The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 040

Hurricane City – Chapter 40 (The PK Battle)

“Shan Shan…”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“That’s good.”

“Why’s that good?”

“Nothing, I just like to say that’s good…”

The same dialog happened again in KFC. Murong Shan Shan took a straw with a smile on her face and played with the ice cubes in the glass. Watching a couple next to them, she said, “Lin Fan, I’m just saying, if last time Mad Warrior attacked other people, not me, would you also fight like that with him?”

“Shit, why are you asking this?” I frowned then continued, “I got paid that other day, so, of course, I’ll do that for the employer’s sake. There’s nothing to say about it.”

“Fool!” Murong Shan Shan said with a bitter tone.

I smiled and walked over to the counter to buy a cup of coffee. Back to face Murong Shan Shan, I said, “today, I’ll just consider to be unlucky to meet you while you brought no money with you. But still, you said to treat me to an ice-cream cone. And yet, I’m the one treating you to it.”

“Hmm, I just forgot to bring money. To have the opportunity to treat me for something, you should feel honored.”

“Come on, it’s already four now. Let’s head back, I could have reached Level 23 already.”

Murong Shan Shan nodded, took the coffee and follow me back.

Murong Shan Shan’s college was located on the road heading home. At the school gate, many students went in and out, and apparently, many of them knew her. A lot of people greeted us, but the way these guys looked at me made me feel weird.

“What’s the matter? Are you not taking me to the dormitory?”

“Please! I’m not your boyfriend. Stop wasting my valuable time!”

“Okay then, see you in the game!”

When I got back to my place, it was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and one by one, everyone logged out of the game for dinner. Lu Xue Han also just got out from her room while still rubbing her eyes.

“You’re already back from having a meal with Murong Shan Shan?” Xu Lin only wore a tank top, exposing a piece of her white underwear.

I sat down, picked up the cup of tea on the table, took a sip then said, “I don’t want to talk about it! Just for a free meal, I have to go with that crazy girl around the city the whole afternoon. I’m dead tired!”

“Did you bring enough money to get a room?”

“Ugh, we’re not there yet…”

Lu Xue Han knocked over the teacup as she was pouring tea. Xin Yu also let out a sigh and patted her plump chest saying nothing.

Although I eat something at KFC, but I still got a hungry stomach, so I bluntly picked up the chopsticks to eat a little. After exchanging words with them, I was going to get back to leveling. At this moment, Lu Xue Han stopped me.

“Lin Fan, have you heard? This afternoon, outside our city wall, two groups of people were fighting each other, and many of them died. I heard that the leader of the groups was the town’s second and third rank! But both of them had lost levels and they aren’t even in the top ten now…”

I was shocked, turned around to ask, “Was it [Mad Warrior] and [Little Ants on the Tree Leaves]?”

“Yes.” Lu Xue Han nodded. Her beautiful face flashed a surprised look. It was clear she didn’t think I would be interested in this matter.

“Xue Han, do you know why they were fighting?”

Lu Xue Han shook her head, instead Xin Yu answered, “It seemed to be a quarrel between the members. There were dozens of high-level players died in front of the city’s gate, it was such an amazing scene with so many pieces of white equipment dropped!”

I remained silent for a moment then said, “I’ll go practice then.” and went into my room.

Back online, I appeared inside the city. I opened the ranking list at once, and indeed, Ye Qiu and Mad Warrior had dropped off the top-ten list. The second and third rank now was occupied by Lu Xue Han and Murong Shan Shan. As for Murong Shan Shan, it was because she wasn’t online for half day that she was pushed to the third place. Xu Lin and Xin Yu both were placed sixth and seventh respectively, and the two places between them were taken by two Magicians.

All the city’s general mission were completed. I was pretty lucky, having received at least a few unique missions. At the moment, close to 90% of the players only received general missions, and the newbies didn’t even know about missions at all.

I got both my two blue equipment from the mission. The effect of completing missions was very significant. Most of the players didn’t do a mission to get equipment, and without a good equipment it would be hard to kill monsters. Then the chance to get equipment drops would become even smaller. Most of the players were suffering in this cycle right now.

According to the introduction on the official forum, each of the primary cities’ surroundings would only have the highest monster’s level of Level 40. The players at the primary cities would need to wait until they reached Level 40, and after a while, four big imperial cities would be opened, providing monsters with levels higher than those at the primary cities. Those who would like to move to the imperial cities could do that, and those who would like to stay at the primary cities could also choose to do so. This would also lessen the pressure of the local servers, otherwise with the current continued increase of the players, those servers would probably crash.

It seemed that I had not cleared the west part of the plague cemetery. Although there were monsters that I could kill for me to level, but at present, those Level 24 skeleton warriors would not suit my need for practice anymore. Even if I could kill them with just two hits, but with my current level of 23, the experience gained from killing a skeleton warrior was less than what I got before. If I didn’t find another high-level monsters, I might not be able to keep my first ranking position for long.

I bought some red potions at the auction house and saw those items I listed were also sold already. Besides the Spirit Dagger that I sold for 10,000 RMB, the other white and low-level green equipment all were sold for more than 2000. So, my two days effort for our group had earned about 12,000 Yuan, and I also got 1/3 share of that amount.

After repairing my equipment, it was time to leave for leveling. Under the gate of Hurricane City, many players came and left, it was also a quiet and peaceful scene.

“Hey, something is happening over there, let’s have a look!” Several players suddenly rushed to walk out of the city gate, there seemed to be something happening out there.

I trotted over only to find a lot of people already gathered at the wide open field outside the city’s gate. Among them, dozens seemed ready to draw their weapons, including that old acquaintance of mine – Mad Warrior. The present him had already changed, wearing a shining silver armor and holding a big green sword which glittered under the moonlight.

Across Mad Warrior, stood a Male Magician holding a decayed wooden staff. Above his head showed the words [Little Ants On The Tree Leaves]. That was the moment where I knew Ye Qiu trained as a Magician!

A player next to me said, “Man, these two groups are going to fight again. Haven’t they fight enough this afternoon?”

I grasped the sword in my hand. It seemed possible that I could still help Ye Qiu!

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