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Hurricane City – Chapter 34 (Frozen Blade)

“Xue Han, you got an equipment, so just consider this one bowl of egg noodles as your treat, it’s ok, right?”

Lu Xue Han laughingly said, “I was at first planning to treat you for a heavenly meal, but since you said that, then so be it~.”

I became speechless. At the moment, Xu Lin had also come out from her room stretching herself. She said, “sleeping is the best treatment for beauty,” then she took a shower. When she was finished, I was also done with my meal. Just on time.

Inside the bathroom was still full of foams and a faint trace of sweet scent, made me fantasizing Xu Lin’s fragrant body smell for a while. Then I took a shower too and went to sleep afterward.

Lying in bed, I couldn’t sleep. In these many days, it was rare to sleep by eleven.


My cell phone rang. I took a look, and it turned out to be a message from Xin Yu, so I opened it to look. And in a sudden, even my mouth couldn’t close:

“Lin Fan, are you asleep yet? I’m trying my phone vibration function, it feels so good – too bad it’s not waterproof. The Yellow River is flooding all over at once.”

“F***!” I cursed loudly. Xin Yu could be so annoying sometimes. Thinking for a while, I replied, “Put a condom to cover it first, otherwise it would cost too much. Although your body can handle it, but the funds won’t stand it.”

I waited for a while and Xin Yu’s text came, “Lin Fan, I’m going to your room to sleep with you, okay?”

What a great temptation!

Sensing a wave of heat fluctuated from my crotch, I rushed to the wash basin to flush my face, then sent a text back to Xin Yu, “Come on, Lu Xue Han is here with me, I won’t bother you anymore…”

As a result, from the room across, Xin Yu laugh with a giggle sound…

I sighed and climbed back on the bed, and when I closed my eyes, I fell asleep soon afterward.

“Lin Fan, wake up and eat!” I hadn’t opened my eyes when I heard Xin Yu’s voice.

The sun rose already. Already forgotten about my plan from last night to wake up at five, I answered, “Xin Yu, you already squeal so early in the morning, just let me sleep awhile…”

“Hurry up and eat. I’m waiting for you to give me that Agility +16 Cloak~.”

“Hmph, so it’s because of the equipment. Come and help me get up!”

Xin Yu stared blankly and suddenly came over me with a burst of laughter. She climbed onto my shoulder and said “Consider this… I’m warning you, if you still don’t get up, I’ll get the camera and take pictures of you.”

So wicked!

I secretly said those words. I grabbed my clothes and get dressed in front of Xin Yu.

“Tsk Tsk, I didn’t think that you have some muscles. Not bad, not bad~.”

“Damn, don’t grope me!”

The others had their breakfast and went online already, only Xin Yu accompanied me patiently while I was eating. But her motivation just made me speechless.

Xin Yu’s cooking skill was quite good, prepared poached egg and porridge for breakfast. She just watched me from beside with a smile for a few minutes. So charming.

“Xin Yu, I might still be in the other continent now. It might take an hour or so to get back to Hurricane City. You might need to wait for me.”

“Well, then you eat slowly. I’m going to practice then, or else Xue Han and Lin sister will leave me.”

After Xin Yu left, I hurried to finish the breakfast, and after washing the dishes, I also went back to my room to get online.

Still on the ship, but it was already on the Hurricane City mainland’s north shore.


The ship was slowly setting sail…

“Wait, wait!” I screamed, but no one answered. Immediately, I jumped off from the deck. If I was to set sail with the ship again, then I didn’t know how long it would take before I got back again.

I swam to the shore. Since the boarding fee was low, I was in a good mood and directly used a Return City Scroll. In Asian Village, I was unable to use it. But since I arrived back yet, I just wanted to save some trouble.

“Xin Yu, come to the East Gate!”

Xin Yu immediately got back to the city, she was just at a place not far from where I was. So I gave her the Cloak, together with the Robe that Lu Xue Han could use. I felt a little regret though since if I sold these all, these were all money. Money!

Xin Yu immediately equipped the cloak. It was then when I noticed that the cloak’s color was blazing red, it matched with the breast armor Xin Yu was wearing, such a beauty! Together with the longbow she was holding, with the tall figure of hers, her long ears, and such a beautiful face, Xin Yu would definitely become the city’s most beautiful and attractive Elf female player.

Xin Yu grinned when she patted my shoulder, “What’s the matter? Such a good healing equipment, why don’t you give it to Xue Han by yourself? If you do that, you’ll without doubts win her heart, and maybe you could get to her room tonight. Oh~.”

I laughed, “I’m such a pure-hearted man, how could I have such a wretched thought. Is that what you really thought?”

“Come on. I’ll tell the beautiful Xue Han that you specifically asked me to give it to her and also that you want to meet her tonight at twelve.”

“At midnight? To play ghost? You’d better hurry back to them. And remember, don’t say nonsense!”

“Hmmm, you do still care about Lu Xue Han.”

“Say what you want, I’m going to do a mission. You should go back to meet up with Lu Xue Han and the others.”

“Come, give me a goodbye kiss…”

Xin Yu raised her chest and then closed her eyes.


With my whole face red, I ran to the Class Trainer place. Just now, Xin Yu with her Elf character saying so loud on the street she wanted a goodbye kiss, but I didn’t dare to kiss her. Shocking all the surrounding men as if they had seen a ghost.

When I gave the letter to the Swordsman Trainer, he was very excited to announce my official promotion, but it also costed me 5 gold coins from my pocket.

System Notification: You have successfully made a promotion. Since you are the first player to get this Warrior promotion, you learned a Swordsman skill: [Frozen Blade]

[Frozen Blade]?

I was thrilled. I could see that this skill would be an amazing practical skill!

Opening the skill option:

[Frozen Blade]: Inflict 1.5 times of a normal attack damage and stun the enemy for 3 seconds, froze the enemy for 60 seconds reducing their moving speed by 50%. The cooldown period is 3 minutes. When the skill’s level raised, the effect would also increase.

What kind of concept was this to reduce movement speed by 50%? This was a PK winning skill!

This [Frozen Blade] was a reward for me as the first Swordsman to get a promotion, so the player from other Classes should also get this kind of opportunity. But other Swordsman players would surely drool when they look at this awesome skill. Even the second Swordsman would not have the chance to get this skill.

Should I tell Xu Lin and the others?

Forget it, better I kept it a secret. Later on when PK-ing, I could use this skill to show off!

The title on the top of my stats had also changed from ‘Apprentice Swordsman’ to ‘Swordsman’, that was something to show off already.

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