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Hurricane City – Chapter 21 (The Dinner)

Xu Lin was the first that came out of the room. Her face was red. And when everyone had assembled, she finally announced the big news, “I got a level 8 green leg armor for magicians, with +3 Intelligence!”

Lu Xue Han laughed, “However, this morning, Lin Fan got a +7 Intelligence magician wand~”

Xu Lin was overjoyed. She looked at me and asked, “Xiao Lin, is it true?”

When I nodded, Xu Lin waved her hand and said generously, “Come, let’s have a big feast. No need to hold back. Order as much you want, it’s all on me!”

“Really? I haven’t eaten abalone for a long time. A big bowl of abalone, yeah!” Xin Yu while rubbing her hands together, her face had turned red from excitement.

Having locked the door, Xu Lin took the lead in front of us. At 5 PM, there were not many guests yet at the hot pot center, so we booked a single room. Besides the beef pot, N more cuisines were also ordered. And we even ordered wine that cost 88 RMB a bottle. Apparently, Xu Lin was ready to bleed today. Even my 600 would not be enough to cover for such a big feast.

After handing the menu back to the waiter, Xu Lin turned to me and asked, “What level are you now? I’ve reached Level 10 now, and the wand only required level 8. After we get back, I’ll immediately rushed to Hurricane City so you can give it to me together with the bracer.”

I nodded and said, “I’m at level 15 now, Lu Xue Han has reached level 13. Everybody should keep motivated!”

“What? Level 15! Really too fast…” Li Qing was very surprised, went on to say, “Then you should be ranked first in the world?”

“P!” Xin Yu said some vulgar words uncaring. She glanced at me and said, “The current world highest rank is a player from China at Level 18. The second rank is also a Chinese player, Level 17.”

“Damn. That’s so abnormal!” I mumbled those words.

Xin Yu smiled. She moved her stool to my side and sat down. She placed her head near my ear and said, “It’s not a big deal. Those people might be getting help from others while you achieve it by yourself.”

Xu Lin nodded too and said, “That’s right. The highest ranked player is called ‘Na Lao Gong Huan Tang’TL, might be a female player. I heard that she is an astronomy club captain originated from Beijing, and the people playing with her are all helping her to raise her level. That’s why she could level up that fast. As for the second rank player, he is called ‘Ye Luo Zhi Qiu’TL. This person’s identity is not clear.”

Ye Luo Zhi Qiu? Could it be this player is Ye Qiu?

I immediately reached for my phone and dialed to call Ye Qiu,

“Hello, is this Ye Qiu? It’s me Lin Fan!”

“Ah!! Lin Fan, where have you been all this time? We were worried to death about you!”

“I want to ask you something. That player in <Moon Monochrome> called ‘Ye Luo Zhi Qiu’, is it you?”

Ye Qiu surprised said, “Eh? You also played <Moon Monochrome>? I’m not Ye Luo Zhi Qiu, my game ID is ‘Shu Ye Shang De Xiao Ma Yi’TL. Hey, don’t you hang up the phone. What’s your ID? Let’s get together?!”


I closed my phone. I didn’t want to let Ye Qiu recognize me in <Moon Monochrome>. But, since he was also playing this game, he definitely was no amateur, so sooner or later we would meet.

Seeing me hanging up the phone, Xu Lin went on to say, “Tonight at twelve, the server will be shut down for maintenance for two hours. I heard that they will implement an online payment system to buy equipment. This integrated payment system will be able to link directly to your bank account when you do a transaction, so it will be more comfortable for us too. You could sell your equipment with ease. Everyone can put the equipment they want to sell on the sell list at the auction house in the City. The transaction will be recorded by your game ID. It will also help us to calculate your commission. So I think, every end of the month, we just need to calculate your commission based on your buy/sell statistics. Does anyone have another idea?”

What Xu Lin said was perfectly logical and reasonable, so we didn’t have any opinion left to add. At the moment, the cuisines also began to be served in the big hot pot with hot steam coming out from there.

Sitting on my left, Lu Xue Han blinked her eyes, “Can we eat now?”

Xu Lin can’t help but laugh, “Ha ha, of course. Everyone, please eat~!”

Xin Yu immediately stood up, holding the wine bottle to fill everyone’s glass, and rushed to my side saying, “Let us have a toast first!”

“Toast for what? You should give me a good reason for the toast!”

Xin Yu pulled her chest up, grinning said, “Because this big sister loves you. Good enough reason for a toast?”


I was speechless, but still raised the glass and drank up.

Lu Xue Han couldn’t drink and insisted she wouldn’t touch the wine. Xu Lin couldn’t push her either, so she drank with the others instead. Xu Lin could drink quite much. After she drank 4 glass of wine with each 6 of us, then would she give up and just drank by herself.

Xin Yu was also quite unusual. She would drink her wine up every time the glass was filled, as if she was taking it out on something. Her beautiful face was soon red already but looked very lovely in the dim light. Who would have thought that she was a ‘Lady’.

It was about 8 PM when everybody had drunk enough. Xu Lin while swaggering, leaned on Li Qing’s hand went to pay the bill. Lu Xue Han who didn’t drink, together with Guo Zi held the other two drunk sisters.

It was a strange night. Even the cold and quiet Liu Yun was also drunk. She kept mumbling something while she was supported by Guo Zi on our way back. Xin Yu didn’t drink less than Xu Lin, but she was still sober. She took me by the arm and went out after bidding her leave to Lu Xue Han.

I turned my head and saw Liu Xue Han’s worried eyes. I could only give her a forced smile and walked out the door with Xin Yu.

The sky was starless and gloomy, passing pedestrians walked hurriedly. Xin Yu didn’t say a word, but just quietly took me by the arm and kept walking the street. Because she was drunk, I also didn’t bother to talk.

“Big brother, would you like to buy some flowers?”

A little girl blocked my path. Her face had turned somewhat purple from the cold wind, and her hand holding the flowers couldn’t stop shaking.

“”Please buy a rose for the big sister.”

I turned around and pulled Xin Yu away from the little girl’s side. I quietly said, “Young people’s things…”

Xin Yu just smiled faintly and her beautiful face showed a complicated expression.

We just keep walking like this until we arrived at the big bridge near our studio. The cold wind blew made Xin Yu’s soft and beautiful long hair fluttered gently on her small shoulders. She still didn’t say anything, just quietly leaning on the railing and looked up at the stars.

“Xin Yu, it’s too cold here. Let’s go back?” I said in a soft voice.

She raised her head that was leaning on my shoulder before and gave me a glance, then slowly turned her body until she was fully in my embrace facing me. Under the star lights, her pair of beautiful eyes was like sparkling that it somehow touched my heart…

TL Notes:

  • ‘Na Lao Gong Huan Tang’ literally means: Trade a Husband For Candy.
  • ‘Ye Luo Zhi Qiu’ literally means: Falling Leafs Welcoming Autumn.
  • ‘Shu Ye Shang De Xiao Ma Yi’ literally means: Little Ant On The Tree Leafs.

Status: Draft

Translator: Lingson
Editor: Lingson

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