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Hurricane City – Chapter 22 (The Feeling of Romance)

At this moment, I didn’t feel like joking with her as usual. It felt like Xin Yu had changed into another personality.

“Lin Fan, was your girlfriend beautiful?”

Xin Yu asked faintly. My thoughts immediately drifted to the memories from many years ago. Perhaps Chen Yu was a beautiful and smart girl, but what’s left in my heart was only a deep pain. For her sake, I had left my studies. And even Ye Qiu, who sticked with me like a good brother, was cut with a knife by someone.

Couldn’t say who was to blame, I myself never blamed her. Everybody had the right to choose. She was a girl and needed a person to love her. I couldn’t give her the things she needed, which someone else could.

Mocking myself, I smirked and said, “Quite beautiful. A little better compared to you.”

Xin Yu chuckled and pushed me away. While she tidied her hair, she said, “You are so cute when you are lying!”

“Hey, we are adults, please don’t use the word cute to insult my intelligence, okay?”

“Come on. If I said that Lu Xue Han is very cute, you would not have objected.”

“That’s a different thing. By the way, you should be already level 10 now, right? When we get back, I’ll give the bow to you. The bow’s attack is quite high, 18-32. Once you equipped it, you will be able to kill monsters 3 levels higher than you.”

Xin Yu smiled vaguely, “Is it a gift for me? What would you like me to give you in return? My virginity is gone, so I’ll just give you my first kiss in this last half year!”

“Get lost. Only the last half year’s first kiss? Just let me off the hook, please. I don’t want Lin Sister to take me as a Women seducer pervert.”

“Hehehe. Look at the way you blush!”

Xin Yu laughed like a happy little girl. If only she weren’t a lady…

“Lin Fan, tell me. If I had not done this kind of job, what do you think I would be doing now?”

I looked at Xin Yu’s gorgeous face under the moonlight and said after thinking for a moment, “Maybe you would still be pestering your parents like a spoiled brat. Or perhaps busy doing your thesis and looking for works. But, guessing from your attitude, the most fitting one should be looking for a rich husband. Someone less good would be better off marrying someone with better quality.”

“You are really mean!”

“Hehe, it’s only a guessing play! Shouldn’t we be heading back now?”

I looked at my watch. Without realizing, I had spent the time with Xin Yu for two hours. With the two hours server maintenance, we should just use this chance to get some sleep.

Xin Yu nodded and let off my arm. We walked side by side on our way home, not saying anything, like two lovers in a quarrel.

Back at home, Xu Sister was still playing the game while the other girls were already sleeping. I also rubbed my eyes as I laid down in my bed. Xin Yu just now was so gentle and beautiful, I had never seen her so frail like that. Some wounds couldn’t be just forgotten easily.

I fell asleep right ahead. In my dream, there were my parents, Chen Yu with eyes full of tears, those brothers in arms from the TOT team, and also the scene that I was trying so hard to forget. Late at night, Ye Qiu’s body covered in blood, but his eyes still full of stubbornness. No matter what to face, he wouldn’t want to lose this brother of his. But I retreated and just abandoned them, my brothers that trusted me as their comrade.

They didn’t blame me nor say any complaints, but still the pain in my heart was so badly. So many times I called myself a coward, but to no avail. And how I longed for her was a feeling like a poisonous worm eating me alive from the inside.

I had an awful sleep. When I woke up, I was already sweating all over. There was a white towel next to me on the pillow. Obviously, someone had wiped my sweat while I was sleeping.

At that moment, Xin Yu wearing a nightgown came in my room with a thermometer in her hand, “My goodness. The temperature in the room is only 12 degrees. How could you feel so hot that you’re sweating all over?”

I was going to say ‘thank you’. But upon seeing Xin Yu’s eye-and-soul-provoking appearance, I just lost my mood.

“Sister, you should wear a bra to support your 34D breast, or else it would hang down!”

Xin Yu blushed, which was a rare occasion. She stared at me annoyed and said, “Who cares. I liked it this way!”

I wasn’t in the mood to talk back. I looked at my watch and it was already six in the morning. I didn’t expect that I would be sleeping for 8 hours straight. Two hours of training time had been wasted.

“Xin Yu, why aren’t you training?”

Xin Yu gave a sweet smile, “I was waiting for you. I just made you an omelet. Come give it a try!”

I was speechless. Had her personality changed? When did she become so diligent…

I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. On my table, the omelet was already served. Although it was somewhat burned, but that shouldn’t affect the taste.

“Well, how’s the taste?” Xin Yu looked at me with her eyes wide open, full of expectations.

“Pretty good, very promising!” I gave her a compliment.

“Hehehe, that’s good then. I’m going to play now. Don’t forget to contact me!”

I watched Xin Yu’s beautiful figure walked out the room. “Weird”, I said to myself as I also entered the game again.

I appeared back at the foothill of Half Side Mountain. Nearby, some of the level 18 monoclaw werewolves had also respawned already and were wandering back and forth. Behind me was the Beastman Shaman Nicholas guarding the Dailily grass. But with my current strength, I could not challenge this BOSS who would at least be at level 20. With my level 15 now, I still couldn’t see its stats!

So I contacted Xu Lin and Xin Yu who were already online and arranged a meeting with them at the East Gate of the Hurricane City. I quickly use a 10 silver coin worth of [City Scroll] to return to the city instantly.

At the city, I visited the armor shop at once. The blacksmith Xiu Si was rather busy at the moment, so I immediately took out the 20 pieces of rare copper ore. He became very excited, “This is truly too good. Since we now have this rare ore material, this time we will surely able to handle the pest epidemic completely. This is really thanks to you, young man! Here, this is your reward!”


System Notification: You completed <Mission: The Blacksmith’s Distress>. You gain 50050 Experience, 2 gold coins, Prestige +150, and the item: Miner’s Shovel. You learn the skill: Mining!

Huh? So this was a miner sub-profession mission. It was as if I was ‘forced’ to become a small miner!

After leaving the armor shop, I went to the east gate directly. From quite away, I could already see Xu Lin and Xin Yu who were already there. It seemed they were pretty confident with their look as they didn’t alter their appearance at all. Xin Yu looked at me and joked, “Ugh, how come our Lin Fan has become less manly?”

I just ignored her joke since I wasn’t in the mood to trade words with her, and just gave her the equipment.

[Wolf Tail’s Long Bow] (Green equipment)

Attack: 18-32

Stamina: +6

Agility: +4

Required Level: 10

Xin Yu didn’t hesitate to accept the item. Then she equipped it with a big smile on her face.

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