The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 037

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Hurricane City – Chapter 37 (Escort the Princess Home)

“Princess, what can I do to bring you back?” This was what I need to worry about right now.

Princess Misha’s soul was on the brink on disappearing as she whispered, “Take this Soul Wand, it will guide my soul to find my body in the basement. You must find it!”

Just when she finished her words, Misha’s soul gradually dissipated, and then attached itself to the old wand lying on the ground. I looked at my health to see it had recovered enough, so I took the wand right away and headed to the dank murky basement. The princess’s body was there, though unpleasant to the eyes, but at least it was still better than the appearance of the female ghost.

Moving the glowing wand on the Princess’s forehead, a white light flashed, then the princess slowly opened her eyes. And when she regained her visions, she got surprised but she showed a relieved and thankful expression.

“Thank you for saving me. This body of mine is still weak, could you escort me back to the city?”

I nodded without thinking, and the System Notification sounded right away.

System Notification: You accepted a Follow-Up Mission, [Mission: Escort Princess Misha Back to Hurricane City]. Along the way, you must ensure the Princess’s safety!

Princess Misha stood up and slowly walked toward the outside. Hold on… There are monsters out there! This idiot woman, how could she just walk straight out like that?

I ran out at once and with Princess Misha behind me, I killed the monsters to complete the mission. Although not too hard, but facing a group of skeleton warriors ganging up against me was not a fun thing to do. From a distance, a relative high-level Magician girl pointed her finger to us, and her faint voice could be heard. “Look over there, a handsome guy is fighting a group of monsters. Hey, isn’t it our town’s first ranked player, Qing Cai Baiyu Tang?”

Fighting all the way back to Hurricane City, guarding the Princess’s safety. Misha followed me without saying no words. She was an NPC, naturally, she would not say stupid things…

A player together with an NPC heading back to town surprised everyone, even the bystanders were gathering. Still residing in the residential alley, Lance appearance had not changed from his miserable look. But when he saw the person behind me, Princess Misha, his wrinkled face exposed a smile that would give people goose bumps.

“Young man, I didn’t expect you really rescue the Princess back from the hands of those sinister demons. Thank you so much!”

“Then… Be generous with the rewards!” I blurted out.

Lance obviously paused. Perhaps my words had affected the program, but lucky enough, I didn’t cause the program to crash.

“Of course you will be rewarded. The princess has returned to safety, the old King must be very happy! Young man, here is your reward!”


System Notification: You completed [Mission: Rescue Princess Misha]. You gain 82,000 experience and 12 Gold coins. Prestige +500. You get [Guardian’s Armor]!

Another equipment, awesome!

[Guardian’s Armor] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 52

Stamina: +16

Strength: +14

Agility: +15

Required Level: 21

Yes, a blue armor. It seemed the mission rewarded me a fitting equipment! Oh right, when I defeated the Princess’s ghost, I also received a drop of two equipment and a book. Let’s take a look at the inventory:

[Phantom Glove] (Green Equipment)

Defense: 26

Stamina: +10

Strength: +8

Required Level: 18

[Witches Hat] (Green Equipment)

Defense: 14

Stamina: +8

Intelligence: +11

Required Level: 18

[Divine Protection] (Skill Book)

When a Cleric learns this protective skill, he/she can raise a defensive shield to protect him/herself or an ally.

I daydreamed for a long time. All the latest dropped equipment were fit for Xu Lin. Fortunately, the [Phantom Glove] was suitable for me. Besides, a weak Magician Class player like Xu Lin could not equip this armor.

After such a long time, at last I got this skill book drop for Lu Xue Han. This girl, in the hierarchy of our group, she was now only second to me. A player with high level without outstanding skills would be useless.

I immediately equipped the stuff I could use, then went to the auction house to list the previous Defense +22 green [Soldier’s Armor] for sale at the price of 1200 RMB. In the current state of the game, there were already a lot of high-level players. The price sunk fast, and I estimated that in another week, this item would only sell for a price of 100 RMB.

After calling Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han to get back to the city, I also rearranged my equipment. Although there were still parts of the body with no equipment, but the equipment I could wear were of top qualities with attributes that could scare the hell out of a player.

[Qing Cai Baiyu Tang] (Swordsman)

Level: 22

Health: 1020

Attack: 150-186 (x110%)

Defense: 152 (x110%)

Prestige: 1110

Luck: 0


Hands – [Pine Forest Claymore] (Green equipment)

Attack: 24-45

Strength: +8

Stamina: +7

Required Level: 12

Chest – [Guardian’s Armor] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 52

Stamina: +16

Strength: +14

Agility: +15

Required Level: 21

Legs – [Ferocious Wolf Shinguard] (Green equipment)

Defense: +8

Stamina: +3

Strength: +2

Required Level: 4

Arms – [Phantom Glove] (Green Equipment)

Defense: 26

Stamina: +10

Strength: +8

Required Level: 18

[Undertaker’s Ring] (Blue equipment)

Strength: +15

Stamina: +12

Agility: +16

Special Effect: While wearing this ring, when you attack, you will absorb 3% of the damage dealt to restore your health.

Required Level: 20

[Devotion Necklace] (No grade)

Stamina: +10

Strength: +12

Intelligence: +8

Agility: +14

Extra: Increase skills success rate by 50%.

Looking at my own stats, I was speechless. In [Moon Monochrome], putting up equipment could increase a player’s attributes as much as the level’s attributes. With my earlier health of 742, after I equipped the two blue equipment and two green equipment would rise my health to 1020. If I took off all the equipment including the sword which added stamina points, at my current level, the base health would not be more than 500 HP. No need to mention the Attack then. All my equipment together would give me Strength +61. And adding the Attack 24-45 from the weapon, my total Attack already reached 150-186. Without high-quality equipment, a player with the same level using a normal sword would only have a total of Attack 65-80. Then whether it could deal a double digit damage when attacking monsters above Level 20 would still be questionable.

Currently, few players had a green equipment. Most of the players, at a glance, would be wearing white equipment. To have a green equipment would be considered an expert player. Someone like me, who got two blue equipment, would not dare to show off in public. Otherwise, people would take a picture for a souvenir and posted it on the game forum, which would guarantee me to be famous.

In [Moon Monochrome], the equipment was divided into ten parts: Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Chest Armor, Leg Protector, Shoe, Glove, Capes, Necklace, and Ring. Currently, I had six types of items, and most of them were Level 10 or less trashy green equipment, so my equipment was not superb. But for a player at this stage, such equipment would still be unmatched.

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