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A Quiet Village – Chapter 18 (Magician Equipment)

In a blink of an eye, three hours had passed, my stomach had been ‘growling’ too. Few minutes ago, Lu Xue Han had at last risen to Level 10. She was delighted to tell me she had entered the top 10,000 world ranking!

A bit more, I would also rise to Level 13, but I didn’t worry about it. There weren’t many wolves left outside. And calculating that since last time I slayed the gray wolf leader, it had already been 12 hours. This little BOSS should have re-spawned already.

After slaying the rest of the pack, I took Lu Xue Han around the rocks. There, the gray wolf leader was already sitting on a big stone.

“OMG, it’s the BOSS~” Lu Xue Han exclaimed loudly.

I laughed, “That’s right. I’ll go first, and you should also attack a few times. If possible, you should deal the last hit.”

“Yes.” Lu Xue Han nodded.

I rushed immediately, using the [Heavy Strike] at once. It even dealt a critical hit!

‘244!’ Lu Xue Han looked at the number with her small mouth wide open. I was also surprised. Chopping one more time, ‘119!’, this time it was a normal hit!

With my current Attack and Defense, we would not need to hide in the crevice anymore to rest. And since there was a little beauty on my side, I had to act more like an expert in front of her. Besides, with Lu Xue Han’s Attack which wasn’t low either, the gray wolf leader’s health bar dropped quite fast.

After about ten minutes, the wolf leader’s only had its last bit of health left, where I still had less than 1/3 health. I was indeed strong enough already…

“Lu Xue Han, you should attack. I will protect you!”

Complying to my instruction, Lu Xue Han immediately went all out against the wolf leader. With her ‘White Fist Elegant Legs’ style of fighting, once again the wolf leader fell helplessly. Only this time, it died at the hand of this little Cleric sister.

“It dropped an equipment, yay!” Lu Xue Han let out a cry of surprise but didn’t pick it up immediately.

I understood why Lu Xue Han was hesitating. She must think that in this BOSS fight, I was the one who actually brought it down. So, naturally, the equipment should belong to me.

Saying nothing, I pick up the equipment. There was two of them: a staff and a ring.

I didn’t look at directly, instead I shared their attributes info so Lu Xue Han could also see:

[Wizard’s Wand] (Green equipment)

Magic Attack: 8-15

Intelligence: +7

Stamina: +3

Required Level: 8

[Ring of Treatment]

Intelligence: +5

Stamina: +1

Other: Improve treatment effect up to 5 points.

Required Level: 7

Lu Xue Han blinked, and a delightful smile rippled on her snow-white face.

A Ring! Finally, a ring had dropped! And it had a bonus treatment effect!

I didn’t know whether it was set by the system or not. But, after slaying the BOSS for three times, the equipment dropped quality became lower and lower. Was it to prevent the players to grind for equipment?

The Wand added quite a lot Intelligence bonus, and also increased Magic Attack. This certainly would go to Xu Lin, the Magician. As for the ring, it suited Lu Xue Han.

Without hesitation, I gave the ring to Lu Xue Han and said, “You should use the ring, I’ll tell Lin sister about it. I’ll keep this wand and give it to her, together with the bracer.”

Lu Xue Han nodded, “OK. I’m also going back to change class. Then we can leave the beginner’s village together.”

“Yes. Wait a minute!” I hurriedly called Lu Xue Han and gave her 3 pieces of gold coins, “You will need some money to change profession. Learning the class skills would need even more!”

After watching Lu Xue Han went back to her village, I took a look at the three equipment in my inventory. Two for Xu Lin, and there was also the bow for Xin Yu. Since I already said I would give it to her, if I didn’t keep my words, she might rage and rape me in public.

Before long, Lu Xue Han already came back with her new class. Still at a distance, she shared one of the skill’s information. I looked at it happily:

Profession Bonus – Spirit of Fire: Increases the player’s or teammate’s Defense and Attack by 1%. The effect depends on the skill level.

Although it wasn’t much, but it wasn’t bad either.

I praised her at once, “Good, how many skills have you learned?”

Lu Xue Han said with a smile, “I have learned five skills: [Great Heal], with a long cooldown, will restore a lot of Health. [Heal], restore fewer Health, but the cooldown is also shorter. And [Curse] skill, which probably is to use during training only. And the remaining two are state skills.” (TL Note: I have currently no idea what this ‘state skills’ are referring to. Would have a better idea later on when there are descriptions of what these skills are.)

