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A Quiet Village – Chapter 17 (Swordsman Fury)

I sent a message to tell Xu Lin that the deal was successful. Then I remembered there was still a mission I had not delivered yet. The Mission item: wolf leader head, is now still lying inside my inventory.

So, I rushed to the village chieftain’s hut and took out the wolf’s head to show it to the chieftain. A classic dialog followed, “Heaven, can it be? Have you really took revenge for captain Ai Mi? His soul will now be pleased and he can rest in peace. Take this with you, brave young man, and use your sword to initiate this unique skill.”


System Notification: You completed the mission: <Ai Mi’s Last Wish>. You gain 32,000 Experience, 4 gold coins! Prestige +120!


System Notification: You received ‘Swordsman Fury’!

I was blank for a while. Curious about what this ‘Swordsman Fury’ is, I opened the package to check.

[Swordsman Fury] (Skill Book)

Description: Only players that choose the Swordsman class can use this skill. You learned the ‘Swordsman Fury’ skill.

My heart burst of excitement. There was immediately a new skill showing on my skill list!

[Swordsman Fury]: Passive skill. Permanently increase a Swordsman Attack and Defense by 10%.

I hurriedly checked my stats. The Attack was still 50-86, but there was an additional (x110%) next to it, written in blue. So to say, it was a hidden attribute. The Attack was actually 94 which was not displayed.

Not bad. Even though right now 10% would have little effect for me, but later on, if the Attack had reached 1,000, the real Attack would be 1,100. 1100 and 1000 would have a different result, especially when PKing players at the same level, it could play a decisive role.

I opened the ranking list only to find out that my ranking which was in the top 200 had now dropped to the top 3,000. Were the players so crazy that they didn’t sleep for 24 hours?

When I looked at the level of the other girls in my friend list, I discovered that Lu Xue Han had reached level 9. Besides her, the highest were Xu Lin and Xin Yu both at level 8, and the rest of them were at level 7. Not bad actually.

Exchanging messages with Lu Xue Han, she told me that she was still grinding the level 9 monsters, which gave me a sweat. She had been grinding non-stop for 10 hours without getting bored. Well, she really had potentials!

“Lu Xue Han, I’ll be right there to take you to a better place. The leveling would be faster!”

She probably had some trouble to raise her level from level 9 to level 10, Lu Xue Han replied right away, “OK, I’ll wait for you here!”

By the time I arrived there, Lu Xue Han had already cleared all the level 9 monsters, so we went to the gray wolf leader’s place in comfort.

On our way, we killed all the level 11 monsters with caution. When a large group of gray wolves was in sight, Lu Xue Han with her beautiful eyes wide open asked surprisingly, “Are we really going to fight these wolves?”

“Yes. Don’t be nervous~” I pulled Lu Xue Han’s hand. Without noticing that her face had blushed, I continued to say, “Stay behind me and follow my orders!”

“Understood.” Lu Xue Han was still a little nervous.

I nodded, pulled out my claymore, and rushed to near the wolves. When the wolves approached us and had crossed a rock barrier, they started to come after us. I moved back and shouted to Lu Xue Han, “Quick, get into that rock’s crevice!”

Lu Xue Han seemed to hesitate, but then complied immediately. I also quickly got inside while keep luring the pack of wolves to follow. It had really become crowded inside!

The crevice was already small and now two people squeezed in there, I could feel Lu Xue Han’s two soft flesh pressing against my back. Really didn’t know how she felt at this moment.

An ideal setting for a couple in love, lover’s rendezvous…

Unfortunately, the wolves didn’t share this good mood, they rushed in one after another. As I had expected, with my Attack which I would describe as ‘abnormal’, it only took me 4 hits to kill this ordinary level 11 gray wolf. Especially after using the [Heavy Strike] skill, killing the wolves was really a piece of cake. Compared to Lu Xue Han who still seemed to struggle to kill a Level 11 wolf, for me it was like cutting a melon.

Actually, I was looking forward to feeling Lu Xue Han’s two full mountains each time I collided with her. But I still carefully tried to control my body not to keep moving backward. It wouldn’t be nice to be known as a pervert by the other girls.

The Experience bar rose up fast. Seeing Lu Xue Han’s happy expression, the experience she gained should be quite a lot. Having a Cleric in a team was important. So even though I sacrificed my training to level up and aided Lu Xue Han instead, it was considered a contribution for our small studio!

Didn’t know how much time had passed…

“Lin Fan…” Lu Xue Han called me lightly.


Lu Xue Han bit her lips and continued, “I heard from Xin Yu that you already have a girlfriend, do you?”

My movements stopped for a moment, “Once…”

Surprisingly, there was a bitterness in my voice.

Lu Xue Han hesitated but still said, “But, Xin Yu said that you do!”

“She must be referring to herself when she insisted that. Shameless bitch!” I muttered in a low voice.

Lu Xue Han giggled then laughed, and nudged my shoulder, “Xin Yu is actually a good person. She is a bit wild, but you know, she is unhappy inside…”

While pulling my claymore from a wolf’s corpse, not even facing her, I asked, “she’s unhappy?”

“She was actually a college student…” Lu Xue Han’s voice was somewhat trembling.

“College students** even worse!”

I suddenly halted, “Hold on… College student? She looks like she’s 22 years old. Could it be she is the same age as me…”

Lu Xue Han nodded and continued with a whisper, “That’s right. She quit the college during her third year. She used to have a boyfriend who kept saying he would marry Xin Yu… Unfortunately, that low scum couldn’t bear any hardships. After he took Xin Yu’s virginity, he went to find a rich woman so he could leisure every day.”

Lu Xue Han sighed faintly and went on, “Sometimes women are very stupid. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she worked in a hair salon. Her former roommates, they all said that she had morally changed… She became carefree. Perhaps, she was living this way as a release.”

I was still concentrating on killing the wolves. I knew that everyone here had their own story. But I never thought that Xin Yu had such a bitter past, considering that she would smile and grin happily every day. She had been here for almost two months, but I never knew about this. Motherf***er, her boyfriend was really a man of the lowest grade! Even becoming a boy-toy?

What should be the most important thing for a man?



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