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Hurricane City – Chapter 24 (Murong Shan Shan’s Help Request)

Xu Lin was somewhat dumbfounded and Xin Yu looked at the leather armor with her watering mouth. For an archer, an added agility meant an increase in critical strike rate, but this one also added the attack rate. This armor was not only high in defense, but also had Agility +8 and an impressive Stamina +7. To sum it up, this would super high-quality item for an archer.

Having looked at the first spell book drop, judging from it, I predicted that spell or skill books would definitely become a best-seller property. Just think about it, with no good skills it would be difficult to kill monsters and get equipment. When you get no equipment, then how would players gain profit from this game?

I walked to the other side to gather the Dailily grass while jokingly said, “Sister Lin, have you learned the skill yet? Or are you even thinking about selling it? Only if you are high-skilled then we could make a big fortune~”

There was a flash of light and the spell book in Xu Lin’s hand disappeared. Then she gave the leather armor to Xin Yu.

Xu Lin turned and said with a smile, “OK, mission accomplished and the result was really good!”

Lu Xue Han looked at me and said, “This mission is accomplished, what shall we do when we get back?”

“Well, I’ve gathered the Dailily grass for the mission, so this mission can be considered finished. I think the follow-up mission would be much more difficult, thus we should train ourselves to level up first. Xin Yu, it should be ok now that you wear the armor, don’t keep touching your breast. Be careful not to cause it to shrink!”

Xin Yu giggled, “You don’t need to worry. Even if my boobs shrink a little, wouldn’t people still want it?”

Xu Lin hurriedly interfered, “Knock it off already. We should better keep leveling in this area. What about you Lin Fan? Will you accompany us or are you going to complete the mission?”

I looked into all the items in my inventory. There are five level 10 or higher of white equipment that I should take care first. Moreover, after suffering from the ravages attacks of those shamans, my equipment’s durability were already low. And I also didn’t know yet what the follow-up mission would be. It would be better if I went back to the city first.

After talking to Xu Lin, I let the three of them stay here to kill the level 18 monsters. With their attack strengths and supporting ability, training here should be a good option.

When I activated a return scroll to return to Hurricane City, there were already a lot of people roaming the streets. The big auction house was crowded with players who had already chosen a class. After spending many efforts to rise to level 10, everyone now was trying to find some equipment to enhance their power so they could maximize their potentials.

I went straight to the alley beside the church and saw Lance, the master healer, was still there. I rushed in to show him the Dailily grass.

Lance held the Dailily grass tightly in his withered hands for a while that I became worried he might hang himself up out of excitement. Finally, he rewarded me for completing the mission.


System Notification: You completed <Mission: The Healer Master’s Entrustment>. You gain 42,000 experience, 2 gold coins, Prestige +80. You also unlocked a follow-up mission: Rescue Princess Misha!

<Mission: Rescue Princess Misha> (Red tier Mission – Unique)

Mission Statement: Help Lance, the master healer, to rescue the princess. Princess Misha was imprisoned in the basement of the Western plaque Cemetery. The priority is to ensure the safety of Princess Misha!

A red tier mission! It would be obvious that with my current power, this mission would be too difficult to accomplish. It should be better to wait for everyone to get to level 20 first before trying to do this mission.

After I had my equipment repaired, I took out the white equipment I stored in my inventory. Together with the five white equipment that I was equipping, I had about 10 white equipment. I went to the auction house to estimate the prices for each equipment. Currently, the online trading system to trade with real RMB had also been established. A white tier leather armor with 8 Defense was priced at 100 RMB, which could be considered a fair price, but weapons were much more expensive. A level 12 white tier bow with 5-12 Attack was listed for 500 RMB. People were not concerned that nobody would buy, but that there wouldn’t be enough items to sell.

At this stage, the prices of equipment level 10 or less had started to decline. Last time, I could sell my green sword for 3500 RMB to Murong Shan Shan was also due to the situation where it hadn’t been past the peak price. I checked my friends list to find out that Murong Shan Shan had reached level 14 already. Only two levels below me, and unexpectedly at the same level with Lu Xue Han now. Whether others were helping her or she had equipped herself with the best quality equipment, otherwise it would be impossible that she could raise this fast.

When I looked at the feature list, I just noticed that next to the original ranking lists was a new city ranking list. It was perhaps updated after the system maintenance. I opened it to look and unexpectedly it only list the ranking of players in their original city, but my name was impressively in the third position. The player at first rank was a warrior called ‘Kuang Zhan’ (Mad Warrior), also at level 16. While at the second place was unexpectedly ‘Shuye Shang De Xiao Mayi’ (Little Ants on a Tree leaves). Ye Qiu indeed ranked in the city’s top 10 ranking as I expected. Lu Xue Han with her level 14 was ranked 8th, followed closely by a female warrior Murong Shan Shan!


“System Notification: Your listed-for-sale item ‘Underbrush Short Bow’ was bought by player *** for 500 RMB. A 2% transaction fee has been deducted by the system. 490 RMB has been remitted into your bank account. Please check your balance!”

Didn’t expect it so sell that fast, I hadn’t got the chance to get happy when another system message came. I opened it to find a message from Murong Shan Shan: “Switch on the phone communication!”

I hurriedly opened it and immediately heard Murong Shan Shan’s voice, “Hello, I’m sorry to disturb you, but there aren’t many people in this town that could help me.”

“What’s the matter? Calm down, don’t worry~” I could hear Murong Shan Shan’s sweet voice very clearly and in my mind, I was imagining her charming face.

“Here’s the matter. I picked up a mission to kill a level 21 Stone Golem BOSS. I partied together with five of my friends. But, since I was the only melee class player that can tank the monster, so when the two clerics were out, the party was wiped out. Thus, I also lost a level.”

“What, you lost a level? So you should have been at level 15 already? My good friend, how did you raise your level so fast?”

Murong Shan Shan let out a loud laughter and excitedly said, “That’s right. I would be already ranked in the city’s top five otherwise and our difference would be less.”

“Well, OK, let’s talk about the compensation for me helping you to complete the mission. I’m not a self-sacrificing person.”

“Hmph, I knew you are profiteer. How about a compensation of 300 RMB, well?” Murong Shan Shan smirked and negotiated with me.

Judging from her desperate situation, obviously I couldn’t be soft, “Well, I think you already know. Players with my level aren’t that many in this city. If you were to find someone else, you might need to wait for one week until the intercity transfer would be established. Since even you couldn’t resist the monsters attack, only a few players would have such a high defense at the moment. I guess this mission should be important for you, right? I think, shouldn’t we add some more to the number.”

Murong Shan Shan remained silent for a moment, then bitterly said, “You really are a profiteer. All right, I’ll make it 500 RMB. More than that, this mistress also couldn’t afford it anymore!”

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