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A Quiet Village – Chapter 15 (Changing Costumes)

Xin Yu seemed to have already forgotten about the date with me after dinner. She rushed back into her room after eating dinner. Happily, I took some idle time. After reading some posts in the game forum for a while, I logged in back to the game.

With my current Level 11, I was actually only ranked 87 in China. I really wondered how the other 86 big brothers and sisters were practicing. But it didn’t matter for me. I played for the gold, not for the world fame.

Back in the village, I went to find the Thief class trainer.

“Would you like to become a Thief, an expert in the darkness?”



System Notice: Your Talent is not suitable for the Thief class. Please choose another class!

What? Not suitable? What the hell… I had to let go my dream to become an assassin?

I looked around for another class trainer, frustrated, I chose the Warrior class.

“Would you like to become a Warrior? Please choose the path you want to follow! Changing class costs two gold coins!”

Looking at the options that appeared in front of me, I was surprised. Do Warriors also need to choose a path to follow?

1. Swordsman 2. Barbarian (an Axe Warrior)

Since I was using a sword, I naturally chose the Swordsman.


System Notice: Congratulations on becoming the first Swordsman in the village, bonus Experience +300!

I was speechless. Why was it Experience bonus instead of God Artifacts? And only 300 Experience…

The class change was complete. Under my name, ‘Apprentice Swordsman’ was written in small characters. Only an apprentice…

After the class change, the next thing to do was, of course, to learn the skills. This would cost money the most.

Opening the Skill Learning option, there were only two skills that I could learn, “Heavy Strike” and “Combo”. Each of them costed 50 silver coins to learn.

[Heavy Strike]: LV 1 increase the base Attack 10%. The higher the skill level the better the effect will be. Skill cooldown time is 10 seconds (the skill can only be used once in every 10 seconds).

[Combo]: Consecutive hit when attacking an opponent. The inflicted damage for each hit with this skill is only half the inflicted damage of a normal attack. The higher the skill level, the higher the number of consecutive hits can be achieved!

It didn’t look bad, so I would learn both skills!

One gold coin disappeared, but in exchange I learned two skills.

What to do next? Of course, leveling!

The current Level 11 bar was half full already, soon to rise another level. Upon reaching Level 12, I could then wield the [Pine Forest Claymore]. A bright future already seemed to be in front of me!

Back to the Wild Wolf Valley, I went straight to the Level 11 monsters area. As expected, all the wolves there had re-spawned already. Since I had already gained two levels, both my Attack and Defense were also higher than last time. Even so, I still used my old strategy, using the crevice to slaughter the level 11 wolves one by one. Most of the current other players would not even think of fighting these wolves here. After all, there were few players with Defenses high enough to resist these wolves. With no Cleric yet, the only way to fight is to use Healing Potions. But the items in the village’s pharmacy were so expensive that no one could afford it.

The game design was kind of perverted and broken. There were no level 5, level 6 or level 7 monsters. After the level 4 wild dogs, there were only level 8 gray wolves, which no level 4 players could kill. Because of that, most of the players were still killing level 4 wild dogs at the moment. But, at level 5, the experience gained from killing the wild dogs would be lower. It would become even lower at level 6, which would then take them forever to reach level 7. So, without good weapons, it would be impossible to kill the level 8 gray wolves.

Continuously chopping the wolves, one hour had passed in no time, and finally with a red light flashing I rose to Level 12. I equipped the [Pine Forest Claymore] right away and add all the attribute points to my Strength. Since I had already chosen the Swordsman class, I didn’t want to be half-hearted. Only one way to go this path until the end: strengthening this warrior form!!!

With a new weapon equipped, my Attack had improved greatly. My other attributes were also so high to the point that others would drool when they saw this:

[Qing Cai Baiyu Tang] (Apprentice Swordsman)

Level: 12

Health: 402

Attack: 50-86

Defense: 54

Prestige: 60

Luck: 0


Hands – [Pine Forest Claymore] (Green Equipment)

Attack: 24-45

Strength: +8

Stamina: +7

Required Level: 12

Chest – [Soldier’s Armor] (Green Equipment)

Defense: +22

Stamina: +4

Strength: +3

Required Level: 8

Legs – [Ferocious Wolf Shinguard] (Green Equipment)

Defense: +8

Stamina: +3

Strength: +2

Required Level: 4

A level 12 character equipped with three bad-ass attributes equipment should be considered awesome. At least for now, where most players were still struggling at level 5, it would be hard for them to imagine.

Brandishing the claymore, with my current Attack I could deal 120 damages to a Level 11 gray wolf, and that was not even a critical hit. The damage was almost doubled from before. Only 4 to 5 hits were needed to kill a level 11 wolf. Even the gray wolf leader was once again killed. Too bad that I only get coins without any equipment drops. I suddenly remembered something. I was too excited last time when I changed class in the village, that I forgot to turn in the required items to complete my mission.

While rubbing my sleepy eyes, I roughly calculated that I had been online for 18 consecutive hours. No wonder that I felt so tired even though I used to stay up late playing online games. But those other girls really came to my surprise. Looking at my friends list, seven names were unexpectedly still online. These girls usually would do nothing but rest, now they were playing like crazy.

“Girls, it’s 19:45 now. You should pay attention to your resting. Better go to sleep now and get up early tomorrow!”

I sent out a message, and soon already received replies:

“Well, I’m going to sleep. Do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?” – It was Lu Xue Han’s reply.

“Yes, go to bed early. Exactly at 3:00 AM I will wake you up!” – Xu Lin replied.

“Do you want me to sleep with you? By the way, our date is changed to tomorrow night. So, what about tonight’s rendezvous?” – 555TL, that was Xin Yu’s reply.

Liu Yun just replied with a cold message: “Ok, Sleeping!”

Li Qing was probably being chased by some monsters now, that her reply was intermittent: “OK, sleep… sleep…”

Joly’s reply gave me an endless cold sweat: “OK, but we can’t sleep together~” – I really didn’t know how long this girl was going to play innocent with her already being 24, acting like a young virgin. God knows how many men she had fun with already…

Compared with Joly, even a fruit would be more tempting for me. I replied with just a short message: “Good!”. Soon after, I saw her name went offline. It seemed that she was also already on the verge to collapse.

After giving each of them a comforting reply, I returned to the village. Located at the village center, was a damaged auction building, where I put my level 4 green sword on a for-sale list for 20 gold coins. And in the information column, I wrote down my phone number and city. Then I went straight offline to sleep.

TL Notes:

  • The 555 is a Chinese internet slang used in online chat/message, which refers to its phonetic sound ‘wuwuwu’ meaning crying – Thanks to Anonymous for the info.
  • Notes
  • Notes

Status: Draft

Translator: Lingson
Editor: Lingson

Special Thanks To:

  • Anonymous: for informing the meaning of ‘555’.

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