The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 036

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Hurricane City – Chapter 36 (The Princess And The Female Ghost)

Using the same method to lure out those 40 skeleton wizards a dozen of times, the inside of the haunted building was now just an empty big space. Almost falling rotten drapes hung on a doorway leading to a room, and coming from inside the room was a faint sound, clearly a female voice. Although I could not understand the woman’s high voice, it was more like a holler…

Once again, I fell in absolute horror for a short moment. Although playing this game didn’t benefit me in other way, at least it had trained my courage. Next time we all watched a horror movie together, it would not scare me to the point I need to hug Xin Yu.

I used the sword to spread open the drapes, only to find a staircase leading upstairs, where two milk-white female phantoms were lingering there.

Luring one of them right away, this Level 26 monster was not more difficult to handle than those skeleton wizards, although their screams would make me sent cold shivers down.

I immediately open the communication option and said to Xin Yu, “Don’t talk, just listen to the sounds over here!”

Xin Yu didn’t say anything at all and listen to the sound with obedient. I immediately adjusted the audio setting to the max, focusing on the ravages of those poor phantoms.

“How is it, Xin Yu? The game here is quite intense, right?”

Xin Yu froze a while then angrily said, “Lin Fan, you stinky, what the hell are you scheming?”

I was about to burst in laughter, hearing Xin Yu’s next sentence, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“You almost make mother die in envy. These women’s ** sound really stimulate the excitement so intensely…”

Speechless, I cut off the communication. After taking care of this sole monster, it was finally the moment to face the cause of this plaque that had been afflicted Princess Misha for three years. Just didn’t know, in this type of environment, whether she would still live or not.

Quietly tiptoeing up the stairs, I cautiously stuck my head out of the railing to check how the princess was doing. What I found scared the hell out of me that I rolled down the stairs in horror!

Upstairs, there was no presence of any princess, just a pure white female ghost! Under the white skirt was a transparent body, and her face was full of countless scars. Though, what frightened me most was she didn’t have any foot!

Its whole body floated in mid-air, and when it turned around to look at me, I almost pee in my pants. She just had one eye left, while the other one had rotted off already, where its foul eyeball was hanging there attached to the bloody veins.

System Notification: You lost 232 health due to the impact of the dramatic scene!

F***! Before I started anything, I had already lost two hundred more points of health. Literally a killing beauty, this female ghost almost killed me with her horror face!

Trembling with fear, once again I stood in front of the female ghost, although not daring to look on her face.

“Stranger, what are you doing here? Aren’t you afraid to disturb my peaceful rest?” The female ghost’s voice was pitch high and creepy.

“I just want to rescue Princess Misha,” I said my dialogue.

The female ghost sneered, “The king finally send someone to take the princess back? He still remember his daughter?”

I stared blankly, feeling awkward, “I wasn’t sent by the king. Where is the princess? I’m going to take her back!”

“You want to take her back? You’re not sent by the king, then who did send you?”

“Lance the Healer sent me.”

“Lance… Teacher?” The female ghost’s voice trembled, but then turned cold, “If you want to take the princess back, then first you have to go through me!”

“Motherf***er. After all the talk, in the end, it still come to a fight!” I brandished the sword and dashed forward.

System Notification: Because of the plague interference, the Health Recovery Speed reduced by 50%!

System Notification: You were affected by the ghost’s howl, Moving Speed reduced by 50%!

System Notification: You were affected by terror, Attack Speed reduced by 50%!

System Notification: You were affected by the female ghost’s resentment, Effect of Healing potions reduced by 50%!

Damn, those four red lines of system notification truly broke my heart, especially the last one, reduced effect of the healing potions. Those are all money!

Fortunately, almost everything was reduced, except for the Attack power, which made me felt slightly better. A shot of [Frozen Blade] had stunned the ghost, followed by [Heavy Strike] reducing 230 of its health. Using the [Combo], another 200+ health was gone.

But, the female ghost’s attack also gave me a hard time. Dealing 80 damages each time it attack caused me a deep sorrow, and even the originally +500 HP potions could now add no more than 250 HP. One medium potion could only resist the ghost’s three times attack, with a 10 seconds cooldown time. This time, although my movement speed was so slow, but it wasn’t possible to leave the boat anymore. I could only drink the potions and put my life on the line to fight the ghost.

The potion consumption speed was astonishing. By the time the female ghost’s health had dropped to less than 1/3, I had already consumed 8 out of the 10 bottles. Soon, I would have nothing left to help me kill the ghost successfully!

The fight continued with intense, head to head, the sword flashed nonstop!

I couldn’t continue anymore, I had drunk up the last of the two bottles, but the female ghost still had a trace of remaining health, as I only had half of my health left. This would not do. Although it looked as if it only had one trace of health left, but I was also not in a better condition. In the following exchanges of hits, my health would be empty!

It’s finished! Both of our health were at the bottom. Who would win in the end?!

I waited, and at last three minutes passed. Ah, my new skill could be used again!!

I launched the [Frozen Blade]!

The female ghost froze and was stunned for three seconds!!

[Heavy Strike], [Combo]!!


With a loud whining, the female ghost finally went down, but it did not disappear. Two equipment and a book fell to the ground. The female ghost gave me a dying look.

I hurriedly picked up the equipment and book and threw them into my inventory. Then cautiously watching the female ghost, I completely forgot to sit down to recover my health.

“Are you really sent by teacher Lance to rescue the Princess?” The female ghost kept panting, her voice was weak.

“Yes, he already found a cure for the Princess’s illness.”

“What? Teacher found a cure to my disease?” The female ghost was so surprised.

I was equally surprised, “You are Princess Misha?”

The female ghost’s voice carried a deep sadness, “Ever since I came here, the plague had tormented me continuously. Then later came several necromancers who extracted my soul, made me became a ghost in solitary…”

“Then, Princess, aren’t you already dead?” I was shocked. In this case, did I failed my mission?

“I’m not dead yet, but my soul has left the body…”

Sick! What an out-of-body experience!!

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  1. timeroc

    All I can think of now is why the story is called legendary thief. All I see is a normal warrior …

    1. Lingson Post author

      I’m going to set up an FAQ for this novel and explain about it. But in short, it have to do with the talent and the skills which he would get later on. He would be a Warrior with a Thief ability. Thieves usually lacked the power and defense of a warrior due to the restricted equipment. *Small Spoiler* – He will become a PK expert later.

  2. asriu

    “System Notification: You lost 232 health due to the impact of the dramatic scene!”
    ROFL I love this game system if this true maybe there are player who got stun status just because of seeing a beauty
    joke aside ty for new chapter, for next week will it be 3 normal chapter again?

    1. Lingson Post author

      LOL.. yeah, I was also like ‘huh???’ when I first read that. Just from the shock seeing the ghost you lost that much health? Well, it was the author’s first work on this genre, so he has made lots of improvement when he wrote ZL 🙂

      Regarding next week chapters, actually I plan to release 4 or 5 chapters, not 3 anymore.

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    First time commenting and may I just say WHAT AN OUT OF THE BODY EXPERIENCE!!! Made my Day.Thanks for the chapter


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