“Let’s go then. We will now go to Hurricane City and look for missions and practice ground to level up!”


The way Lu Xue Han immediately complied was so lovable…

Bidding farewell to the village chief, he gave us a pass, which was the formal requirement to visit the major cities.

Hurricane City was located in the China server and was one of the hundred cities in the server. Players from Jiangsu and Shanghai would start in the beginner’s village around Hurricane City. This was probably set up so that players from the same city could easily play together as a group in the game. As for players who wanted to wander around to a farther place, it was also easy. Every city would have a magic portal which allowed the players to transfer to another city. As long as the player was willing to spend 10 gold coins, the player could transfer to any city within the China server. Occasional, for a short period, the portal would open a connection to other continents, so players could even go abroad.

After giving our pass to a city guard, he immediately gave the way and help us with the city functions. The beginner’s village was totally different compared to the city. The buildings here were mainly made of huge stones. There were rows of a variety of small stores occupying the city’s center area. On the big street, except for the NPCs and the two of us, there were no other players in sight.

I looked at the excited Lu Xue Han and said, “We should spread out to look for missions. Many missions are unique, so if we get it first then other players wouldn’t.”

Lu Xue Han instantly agreed, “Let’s go find some mission then. Afterward, let’s do it together!”

I nodded to agree. So, Lu Xue Han and I went separately, one to the east and the other to the west.

Like at the beginner’s village, talking to a city guard here, I got a mission to kill monsters:

<Mission: Clean Up The Farm>

Mission Statement: Recently, a group of Lizardmen was causing some disturbance at Matthew’s Farm, east of Hurricane City. This caused the city border to lose plenty of its food supplies. While there was a plague in the city at the moment, most of the city’s personnel are currently dealing with the plague problem. To save the farm, I hope you can clean up the group of Lizardmen there. You need to get 50 Lizardmen’s eyes and bring it back to Roger, the city guard’s captain.

According to the mission information, the lizardmen were on average at level 12 to 14. With my current level, there should not be any problems.

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  1. WhoWants2Know

    Thanks for the chapter and only my guess but wouldn’t ‘state skills’ be considered ‘buffs’? like that skill that Xue shared with him?

  2. rubah

    Thank you for the chapter.
    State skill might be status(?) skill, ones that effect the target’s status. Since cleric/healer/priest are aligned with light magic, it should be something that increase status. Given that she’s a cleric/healer/priest, rather than boosts it might be buff skills since their main job is to heal instead of support( boosts are usually done by bards, major increase for short duration that needs to be cast and re-cast).

  3. zante87

    the State thing i would assume would be one of three things: A) a buff, which im doubting since she mentioned the other one B) a cure type thing, like cure poison or cure curse (again unlikely but possible) and C) passive skills which would make the most sense since state = not activated to me, and wouldnt affect the party so she didnt mention it

    1. Lingson Post author

      I too think that state skill is some kind of passive skills, but I was hesitating to use ‘passive’ for the translation since the author did use the word passive skill before on other occurrence. So I’m pretty sure he was referring to something different than just ‘passive skill’. And as for a buff, usually even buff needs to be activated. But this seems like a permanent buff special to the class/profession.
      I have seen this kind of thing when I played RPG, but I can’t remember the terms used in the games for this special skills. But just to make sure, I think I’m going to leave it for now, until the specific skills are used or mentioned by the authors. Meanwhile, I will just use the term ‘State skill’.

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    I have a question………. if he’s a warrior now………… how come the title is The Legendary THIEF?

    1. Lingson Post author

      Please note that I didn’t make any alteration to the title. It is the original title from the author. Since I too haven’t read this novel to the end (I’m reading while I’m translating, and mostly I only get up to 10 chapters ahead), I can’t give you an accurate answer. But my thoughts are:
      1. The author might originally planned the MC to be a thief, but then changed his mind.
      2. The author might purposely doing this to make the reader curious (because later on, the MC will do a lot of ninja-ing other players despite he is a warrior class, so this could also explain the ‘thief’ in the title. OR the author meant the ‘Thief’ not as a thief that steals physical materials or as a class/profession, but as ‘heart thief’ since this novel is a Harem genre where the MC will ‘steal’ a lot of women hearts).

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        Actually, the correct interpretation for the title is Pirated Legend. It’s not literally Thief’s Version Legend.

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  6. Yugure

    state skill is skill that active according to state of person. like berserk skill that auto on when hp is 20% or lower and auto off when hp become more than 20%. I think


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