The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 033

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Hurricane City – Chapter 33 (Chaos)

A fiery lion exuding blistering-hot flames was lying on a large rock in the cave. Beneath its paws were human skeletal bones that had been burned black, which the lion was licking back and forth with its tongue. Several small animal bones scattered the surrounding ground. Big words popped above its head.


Attack Type: Chaos, inflict maximum damage to all armor.

Attack Speed: Medium

Type: Mutant creature – BOSS

The short introduction made me swallowed hard. Inflicting maximum damage to all armor, which meant whether wearing a cloth armor or plate armor, had to bear the whole damage.

Let’s test it first!

The claymore swished through the air, creating a beautiful arc that fell right on top of Chaos’s head. The [Heavy Strike] caused a ‘204’ number to show which pleased my heart. But right after, Chaos landed its claw on me causing so much pain I almost cried. The sudden hit of 62 damage let my heart fell off to the bottom. With my current health of 640, getting ten hits would send me back to Level 20.

After hitting with the sword three times, I dragged my sword to escape at last. Chaos chased me out a little farther from its cave and returned, I also waited not far from there to regain my lost health. Too bad, Chaos regained its health too. Before, the three sword’s attack dealt 600 damage, which looked like about 1/10 of its total health while it attacked me twice for 120 damage which was 1/5 of my health. When Chaos attacked, it didn’t use its jaws, only using its claws. Thus, the tomato’s tactic was ineffective.

I looked at the four bottles of medium red-potion in my inventory. To finish this mission, I didn’t think that I could save those potions. Besides, at current point, I didn’t lack gold coins, so even if I used them, so be it.

Thus, I once again advanced with all my might, attacking it for two minutes without a pause, trying to block and dodge to the extent using all I had to lessen the damage I received. And after having to drink two bottles of the medium red potion, Chaos was finally down. Unfortunately, there was no System Notification at all. Instead, when I walked over to search for dropped items, a milky white light emitted from Chaos’s dead body.

System Notification: Chaos receives the Baptism of Resurrection. Counting down to resurrection!



I sweated all over. What was this? I fought for so long, so tired that I almost got hemorrhoids, and this motherf***er was going to revive?

What to do? What to do?

Some complicated rune symbol had already showed up above Chaos. The reviving process had begun!


A jade-green pearl appeared behind Chaos, glowing with soft light. A thin stripe of green thread flowed slowly from the green pearl to Chaos’s body.

So, that was what revived Chaos!

Treasure! Money!

My eyes shined, and with a quick and swift roll I took the pearl in my hand, tore the thread leading to Chaos with ease.

Chaos revived!

I immediately threw the pearl into my inventory, brandished the claymore again, and this time I was better motivated. After using up every potion I had left, Chaos was slayed at last. I myself was almost out of breath.

This time Chaos was really finished because I saw the dropped equipment!

One magical robe, a leather mantle, and a dagger with a reddish glow, as well as a piece of silver medallion!

[Chaos Robe] (Green equipment)

Defense: 18

Stamina: +8

Intelligence: +11

Extra: Enhance the Healing effect, up to 15 points.

Required Level: 17

[Spirit Dagger] (Green equipment)

Attack: 21-36

Strength: +8

Agility: +12

Required Level: 16

[Mirage Cloak] (Green equipment)

Defense: 12

Stamina: +4

Agility: +16

Required Level: 16

What a fortune! The robe with the added Healing effect would be best for Lu Xue Han, but the Mirage Cloak could only be given to Xin Yu. And as for the dagger, since we didn’t have a Thief in our group, it would be sold for a fortune!

The silver medallion was the prove of the Swordsman’s trial prove, also Chaos’s Heart came out when I was searching its corpse. I finished two missions just like that.

I saved the screen shot of the Chaos Robe’s stats and sent it through the friend’s message to Lu Xue Han.

Soon after, Lu Xue Han opened a voice communication with me, her voice couldn’t hide her excitement, “Lin Fan, is that for me? That’s so great. I’ll tell you a good news. An hour ago I got a Level 16 green Knight’s lance and I’ve sold it for a sky-high price of 4500 RMB, so I netted a profit of 1500 RMB. Tomorrow I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“Oh, is that so? Congratulations!”

“Well, it’s almost 9 o’clock now, I’m going to sleep. Just give me the robe tomorrow, ok?”

Finally on the right track. If everyone could get equipment to sell, our small studio would continue to go on!

Back to Asia Village, I gave the Chaos’s heart to the young nurse, Mei Lin, to complete the mission she entrusted me, and the reward was fruitful. No need to mention the experience and money, but the item had me completely stunned – Devotion Necklace!

[Devotion Necklace] (No grade)

Stamina: +10

Strength: +12

Intelligence: +8

Agility: +14

Extra: Increase skills success rate by 50%.

A powerful property adding four attributes, but the extra effect made me speechless. Increase skills success rate by 50%, what was the meaning of it?

Then I suddenly remembered the jade green pearl, which I had not looked at all along to see what it was. I rushed to open my inventory, and all of a sudden I got depressed.

[Resurrection Pearl Jewel]

Effect: When activated, would allow the user to have a 10% reviving chance within 30 minutes, with a cool down period of 48 hours. No need to be equipped, will disappear by itself after a week.

I felt helpless. With a 10% chance of resurrection, I would need to die 10 times for a chance to be revived once. With my bad karma, would I had a chance to get revived? Moreover, this item would disappear after a week, I had no idea how this item could be useful…

The silver medallion, the proof of killing Chaos, I gave it to the village mayor. In exchange, he gave me a letter: the certificate from Asian Village’s mayor!

The mission info hinted that I only need to bring this letter to Hurricane City’s Swordsman Trainer to have my promotion.

I checked the time, it was almost 10 o’clock. Almost the time to sleep already.

I ran to the harbor, boarded the ship and went offline so if I logged in again, maybe I already arrived at Hurricane City. With this clever idea, I took a hot shower to celebrate!

As I walked out my room, I saw Xin Yu carrying a bowl of noodles from the kitchen with care, and Lu Xue Han followed in excitement while holding a pair of chopsticks.

“What’s going on?”

Lu Xue Han let out a sweet smile, “Midnight snack. Hey… Lin Fan, don’t snatch it. Xin Yu made it for me since I begged her for half a day!”

I already got the chopsticks, “Xue Han, please, I will starve to death soon, let me have it first, please? I really can’t hold it anymore, let’s share and eat this together.”

Lu Xue Han stared in a blank for a while, her pretty face showed a trace of blushing, “well, you go ahead eat first~.”

“Hmph, no shame…” Xin Yu sneered, and went on to say, “He can only bully us, Xue Han…”

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