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Hurricane City – Chapter 20 (Precious Ore)

Putting two dropped white equipment into my backpack, Lu Xue Han and I both logged off.

The food was already available on the table. Besides milk and bread, there were also two plates of small fried dishes. Quite surprised, but I immediately warmed up the fried dishes in a microwave oven. Lu Xue Han and I quickly had our meals afterward.

“Lin Fan, I’m almost at Level 11. What about you?” Lu Xue Han asked while chewing the bread.

“Level 13 and a half. Our leveling speed isn’t too slow.”

“Yes. I don’t have any more missions. Do you?”

I thought for a moment before answering, “I still have two missions to do, one of them is a unique one. I think you should practiced alone first. After I finished my missions, I’ll go with you again.”

Lu Xue Han pouted her lips, unhappily said, “Are you afraid I will be holding you back?”

I explained in a hurry, “That’s not it. I’m just afraid that you helping me will slow down your own training.”

“No way. Slaying monsters with you, I can level up very quickly. Besides, you want me, a cleric, to train just by myself?”

I agreed with her words, so I nodded and said, “Then, let’s do the mission together. When the monsters drop equipment, you can have it.”

“How could you say that. You are the one helping me with leveling up. I don’t want the equipment!”

“Let’s make it this way. If it’s an item that you can use, then you’ll take it.”


After a few minutes of the small debate, Lu Xue Han and I went back into our room to log in back to the game immediately.

The lizardmen had not re-spawned yet, so we continued to walk to the east. In a distance, we could see the outline of the neighbor mountain.

We encountered several types of monsters along the way, Level 14 Carrion Vultures, Level 16 Savage Werewolves, Level 17 Mutated Gray Wolves… Clearing all the monsters along our path, half an hour later, we arrived at the foothills of Half Side Mountain. I had leveled up to Level 14, while Lu Xue Han was still at Level 11 which she had reached 20 minutes ago. Looking at the other girls’ status, I noticed Lin sister and Xin Yu were still struggling to reach Level 10, while the others were still at Level 8. And the friend that I had never met in real, Murong Shan Shan, had reached Level 11. Apparently, after getting the green sword, her leveling speed had increased significantly.

Lu Xue Han pointed at the front, said excitedly, “Look, it’s the monoclaw werewolf. I can’t see its level. Can we succeed?”

“It’s a Level 18 monster. Let’s lure one to find out.”

Lu Xue Han used a curse right away on the nearest monoclaw werewolf to aggro it, while I also stand in front of her to tank. A beautiful arc appeared in the air as I activated [Heavy Strike] on the werewolf. ‘123’. The damage dealt wasn’t disappointing at all, but Lu Xue Han was in awe when the werewolf only hit me with 34 damages. She promptly used her [Big Heal] to restore my health. But still, when I finally killed the werewolf, I only had less than half health left.

Giving Lu Xue Han a few small blue potions that the werewolf just dropped, still panting, I said, “We don’t need to kill all the monsters. We should head directly to the mountain’s foothill and just kill the monsters on our path. The ore should be on the hillside.”

“Okay. I’ll lure the monsters, you just focus on killing them. Our stock of blue potions should be sufficient for us to clear the path.”

I nodded. For safety’s sake, I also drank a bottle of ketchup, ready for the next fight.

Both of us walked along the rocks carefully, avoiding a group of monoclaw werewolves that were sitting in front of a bonfire. We had no clue what they were talking about. After practicing for 2 days, Lu Xue Han already seemed to adapt to this fast pace game, as she was able to control her movement flawlessly. Twice we encountered some monsters, and each time she expertly used her curse to lure the monsters towards me so I could finish them. But there were also times when she would make me worried leaving me with low health on distress situations. Heaven knows if I would be safe in her hands this way.

A few minutes later, Lu Xue Han suddenly stopped, “Lin Fan, look over there, behind the monsters. Those glowing yellow lights, isn’t it the ore you are looking for?”

I immediately open the mission info. That’s correct, that was the rare copper that I needed!

Lu Xue Han started to lure the monsters at once, and with her help, I killed 4 Level 18 monsters one after another. This time the luck was good as Heaven has finally opened its eyes. After 8 hours of nothing of worth, at last we got a piece of green equipment again!

[Werewolf’s Guardian] (Shield – Green equipment)

Defense: 42

Stamina: +2

Strength: +1

Others: Increase the wearer’s Dodge rate by +2%

Required Level: 12

A shield. Unfortunately, as a Swordsman I couldn’t equip a shield. Only Knights that pursuit the path of defense could use it. But a shield that add 42 Defense was too overpowered. A knight with this kind of shield in the early stages would be like an iron tank.

Lu Xue Han laughingly said, “This equipment is quite good. We should be able to sell it for quite some money, right?”

“Yes. In three more days, the price of the shield will reach the peak. There will be a large number of Knights since the players would already have changed class. Such a high-quality shield will surely become a best seller item. After we sell it, we’ll split the commission half-half.”

Lu Xue Han chuckled, “We’ll do as you say. Ah, you should hurry mine the ore, otherwise the monsters will respawn again.”

I nodded and walked over, replaced my sword with the iron shovel, then used it to mine the ore. It turned out that the progress bar also began to fill slowly.


System Notification: You get [Rare Copper] x5!

The copper ore began to disappear, but I had only 5 pieces of ore in my inventory. It seemed that this mission could not be finished with mining only once.

“Let’s continue to search for the ore. I haven’t gotten enough for the mission. Think of it as a practice to level up.”

Lu Xue Han nodded while saying, “Alright. By the way, about the dinner you’re inviting us all to, have you talked to Lin sister about the time? I’m really looking forward to it!”

Girls were always gluttonous. I glanced at Lu Xue Han’s flat belly, smiled and said, “Don’t be too excited. You will get a fat belly!”

“Hmph, that won’t happen!”

As we keep slaying Level 18 monsters, the experiences that the Level 11 Lu Xue Han and the Level 14 me gained were really impressive. Especially for Lu Xue Han. She had a 7 level difference with the monsters where she couldn’t even see the monster’s level. The experience she gained must be enormous, it could be seen from her happy appearance.

After searching for almost 7 hours at the foothill, we cleared monsters at several sites. I finally got enough ore to complete the mission. While Lu Xue Han had risen her level from Level 11 to Level 13, I was also already at Level 15 and a half. Too bad, we never got another equipment beside the shield, even though we had risen our level that much and killed so many monsters all afternoon. This was clearly evidence of <Moon Monochrome>’s low drop rate. Only in rare occasions would players get a green equipment drop if they were only fighting monsters with the same level with them.

Soon after, our stomach began to rebel, and it was also already 5:00 PM. With my current level, I could not complete the rest of the missions. So I told Lu Xue Han to go offline, and then notify the others to log off to drink wine together.

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