The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 035

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Hurricane City – Chapter 35 (Skeleton Wizard)

Counting the Skills with care, besides the passive skill [Swordsman’s Fury], there were just three active skills: [Heavy Strike], [Combo] and [Frozen Blade]. Instead, Xu Lin having chosen the Magician class could learn 6 magic skills. A humiliation, but this was the shame of the close combatant Swordsman class. It was still okay for me since I got a skill as a reward whereas the majority of the Swordsman were stuck with one or two skills.

At the moment, it hit my mind that the Class Trainer beside me had another skill in stock for me after my promotions. I hurried to converse with him, and a new skill appeared before my eyes: [Oppression]!

[Oppression]: Passive Skill. Launches one extra attack after doing a physical attack. When the skill level increases, the success rate will also improve.

Although learning the skill cost 3 gold coins, gritting my teeth, I still learned this skill. The first level of [Oppression] had a 3% chance of success, and with each level raised, the chance also increased 3%. So, by the time I got the skill to Level 10, [Oppression] would have a 30% chance of success. Not high but also not low. It made sense, otherwise, with a 100% success rate, other professions could not be a match at all.

Finished learning the skill, it was time to go to the auction house to sell the green dagger which for sure would sell at a good price!

The auction house was packed with players, everyone was looking at the auction house’s sale list for equipment and materials or other items. All the items listed could be filtered by their types, levels and grades, which would be convenient for the buying players.

I took a look at the dagger in my inventory. The attributes were top notch!

[Spirit Dagger] (Green Equipment)

Attack: 21-36

Strength: +8

Agility: +12

Required Level: 16

Although the Strength +8 was a little low, but the Attack of 21-36 would be enough to make any Level 20 players to drool, not to mention the Agility +12. For a Thief that pursuit the path of swiftness, this was tantamount to a PK weapon.

Putting it for sale, I tagged it with 3000 RMB as the base price with no upper limit set. In six hours, whoever bid the highest price would get it. And if no one bought, I would just take it back.

After I finished the consignment, I opened the selling list of consumables items and to my surprise I saw a set of medium red potions being listed for sale at a cheap price. The Health +500 medium red potion would normally sell for 1 Gold coins, but this person who named himself ‘Peerless Little Alchemist’ was selling many medium red potions at a price of 30 Silver coins each.

Such a rare opportunity, I bought 10 bottles straight away. Having spent 3 Gold coins for this didn’t make me feel distressed at all.

Having packed my stuff, I knew it was time to do the [Rescue Princess Misha] mission. Doing it alone, I wouldn’t need to waste everyone’s training time for helping me with the mission. Now, with this 10 bottles of red potions, my chance to finish it by myself was better.

The skeleton warriors were still patrolling back and forth at the plaque cemetery. With my current Level 21, the experience gained was not much, so I merely killed those blocking my way to the haunted building at the center of the graveyard.

In the surrounding of the haunted building, no skeleton warriors could be seen, instead, there were now Level 26 Skeleton Wizards. By good fortune, they were not in groups, otherwise, my plan to finish this mission by myself would not come to fruition.

After gauging the aggro distance, I rushed to the nearest skeleton wizard. But it spotted me and with no delay, chanted a fireball spell. Not slowing down, I used the [Combo] skill to interrupt it casting the spell, then with the [Heavy Strike], I finished this low-health skeleton wizard. With my current Attack of 120-155, I only needed to land two ordinary attacks to kill the Level 26 Skeleton Wizard.

After clearing dozens of skeleton wizards in the area, my level rose to Level 22 and my max Health also reached 720. At the moment, each time the skeleton wizard hit me with the fireball, it would deal 40 damages, so I could handle at least 18 magic attacks, which meant that I could handle three skeleton wizards at once without dying.

Passing the entrance, I pushed open the door covered with cobwebs and dust. Looking at the scene, I ran out without looking back.


At least 40 or even more fireballs flew at me!

With good luck, just a few of those fireballs hit my body, otherwise I would have already returned to the city spending no City Return scrolls. But, not more than 100 HP was left. Straight away, I activated my Talent – [Ambush]. Several minutes later, the skeleton wizards had calmed. It seemed this talent was still somewhat useful!

I was frightened to sweat all over, and still trembling, I sat there regaining my health.

My health back full, I walked toward the door. The skeleton wizards inside were looking with their big eyeballs at the door. Err, sorry, they had no eyeballs. It was a black emptiness staring through their small eye-holes.

With my current ability, it was virtually not possible to kill them all. At this moment, they were all hiding inside the building as a group. Even luring them would be too difficult. It was basically not possible to lure a single monster. The [Moon Monochrome]’s setting for groups of monsters was unique, if one was attacked, the others would retaliate together. But if none of them was attacked, then except for the nearest lured monster, other monsters would not move.

Slowly approaching a skeleton wizard, all the skeleton wizard inside were staring at the door, not sure if they could indeed see what was in front of them. I was so nervous and trembling, fearing they would at a sudden throw a bunch of fireballs to roast me!

At last! Three skeleton wizards moved, with condensed fire elements at their hands!

I quickly scram to run back, following behind me was three large fireballs and three skeleton wizards!

Soon, three skeleton wizards were already following out, and I turned around at once. After I used the [Combo] followed by [Heavy Strike] to kill one of the skeleton wizards, I released the [Frozen Blade] for the first time, stunning one skeleton wizard. And it was killed with just a normal attack. The last one was no threat at all. Attacking twice with normal attack and it was finished. Even lady luck was generous to drop equipment!

[Smart Pants] (Green Equipment)

Defense: +16

Stamina: +8

Intelligence: +14

Required Level: 18

An Intelligence +14 item, it was the first time I’d seen one. This time, I didn’t know how happy Xu Lin would be.

I sent the screen shot of the attributes to Xu Lin who with full of excitement, asked me to return to the city at once to make the trade. With some trouble, I convinced her to let me finish my mission first…

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