The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 027

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Hurricane City – Chapter 27 (Plague Cemetery)

Although it was still daytime, but the way to the cemetery were such a gloomy scene, where residents infected with the plague could often be seen on the sideways. The twin gods they believed in had not bestowed any power to help, leaving them helpless while they could only let out ** voices. Piles of black bones were stacked almost everywhere in the underbrush by the roadside. The plague’s damage to the people was truly too deep.

While sidetracked by the reality of the game, I walked cautiously along the now dissipating main road. The avenue was no more in front of me, only a forest contaminated by the plague virus where the grasses that grew all over the soil had become black in color. At a far distance, some level 18 forest spider were watching this uninvited guess from the underbrush.

Since I almost reached level 17, I would just use these few spiders as the last sacrifice!


System Notification: You are now infected by the Forest Spider’s plague virus. Your health regeneration speed is reduced by 50%. The use of any type of potions is prohibited.

I couldn’t help from being speechless. This plague virus was somewhat too amazing. Without a cleric here, anyone would die soon. Even potions were prohibited, although currently only a few players could afford the price of the potions, whereas that Murong Shan Shan girl should be an exception as she spent money like water.

Killing off the third forest spider in a hurry, at that time my health was already less than half already. Fortunately, I also had risen to level 17 this time and when the flashing white light also cleansed the virus, I was overjoyed to the extent. Immediately took out a bottle of tomato ketchup and drank it to the last drop, now, I wouldn’t need to be too passive when I met other spiders down there.

I picked up a small blue potion dropped by the spider. Even though there wasn’t a fixed price yet for the item, but on the black market, this little blue potion had been sold for 5 RMB each bottle. So even it was expensive, but there were more rich players and there would be endless streams of buyers available.

Walking farther down the path, no more spiders were in sight, not even any living organism were in sight. The atmosphere was all the more depressing and occasionally shrill screams could be heard over the creepy wind.

I was no brave heart, my body was shivering, immediately I turned on the communication option to give Xin Yu a call. “Hey beautiful girl, what are you doing?”

Xin Yu’s voice still sounded ambiguous, “What’s up, miss me huh?”

“No, I’m just a little bored at the moment. Why don’t you sing a song to lighten the atmosphere.”

“Please, I can’t sing anything but ’18 strokes’. Do you want to listen?” Xin Yu said and smiled with an evil grin.

“Forget it! Don’t forget to call me for lunch.”

“No need. That little beauty Xue Han will call you. I won’t get the turn to do such a task~”


Turning off the communication, although not hearing her singing, but my mood had improved a lot. For a while, I thought that sometimes Xin Yu was kind of lovely too.

Walking westward through the desolated forest for nearly half an hour, an eerie cemetery finally appeared in sight. The trees slowly became less, replaced by many gravestones. From a distance, bone pale skeleton warriors walked patrolling the cemetery back and forth.

A dilapidated old building stood on the highest slope of the cemetery with many graves on the surrounding. Some of the graves were unearthed where the corpses could even be seen, emitting foul rotten odors in the air causing me to resist from vomiting the contents of my stomach. I analyzed the situation on the distant area where the skeleton warriors resided. A group of these level 22 monsters was not something that I could easily single out by myself.

Crouching slowly to close in, when I unsheathed the sword, a skeleton warrior had discovered me!

The skeleton warrior’s reaction speed was so fast! Before I could respond, it already appeared in front of me and its blade had landed on my body heavily just as I was to raise my sword.


To my surprise, this monster’s Attack was extremely high. Even the level 21 BOSS did not cause so much damage to me! I struck with my claymore…


Yes, I did not saw it mistakenly, it was not a critical hit, yet it still dealt so much damage! The level 22 Skeleton’s health had been halved in an instant. My sword immediately struck another attack.


The level 22 Skeleton Warrior was unexpectedly killed in just two hits!

I understood immediately that although this undead creature’s Attack was very high, but its physical defense and health were pitiful. The experience I gained just now was three times more than what I got from killing level 18 monsters. Wouldn’t this be an ideal situation for a Swordsman with high Attack and high Defense like me? A normal magician would not be able to resist this kind of abnormal Attack and a warrior without a high Attack would be trampled to death before he could finished the monster.

Under the effect of the tomato ketchup, plus my faster reaction speed compared to the skeleton warrior’s, as a result, I could kill the monsters while it had only attacked me once. Attacking like this, soon I had cleared the monsters in an area of the cemetery already. My level 17 experience bar had unexpectedly increased 30% in just an hour. Continuing like this, I would reach level 18 even before lunch time!

The plague cemetery was divided into a total of nine large area, forming a huge circle with the large ancient building at the center. This vast resource for leveling had almost made me drooling.

Looking at the rank list, I had leaped over Mad Warrior to be the city’s first ranked player. I happily ran over to the next area of the cemetery. Clearing the monsters in this area just now had given me 4 medium healing potions which would restore 500 HP each. The current market price for one potion was 1 Gold coin. It should be kept for sale, it was all money!

Just as I was thinking how to lure the monsters, I saw a small shack next to a little hillside, and inside could be seen the shadow of a human figure.

I slowly opened the door and discovered an old man lying on the bed breathing in short paces. His chest had started to rot because of the plague virus, leaving only faint breathing as a prove that he was still alive.

This ought to be a mission!

I immediately walked over to start a conversation with him. He glanced at me before starting to tell what had happened here. “I was a cemetery keeper here, unfortunately, three years ago a group of necromancers showed up bringing death and caused this terrible plague. Ever since then, no living person dared to come across this place because the dead corpses raised from their graves becoming undead warriors. Half year ago, a plague had also infected me though a traveling monk told me that there was a beautiful flower that grows in the cemetery that can cure this plague. But I don’t have any strength to get up anymore. Young man, can you help me to find this beautiful flower?”

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    I really don’t get why he didn’t bring his party with him, or at least the healer. What’s the point of being in this type of organization if they aren’t going to help each other to reach and stay at the top? Unless its just to have a ready made harem for the MC.

    1. takumi168

      think of it as division of labor. since they start out in different villages im assuming they want to hog the good quest. if they follow each other the amount of time it takes to finish their quest increase enormously. theyre also making a living with the game they play how are they going to divide the spoils as well as they cant get many equips.


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