The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 028

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Hurricane City – Chapter 28 (The Beautiful Flowers)

<Mission: The Gravekeeper’s Request>

Mission Statement: Help the Gravekeeper to collect 20 beautiful flowers which grow on top of the bones and is usually surrounded by all great dangers, so be careful! Once you completed this mission, the Gravekeeper will give you a great reward!

I tidied up my inventory bag. Those skeleton warriors I killed before had dropped several ‘Inferior Undead Cloth’s Remnants’ which I didn’t know the purpose yet. But I could always sell it for money.

Looking at the next cemetery area, there were still skeleton warriors walking forth and back. Although I felt somewhat uneasy, but I couldn’t see anything wrong.

After luring and killing several small groups of monsters, I finally realized what was different. Except for the skeleton warriors on the outer peripheral, other skeletons were patrolling in some order as if they were guarding something.

I watched for a while and found out they were actually guarding some small flower plants. The milk-white flowers emitted crystal-clear translucent light under the moonlight. That should be the ‘Beautiful Flower’. It seemed that activating the mission had triggered the NPC monsters behavior change. Perhaps this was a unique mission.

Watching for a full five minutes, I grasped the skeleton warrior’s patrolling routes and paths.

I moved one step forward a little then quickly stepped back. As calculated, two skeleton warriors rushed towards me while the others were still patrolling around the Beautiful Flower.

My sword in action, neatly finished the two monsters. I used the same method to keep luring and killing other pairs of skeleton warriors. And by the time I slew the last two skeleton warriors, it was already 11 o’clock. My level 17 experience bar had reached 72%. In another one hour, I could reach level 18. The current world first player was also only at level 18.

With this small area of cemetery cleaned, the Beautiful Flower looked contrast on the dark black soil.

Unlike last time with the mining, this time I could only pick one Beautiful flower. Thus, to complete this mission, I had to clear 20 skeleton warrior groups like this. I also didn’t know how long it would take for the flower to regrowth.

Lunch would be at 12, so I picked up the speed to sweep clean the skeletons from another area of the cemetery. Not only did I managed to pick the second Beautiful flower then, but my level also smoothly rose to level 18. Checking the rank list, I discovered that first rank player had annoyingly reached level 19, and I only managed to rank at world 800+ with my level 18.

“Lin Fan, I have something to tell you after lunch.” Xin Yu sent me a text message and logged off.

I looked at their rankings, the highest was Lu Xue Han at level 15, Xu Lin and Xin Yu both were at level 14. Although not high, but they had entered the city’s top 100 rank.

Logging off, everyone was already sitting at the dining table. And when Xu Lin saw me walking over, she immediately asked in surprise, “Lin Fan, what is going on? In the city, we saw Mad Warrior was gathering players, saying he would kill you and Murong Shan Shan until both of you are back to zero level. What feud have you created?”

Xin Yu also said with a laugh, “Right, actually what happened? You didn’t fool around with someone else’s girlfriend, right?”

“Come on, don’t think nonsense. I didn’t do something terrible, just had a little conflict with Mad Warrior and the players he brought with.”

Xu Lin nodded and said, “If it’s just a small conflict then it’s fine. Mad Warrior is the leader of a small gang in our district. Just now… He contacted me in the game and said if you are not part of our group then he won’t be harsh to us, but, if you are, then if he later sees any of us, he probably won’t be courteous to us!”

Lu Xue Han gasped and asked, “What kind of person is he exactly? How can he be so harsh? Do we need to fear him that much?”

Xu Lin answered in a somewhat serious matter. “I know this Mad Warrior person, he is not a good person. In the past, because he stabbed someone on the streets, he was sentenced for a few years, but he didn’t repent after finishing his sentence. Because he had money, he gathered a bunch of scoundrels and terrorized the streets. Now, he also probably was using money to achieve the first rank in the city ranking. This kind of person is all about appearance. But so to speak, in the game, he has no strength at all. A skilled player could kill even three Mad Warrior.”

I was relieved. No wonder Mad Warrior did not dare to fight with me as he was aware his skill was insufficient.

Xu Lin’s slender white fingers touched her chopsticks and continued, “But, still it would be wise for us not to provoke him. Even if we don’t fear him in the game, but in the real life, we should be cautious. If he comes to seek us, what are we going to do? Counting on Lin Fan?”

Xin Yu looked at me and shook her head saying, “Counting on him, we would be screwed for sure.”

Lu Xue Han said with a smile, “Don’t talk like that. I’m certain that Lin Fan could protect us.”

“You are too naive…”


I took a deep breath, looked up and said, “Don’t argue anymore. In the future, I will try to avoid Mad Warrior if I see him in the game. In any case, one week from now, the city transport will be available and we could play in another city. The game world is so big that encountering Mad Warrior would not be easy too.”

“Okay, let’s eat then.”

“Ah, that’s right. Xin Yu, you said that after lunch you have something to tell me, what’s the matter?”

Xin Yu secretly glanced at Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han, then whispered, “Go with me to the supermarket downtown to buy some fresh fruit for everyone to eat. Is it okay?”

“Oh, it’s fine if it doesn’t take too long. I still need to do a mission this afternoon.”


Lu Xue Han’s beautiful eyes glanced upon me and Xin Yu for a moment, not saying anything, she lower her head to eat. Xu Lin also watched us carefully and with a cold face said, “You two… Recently your relationship has progressed fast!”

Xin Yu straightened her chest, chuckled and said gently, “Ah, please don’t misunderstand, nothing happened between us.”

After her explanation, I saw no further explanation was necessary and finished the meal in a hurry. Saying goodbye to everyone, Xin Yu and I left.

On the crowded street, Xin Yu’s appearance was exceptionally gorgeous, where she was wearing a low collar T-shirt which exposed a large part of her white skin. And the alluring ** almost made the high-schoolers who were going home from school drooled.

I was also just a normal guy, couldn’t resist my sight being pulled to it.

Xin Yu glanced at me in the eye, pulled my arm and said, “Lin Fan, do you want to…”

“What…!!” I was extremely nervous.

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  1. archer

    thanks for the chapter but i don’t get it he is lvl 18 but ranked 800+ while the others lvl 14 but ranked 100+?

  2. jacobpaige

    I have a really hard time keeping all the names straight. Is the girl he’s going to the market with the one that’s been throwing herself at him since the first chapter, or his boss?

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      The innocent girl (the only one not a prostitute): Lu Xue Han
      The flirty one: Xin Yu

      I will put up a glossary in a few days.


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