Stamina: +7

Required Level: 12

[Agile Bracer] (Green equipment)

Defense: 14

Health: +50

Agility: +6

Intelligence: +5

Required Level: 12

OMG, my mind went blank!

If you managed the household, you would know when the cooking oil and rice prices were rising. So, only people who actively engage the monsters in a fight would know the value of Attack points. This claymore’s high attack of 45 points was superior compared to other weapons of the same level. Being only 2 level higher than the long bow, its Attack was 19 points higher though. It didn’t follow the logic!

It was already something that the claymore’s quality was so high, but the bracer was even of a higher grade. From what I heard, equipment with three attributes should be already a blue equipment. Not just that this bracer required level was only 12, but it even add another 50 points of health. The perfect equipment for Magicians who lack health points.

“How much would it sell? One thousand RMB? Not right, at least three thousand RMB! No, 3000 US dollars!”

I estimated the value of the equipment. It was almost time for dinner, so I hurried to pick up all the potions lying on the ground. I looked for Lu Xue Han at my list and she was still online. On my way to the Level 9 monsters area to meet her, I eliminated all encounters with ease.

From a distance, I could see Lu Xue Han was still in full spirit fighting the beasts. I wielded my sword and rapidly went over to help her kill a Level 10 monster, then I said to her, “It’s dinner time already, we should get offline. We’ve been online too long today, so after the meal, we’d better go to sleep directly.”

Lu Xue Han smiled and nodded, and followed me back to the village where we got offline.

When I walked out of my room, Lu Xue Han also just got out her room while she rubbed her eyes. It looked like she was really exhausted. In the living room, Xu Lin and Xin Yu were already there discussing the game.

“Someone in our village had gotten a Level 5 green staff! The attributes are good, with a +3 Intelligence!”

“Right, in our village, there was also a handsome guy who found a +2 Intelligence trouser, too bad that his girlfriend looks like a dinosaur!”

I sat down quietly. Just from hearing the voice, I knew it was Xin Yu who had said it.

Xu Lin laughed and said, “Xiao Lin, have you got anything good this afternoon?”

I nodded, “Yes, a Level 12 bracer to use, suitable for spell casters. Defense 14, Intelligence +4, Agility +6, and Health +50.”

The discussion stopped and everybody went silent. Several beautiful eyes all looked straight at me!

‘I call~!’

Xu Lin, who was seldom excited, jumped up the sofa to leap into my arms instantly and loudly saying, “Xiao Fan, I want it, I want it!!”

I was stunned. Xu Lin’s delicate body felt soft and warm, and she was only wearing a thin nightgown. I could also felt her two soft thing pressing on my chest. Still added to that, the warm air blown from her beautiful and tender mouth. This time, my face was burning!

Xin Yu froze as she seemed distracted, but then laughed, “Oh, since when is sister Lin so intimate with Lin Fan? Such a quick progress! Lin Fan, how come your face are so red? Ah, are you not feeling well?”

Xu Lin leaped out from my arms with her face blushed, but said uncomfortably, “That bracer, I want it…”

I also came to my senses, immediately patted my chest and said, “Just say so. I thought you wanted something else that you were so loud. I almost died from shock!”

Xu Lin’s charming face blushed even more, gave me a glance, then said, “What else did you got? I have already reached Level 8 today, and I think that the day after tomorrow I will reach Level 12. Then, I can use the bracer.”

I nodded and said, “That’s right. After changing class and learn skills, Intelligence will be important for you. Oh, I also got a long sword with 24-45 Attack. Superb quality. My current sword with 7-12 Attack can’t be compared to it. Does anyone want it?”

Xu Lin blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “All of us will soon reach Level 10. After changing class to a magician, a high attack would not be so useful. Why don’t you just sell your Level 4 sword in the village. It should at least sell for 5 gold coins!”

“What, 5 gold coins? Are you not exaggerating?” Even with all my hard work up until now, I haven’t gotten 5 gold coins.

Xin Yu shook her head and said, “Not 5 gold coins. You should directly ask for 10 gold coins. That way, you won’t lose money. This kind of weapon isn’t that valuable anymore, but no one would be willing to sell it either.”

I nodded and complied, “Consider it done!”

Considering for a moment, I said it anyway, “That’s right, I also got a green bow, Attack 18-32 with good other attributes. Xin Yu, do you want it? Hold on, don’t also get excited! We can just talk nicely!”

Xin Yu was so delighted, “Lin Fan, sister loves you so much. Once we get online, I will go to your village straight away.”

“No need to hurry. The required level for the bow is Level 10. If I’m not mistaken, you are now at Level 7, right? After reaching Level 10, we can do the trade in the main city!”

“Also good. Let’s hurry to eat. I want to level again!”

“Damn, when did you become so energetic?”

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