The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 023

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Hurricane City – Chapter 23 (Continuous Summoning)

Next, I put the two currently absolutely best equipment for magician in the transaction window for Xu Lin:

[Agile Bracer] (Green equipment)

Defense: 14

Health: +50

Agility: +6

Intelligence: +5

Required Level: 12

[Wizard’s Wand] (Green equipment)

Magic Attack: 8-15

Intelligence: +7

Stamina: +3

Required Level: 8

After receiving the equipment, Xu Lin immediately put on the Robe and waved the wand in her hand, “This robe is so beautiful. Thank you Lin Fan, I will also give you the commission for these two equipment!”

Xu Lin’s delicate body figure became even more beautiful after wearing the robe. She also looked taller. And combined with her beautiful face, will surely turn people upside down when they looked at her.

Hearing that I would receive a commission, I said excitedly, “Thank you God for this blessing!”

Xu Lin chuckled, “Please! By the way, I heard that you accepted a difficult mission. Xin Yu and I will help you with it. Xue Han is also in the city now, let’s call her over. With us four combined power, it shouldn’t be a problem!”

I nodded. Looking around, there are now already groups of 2-3 players wandering in the city. In the next two days, this place would surely be full of players already.

Xin Yu was also back already from preparing her equipment, Lu Xue Han had also hurriedly came after Xu Lin’s call.

Four people in the party now. After we stocked up the potions and return scrolls, we departed to the Half Side Mountain!

Different from last time, this time with Xu Lin’s and Xin Yu’s two powerful attacks, my pressure had much lessened. Only 10 seconds was needed to slay level 18 monsters. If it was just Lu Xue Han and me, we would need at least half a minute to do that!

On a rampant, we swept out almost all monsters at the Half Side Mountain’s foothill. Grouping in party mode, the experience each person would get was a bit higher than just the 1/4 part. Soon after, Xu Lin unexpectedly had risen to level 11!

The Beastman Shaman Nicholas was standing alone in the desolated valley. Across where he stood, a small flower was glowing in a soft light.

“What are you all waiting for? Xin Yu, use your [Aeon Flux] shots to attract it. Lin Fan, use your [Heavy Strike]. Xue Han, pay attention to heal wounded teammates!” Xu Lin in a flash gave out the orders, her leadership aura was clearly seen.

Xin Yu immediately used her bow and use her [Aeon Flux] shot. It accurately hit Nicholas’s body. A ’88’ red number popped out, a very nice attack!

I also stepped forward and activated the [Heavy Strike] skill without hesitation, followed directly by my level 1 [Combo]. These two successive attacks had stunned Nicholas who was attacking Xin Yu. At the same time, Xu Lin’s [Ice Arrow] magic had also hit the target. Although it only caused 45 points of damage, but its freeze effect caused Nicholas’s movement to slow down significantly. Its whole body was like an ice sculpture moving very slow.

“This seems to be an easy mission~!” Xin Yu said laughing.

Xin Yu’s laughter suddenly changed into a surprise!

Nicholas who had already lost 1/3 of its health, suddenly raised high his hands and shouted hoarsely, “My fellow brave shamans, destroy all evils in front of me. Come out and carry out your mission!”


Eight Beastman Shaman appeared out of thin air around Nicholas!

Almost in an instant, all sorts of magic kept flashing. One Shaman raised his hands and released a curse, and my movement immediately became very slow. The flickering flame on Lu Xue Han’s body also disappeared. But most unfortunate, a great heal had restored Nicholas’s health, in an instant its health bar was full again!

Damn it! I knew it wouldn’t be that simple!

Seven electric balls landed on my body and my health was instantly reduced from 446 to 234. If I was hit one more time, I might drop a level!

At this point, a white light flashed on me and my health was back to 356. Lu Xue Han had casted the healing spell just right on time!

“Xin Yu, we’ll split the enemies. Use [Aeon Flux Shot] on Nicholas!” Xu Lin continued to give orders.

Xin Yu immediately shot two arrows on two shamans to attract them and divide their attacks. Xu Lin also attacked two other shamans with her fire magic. With the pressure lessened, I focused my attack on one of the shamans. And with Lu Xue Han focusing on healing us, we miraculously survived.

Fortunately, the Shamans’ health was perhaps only around 500, I took one of them down with 4 consecutive attacks. Xin Yu’s and Xu Lin’s attack had also caused confusion among the four shamans. This time, Lu Xue Han played her role well. With her continuous healing, flashes of lights shone upon our bodies all the time, and our lives were once again pulled back from the gate of hell.

By the time I killed the fourth shaman all by myself, the situation had finally turned to our favor. And after helping Xin Yu and Xu Lin to finish the remaining four shamans, we were once again 4 vs 1 against Nicholas. Such a shameless opponent. After only attacking a few times, he once again raised his hands to summon helpers!!

“[Aeon Flux] shot!!”

Nicholas was stunned and his summoning spell was forcibly interrupted. My heart had already reached its limit. Since I could only attack with my [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] skill, my magic points were almost exhausted already. It was even more obvious for Lu Xue Han who had cast healing on us the whole time. From her face that now had already turned red, it was clear that the fight just now was very thrilling for her!

Five seconds later, Nicholas raised his hands to summon once more!!

“It’s no good. My [Aeon Flux Shot] cool-down period is 10 seconds!” Xin Yu said in a panic, her breastplate was moving up and down.

“Don’t worry. My [Combo] should interrupt the summoning magic!” I said while I activated the [Combo] skill.


Just as I expected, Nicholas summoning was successfully interrupted!

Xu Lin excitedly said, “That’s awesome. You two should take turns to interrupt his spell casting, so we can safely finish him!”

Nicholas attack power was not high, even lower than the attacks of the shamans he summoned. So, with having a lot of health only, after another five minutes, Nicholas though unwillingly, was finally beaten to death by our party!


Three lights rose in the valley. Lu Xue Han, Xin Yu, and I had level up together. Xu Lin had also got a lot of experience. This Beastman Shaman was really an experience heaven.

“Oh my, It seems that there are some items dropped~” Lu Xue Han let out a cry.

Xu Lin excitedly rushed to look. Under the remains of Nicholas, a nice woman clothing was quietly lying there. Besides the cloth was also a book. Xu Lin immediately shared the stats:

[Agile Protector] (Leather Armor – Green equipment)

Defense: 18

Agility: +8

Stamina: +7

Additional: Increase 1% of damage caused by long-range attacks.

Required Level: 12

[Flame Blast] (Spell Book)

Description: Magician will learn a group attack skill.

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