The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 032

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Hurricane City – Chapter 32 (The Island City)

Opening a communication with Xu Lin, she must be just fighting a monster at the moment, and in my ears, her charming panting voice induced a wild imagination in the mind.

“Lin sister, I got a Promotion’s Mission that require me to travel to another continent and might leave Hurricane City for a few days. Is there anything you need me to do?”

Xu Lin said laughing, “It’s okay. Xin Yu, Xue Han and I, the three of us have a good time leveling. Just go, I wish you good luck in completing the mission.”

I closed the communication and talked again with the Class Trainer. It was a pity I could not learn any new skills. The Trainer just offered the [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] skills to learn, so I had to count on my own ability for now. I wondered if other players could also learn my [Swordsman Fury] skill. If not, then I would deal 10% more damage than other players. Such an advantage, a passive skill adding 10% more damage, would for sure make other Swordsman drooling had they known my skill.

After repairing my equipment, I walked north from the city toward the port.

Passing through the ravine where I fought the BOSS with Murong Shan Shan last time, there was now a dense jungle in front of me. The jungle was full of various Level 24 monsters, which was an easy thing to handle with my current level of power. There were many monsters on my way, so the experience I gained was also a lot, and by the time I approached the coast, my level had almost reached Level 21TL already. Killing all the monsters while hasting on my journey, without me noticing, a whole two hours of time just past fast.

The coastline was lengthy, and besides the sandy shore, there were also clumsy crocodile monsters with high Defense but low Attack. I was too lazy to deal with them, so I just advanced directly through the places with no monsters to look for the ship which the Trainer mentioned.

Over a hillside, in the shallow waters of the beach was a wooden ship without any sailors on board. But looking at the sail’s conditions, it should be able to sail.

When I climbed to the ship’s deck, suddenly a merchant-like person came out from the cabin.

“Young man, this ship is going to set sail to the Asian Village across the sea. The trip cost 1 Gold coin, do you want to go?”

I looked at the 16 Gold coins in my pocket and immediately selected ‘Yes’.

Soon after, the ship set its sail. From the vast blue sea, the waves were making crashing noise. I sat relaxing on the ship’s deck, watching at the mainland which slowly narrowed and gradually disappeared. Then my heart unexpectedly felt a sudden sad emotion. There, on the mainland across the sea, was Lu Xue Han, Xin Yu and Xu Lin’s group of girls, and Murong Shan Shan…

Without realizing it, I seemed to have changed…

Half an hour later, the ship arrived at the ocean city – Asian Village.

The village was surrounded by a mud-brick structured walls, and small village houses scattered everywhere. At the village’s entrance was a slightly bigger house made purely from timbers with a big ‘Hospital’ sign hung on its door. According to the village children playing in the area, the hospital was also the mayor’s residence.

I took out the letter from the Class Trainer and walked into the house. Inside the room was an old man standing, who should be Jake, the village’s mayor.

“Young man, so you’re an adventurer from Hurricane City. Well then, take this torch and go to the cave in the valley east of the village and search for Chaos, kill it, and claim your glory!”

Mission Statement: Kill Chaos and obtain the prove of the Swordsman’s trial. It’s pitch dark inside the cave, so illuminate a torch to light up your way.

I turned around and looked at a young nurse beside a sickbed who was tending a patient. Seeing me watching her, she explained, “Hello warrior, this village is outside the boundary of Hurricane City’s Kingdom governance. In the cave on the east, is hiding a ferocious beast that recently attacks the village frequently and many villagers has already fallen victim in its hands. I hope you can resolve this trouble for the sake of the village.”

Received [Mission: Kill Chaos and give its heart to Nurse Mei Lin]

I was quite surprised. Killing one monster to complete two missions at once?

I surely hit the jackpot today!

Outside the mayor’s residence, a village kid reminded me, “My mother told me that inside that there’re a lot of scary zombies inside that terrible cave. Big brother, you’ve got to be careful. I also heard that if you carry a piece of Jade Wood with you then you won’t need to be afraid of those zombies anymore. You can go to Grandpa Hubble’s house to ask him for it, Grandpa Hubble is really a kind person.”

After thanking the child, I went to the wooden cabin referred by that child. Inside the cabin, an old man was carving a piece of wood, he was a carpenter… I

When I explained my reason to come, he at once handed me a piece of wood and said, “young man, take this Jade Wood with you which will nullify the zombie’s poison. It’s the only thing I can do for you. I wish you good luck, my brave warrior!”

Taking the piece of wood, I just left. I was not a hypocrite to fake a good manner towards a bunch of data.

Outside the village was only a green meadow with sparse trees where occasionally several low-level monsters could be seen wandering around the woods. The valley where I was heading was not far. In a short five minutes, I arrived at the entrance of the cave, and faintly I could hear the sound of whimpering zombies from inside the cave.

Getting goosebumps, I placed the piece of Jade Wood on my waist, and after igniting the torch, I braced myself to go into the cave.

A group of zombies slowly came over to approach me, and I almost fainted from the rotten smell which would absolutely make people feel sick. Within the ragged clothes of the zombies, hanging rotten flesh attached to the bones were swaying. Its eyes socket giving lifeless feeling, and only its pale-sharp teeth seen within the darkness of the cave. Its gloomy whimper was absolutely terrifying any living person.

Motherf***er, creating such a realistic scene. Even watching the Hong Kong horror movie, “Mr. Vampire”, would scare me to grab Xin Yu by my side. With such a realistic scene by myself, who can I hold?

The zombies?

I rapidly falter back onto the damp cave wall behind me and turned off the sound and smell sensing effects, then confronting these heart-beating Level 24 zombies with my sword.

The zombie’s Attack and Defense were not low, but its movement was sluggish like hell, not even half my speed.

The scene got really weird. A young Swordsman surrounded by a bunch of zombies in a dark cave, constantly attacking the approaching zombies, the sword’s light and the flashing white zombie’s teeth intertwined inside the cave…

An hour later, numerous zombies had been cleared, and I also rose to Level 21. Venturing deeper into the cave, the zombies became rarer, even the dark-black moss on the cave walls also gradually disappeared, replaced by a fire-red ones. And when I went around a cliff, the scene in front of me shocked me immediately!

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  • It was my mistake with the translations. I only checked the level mentioned (Level 21), but it turns out that the first time he had not reached, but only almost reached it.
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