The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 031

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Hurricane City – Chapter 31 (The Promotion’s Mission)

Looking through the charts, even though I had played the whole afternoon to rise two levels, but still I could not climb to the first rank. The current world’s first rank was snatched by a Chinese robber called ‘Power Hotpot’ with his Level 21. My rank was still not in the Top Ten yet, but already close to it, just ranking 11th. The city’s ranking was not too different, Mad Warrior Level 18 occupied the second rank, followed by Ye Qiu also at Level 18. Lu Xue Han and Murong Shan Shan with Level 17 respectively at fourth and fifth rank. This time even Xu Lin and Xin Yu with their Level 16 was in the city’s Top Ten. Although just at the bottom, but I could imagine they must felt so happy.

Logging out, I took off my helmet and heard laughter outside.

Xu Lin was in a high spirit, “Lin Fan, Xin Yu and I already got into the city’s Top Ten, did you see?”

“Of course, congratulations to both of you.”

Xin Yu smiled, “Thanks to the bow you gave me. Without it, I wouldn’t rise so fast. Besides, Lin sister’s AOE magic also has a powerful attack, burned a group of monsters in an instant.”

“Well, if it wasn’t for Xue Han’s healing, I don’t even know how many times I would be death already.”

Lu Xue Han just smiled at everyone. In the kitchen, Li Qing just finished preparing the dinner and served it one by one. Xin Yu quietly went back to her room with an unknown intention and came back with a small pot of orchids. I was dumbfounded.

Xin Yu sat beside me, pointing at the orchid saying, “Starting today, I decide to plant flowers!”

Xu Lin gaped then said, “No wonder you logged out half hour earlier. So you went to buy the orchids.”

Xin Yu showed a proud face. I asked, “Xin Yu, you also plant orchids?”

“What’s wrong? Can’t I?” Xin Yu was a bit upset.

I hurriedly explained, “I think you’d better plant a cactus, it wouldn’t die easily…”

“Lin Fan! You’re asking for trouble!”


Lu Xue Han tried to smooth things over, “Come on, everyone let’s eat first. After dinner, train for a while then get rested.”

Xu Lin nodded, “That’s right. Sleep earlier and get up earlier tomorrow to level is the right way. Everyone shouldn’t stay until late, every day we’ll start at six in the morning until eleven in the evening. If you are in the middle of a mission, then an exception is ok for the night. If everyone already understand, then so will it be.”


After dinner, everyone went back to their room to level again. I had practiced too intensely today, so I just sat on the couch and relaxing for a while. I watched Xin Yu took the teapot and filled a cup, emitting a jasmine’s scent into the air in the room at once.

“Drink this tea to ease your stomach. Leveling is important, but don’t work too hard. You should take care of your health.” Xin Yu let out a beautiful smile.

I looked at her snow-white face intensely and whispered, “If only you would take care of yourself.”

Xin Yu stood silently. Her beautiful eyes flashed a touching expression, then she gently sat beside me and returned a whisper, “I will.”

Seeing Xin Yu’s gentle appearance, my heart ached with an indescribable feeling. Was I falling for her?

I didn’t think so. I was a conservative man and would never tolerate it if my girlfriend wasn’t a virgin, even if she would be sincere, I would not accept it.

It was a silence for a moment, Xin Yu also said nothing else, and the tea had also cooled a bit. I stood up and said, “I’m going to practice, will go to bed earlier tonight. I’m so tired.”

Xin Yu just nodded and silently walked back to her room. Her beautiful figure somehow carried a sense of loss.

I also went back into my room and put on the helmet to log in the game.

I noticed the durability of my equipment was low already. Besides, I should also go to the Class Trainer to see if there were any skills that a Level 20 Swordsman could learn. Both the [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] had been raised to Level 3 already due to the repeated use of the skills. [Heavy Strike] Level 3 enhanced the attack by 25%, but there was no change for [Combo]. After I reached Level 20, the proficiency of both skills were no longer increasing, probably there were level restrictions.

I used the City Return Scroll and went immediately to the auction house to list three high-level white equipment for sale, each for 200 RMB. With the current players were mostly at Level 13, these Level 15 equipment would still have a large market for it.

The equipment I put on sale last time had all been sold out already, and a total of more than 2000 RMB was already transferred into Xu Lin’s account. Calculating the commission, I would get around 700 RMB. It seemed that this way would be faster to earn money than soliciting quest from others. But Xin Yu and the others weren’t that lucky, only Xu Lin’s green Knight leggings was sold for 800 RMB.

The Warrior Training Hall was just next to the Church in the center of the city, where small groups of Swordsman with ragged clothes were coming and going out of it. Although I only had three green equipment, but I really stood out being among them.

I talked to the Trainer, but got a mission instead. “Brave Warrior, it seems that you are strong enough. Do you want to know about the history of Swordsman?”

I immediately acknowledged, and he went on to say, “The great kingdom has a great tradition. Our Swordsman League were the brave guardians of the former King. Twelve years ago during an upheaval, the great Palace Guard captain Reinhardt led his guards to free the kidnaped King, also helped the King to regain back our territory. Since then, he has been known as the Hero of the kingdom. Unfortunately, there was another unrest five years ago which he mysteriously disappeared. It was thanks to the new appointed Knight’s captain Percy who led the brave cavalry to calm the unrest. But our Swordsman League’s prestige had decline since then.”

The Trainer paused a while, then continued, “Young Warrior, are you willing use your swords to fight for the sake of a new future of the Swordsman League?”

I continued to select ‘Yes’.

“Well, then take this sealed letter to find a new path.”


System Notification: You accepted the Swordsman Promotion Mission. Go to the North port of Hurricane city, to the village by the shore – Asian Village. Talk to the Major Jake and he will guide you to embark on a new journey!

I was overjoyed. Looking at the ranking list, I noticed the class of all the players above me were all magicians and thieves, no warriors… Which means that I was the first to rise to Level 20 and qualified for the Warrior Promotion’s Mission. Then why was there no reward? A Level 20 green equipment would be nice…

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