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Hurricane City – Chapter 19 (So Many Missions!)

After repairing all my equipment at the weapons shop, I went to the armor shop. Before, when I talked to a boy on the street, I heard that the owner of the armor shop needed some help.

Having said a few words, I got the mission:

<Mission: The Blacksmith’s Distress>

Mission Statement: Recently, when Xiu Si the Blacksmith was forging armor for the military, he realized that he lacked an ore to complete his job. This rare copper ore can only be mined at the mountain on the east side of the city. Because of the recent epidemic in the city, the blacksmith apprentice had to help to contain the spreading of the epidemic. So currently, there is no one available to mine the ore. You need to go to the mountain and bring 20 pieces of this rare ore back. But the mining site was usually guarded by monoclaw werewolves. So you should be extra careful!

I looked up the information about the monoclaw werewolf. It was a monster of level 18 to 20. With my present level, it might be difficult, but I accepted the mission!


System Notification: You get the [Miner’s Shovel]! You learned the [Excavation] skill!

I examined the shovel. It was an iron shovel for mining purpose only, no other special attributes, and its attack was also only 1-1!

As I got out of the armor shop, an old Bard singing an ancient ballad in front of the cathedral across the shop, was driven away by a soldier.

I immediately went over and talk to the soldier. He gave me a miserable look and said, “That Bard is singing a ballad prohibited by the Holy Church. If we have to keep driving him away, the Holy Church of the Kingdom might have to burn him to death as punishment!”

When I asked about the prohibited ballad, the soldier immediately went silent. He didn’t want to say anything anymore. No matter how I asked, he just told me to quickly go away.

Damn, this is definitely a secret mission!

The Bard packed up his musical instrument and soon disappeared into a small alley. I hurriedly went over to follow him, and asked, “Excuse me, may I ask why the Holy Church prohibited the ballad you were reciting before?”

The Bard raised his face which was wrinkled and dirty. He looked at me with his empty-spirited eyes and said, “Young man, this is a matter from two years ago which many people are already starting to forget about. But Princess Misha is currently still alive and suffering. I used to think that I could save her, but now, it’s probably too late.”

“Could you tell me more about it? Perhaps I could help in some way!”

“Well, it’s like this. Three years ago, an unknown disease had spread through the continent. The kingdom hired many famous healers but was still unable to find a cure for the illness. Even beast shamans were helpless in the face of the crisis. The heir of the kingdom, Princess Misha, also personally went to investigate the source of this disease. But she found nothing. Not only that, two years after her return, she was also infected by a strange disease. Afraid that this disease would spread, the king reluctantly imprisoned the princess in a catacomb on the city’s west side. Even worse, recently in the catacomb, a group of evil necromancer had shown up there. Only God knows how long the princess can still be alive!”

The Bard finished his story, but he kept whispering to himself, “If only someone could find the Dailily Grass, the princess might be cured. Why is the king so cruel?”

I immediately replied, “Where can I find that grass? I should be able to help!”

The Bard’s eyes was suddenly filled up with hopes, “Really? Young man, are you willing to help me?”


System Notification: Will you accept the plea of the Master Healer?

I naturally chose to accept it. The mission then showed up:

[The Healer Master’s Entrustment] (Unique)

Mission Statement: Help Lance the Healer to find the Dailily Grass. Dailily grass is a type of plant that grows in the neighbor mountain’s valley. It is guarded by Nicholas, the exiled Beastman Shaman. Defeat Nicholas and bring the Dailily Grass to Lance.

It turned out that the Bard was actually the famous healer Lance. No wonder he was still so determined to save the princess since he had already found a cure for the princess’s illness! This mission should have a follow-up mission afterward. Gauging Lance’s character, I didn’t think that he had the ability to go against the necromancers to rescue the princess.

After getting those three missions, I keep wandering around in the city for nearly half an hour, but couldn’t find missions anymore. It seemed that the missions in the city were also not that much.

I opened the communication option and directly contacted Lu Xue Han, “Have you found any missions already?”

Lu Xue Han said excitedly, “I received a mission to clean up a farm. What about you?”

“I have also received that mission. Let’s do it together. Wait for me at the city’s east gate!”


Lu Xue Han arrived soon after showing a sweet smile on her beautiful face. So happy just for receiving a mission?

Without saying much, we immediately went to Matthew’s farm following the direction indicated in the mission’s info. It was getting dark already, and a thick layer of fog also fluttered over the deserted field.

At a place not far away, several shabby wood cabins could be seen scattered on the deserted field. Some strange lizardmen were pacing back and forth through the weeds that were growing vastly all over the place.

“I’ll take care of the healing and casting curses, you can focus on the attack!” Lu Xue Han said calmly. It seemed that this girl did have some understanding of the game.

Lu Xue Hand gently waved her small white hand, and a gloomy dark fume began to engulf the nearest lizardman.


Level: 13

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

I immediately rushed toward it activating the [Heavy Strike] skill, followed by a [Combo]. ‘142’ ’52’ ’58’ three numbers popped up above the monster’s head. The fast continuous hit had pushed the lizardman body a little backward.

With a Level 1 [Combo] skill, I could only do two continuous attack, and sometimes even only attack once. I was wondering if later on this skill could do a 7 or 8 continuous hits. Since the [Combo] speed was fast, it would also cause a stunned effect on the enemy. This was probably the biggest benefit of the [Combo] skill. A chance for a pre-emptive strike was certainly a good thing.

With Lu Xue Han’s curse, I killed the monster quite easily. Sometimes, after I killed 7 or 8 monsters, she would cast [Big Heal] on me. Level 1 [Big Heal] could add +120 HP, quite good, but the activation time of the skill was long. It would take 5 seconds to cast.

We killed the monsters from one field to another. By the time Lu Xue Han and I had cleared the farm from the monsters, we both managed to get all the mission required Lizardmen eyes.

Looking at the time, it was already 9 AM in the morning. It looked like that Xu Lin knew we both were doing a mission, so she didn’t call us to eat breakfast. I could still bear it, just didn’t know if Lu Xue Han could also bear it or not.

“Are you hungry?” Lu Xue Han asked.

I secretly smiled and answered, “Let’s get offline. We’ll play again after we eat!”


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