The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 041

Hurricane City – Chapter 41 (To Kill For Money)

With the sword resting on his shoulder, Mad Warrior arrogantly said, “We have over three hundred brothers, most of them are above the tenth level. Who do you think you are? Just because one of your group members has a dirty mouth, you’ll fight us? [Little Ants on the Tree Leaves], didn’t you die enough this morning?”

Ye Qiu was a man with no fear, he said with a smile, “that’s right. This morning several brothers had died. Our group members aren’t that many, but my TOT’s brothers are all elites above Level 15. Compared to you, a bunch of rotten tomatoes and potatoes, you guys are nothing.”

The TOT war team? Those more than a dozen brothers of mine are all joining to play [Moon Monochrome]?

I was excited, and the sword hilt in my hand were slightly shaking. But the current me could not talk to Ye Qiu and the others right now. After all, it was me who betrayed them. If I ran to them now and said I wanted to get back on the team, would the accept me once again?

The TOT war team was now already famous in the country. For two consecutive years, they placed the top three in the domestic league. Its nearly 20 members were all amazing players, even the substitutes were first class players. And now they all joined [Moon Monochrome], then it was only a matter of time before they would reign terror in [Moon Monochrome].

I wanted to create legends with them in [Moon Monochrome]. Would I still have a chance?

When I was thinking about it, Ye Qiu and Mad Warrior were already engaged in a fight!

It became a chaotic scene. The Level 17 Magician, Ye Qiu, moved fast to dodge Mad Warrior’s blow, and several players behind him started to make a move. Soon, the sky was filled with arrows and magic missiles, and several low-level players from Mad Warrior’s side were insta-killed. A white cloth leggings fell on the ground, which a group of onlookers picked up at once.

Too bad, although TOT members were elites, but they lacked in numbers. Soon, their health were empty and their soul was sent back to the city’s revival zone.

With the support of two high-level Clerics, Mad Warrior fought aggressively to push Ye Qiu. Although Ye Qiu was extremely tough, but he could not keep up with Mad Warrior who was always being in full health through the support of those two Clerics. The gathering crowd was sitting patiently waiting for Ye Qiu to fall and drop his decayed staff.

I quietly approached the two Clerics behind Mad Warrior who were concentrating on supporting Mad Warrior to kill Ye Qiu. By the time I raised my sword and threw a hit at a Cleric, he realized he was being ambushed!



One strike followed by another horizontal slash! Two ordinary attacks had sent the Level 16 Cleric right back to the city!

The remained Cleric looked at me panicky, and I didn’t hesitate to deliver a hit using [Heavy Strike].


A critical hit!

With the Swordsman’s full strength, two white rays of light flashed behind Mad Warrior almost without delays.

Mad Warrior was still chasing Ye Qiu in excitement and didn’t realize his doom.

The other players shouted in alarm. I approached Mad Warrior and with a cold blows in the air [Frozen Blade] froze him instantly and stunned him for 3 seconds.

A [Combo] followed right after, plus a fireball casted by Ye Qiu, thus, Mad Warrior was killed instantly. It would take 5 seconds to revive, besides, he would be attacked right away. So in this case, Mad Warrior would have no chance of reviving. Even better now that he had dropped that Silver Armor of his, so I picked it up right away.

System Notification: Your PK value exceeds 100. You are temporarily included in the city’s most wanted list!

A red name already?

I rushed through the crowd and quickly ran to the west of the city. By the time other players realized what was going on, I had already disappeared into the vast jungle.


My name was indeed red. Then I would need to kill monsters for 10 hours before it became white again…

Maybe I killed him too fast and escaped so soon, after almost half an hour, that Ye Qiu guy didn’t come to find me. It seemed that he didn’t see my name clearly.

Through the forest, across the plague cemetery was a broken bridge. And behind the bridge was a sawmill which a bunch of high-level undeads were occupying. It was still the skeleton undead, but this time it was Level 26 to 30’s Skeleton Leader, which also had high attacks but low health, thus perfect for my high attack sword skills.

Oh right, I picked up Mad Warrior’s armor just now, so I quickly opened my inventory to see.

[Silver Armor]

Defense: 32

Stamina: +8

Strength: +7

Required Level: 16


Lu Xue Han sent a message, “Lin Fan, the one helping [Little Ants on the Tree Leaves] and killed Mad Warrior’s three players just now, was it you?”

“Huh, Xue Han, you already hear about it?”

“Well, right now everyone in the city is talking about it. Mad Warrior had found Lin sister, and she has no choice but to say you are not part of our group. It’s not a problem for you, right?”

“Of course not. And, right now my name is in red. Please tell Lin sister I would play all night to clear my red name, otherwise it would be terrible if someone killed me.”


I cut off the communication, I began my ‘Clearing the Red Name’ journey. With my current Defense of 152, even the Level 26 skeleton leaders would only deal me 30 damage points with each hit. And every time I attack, I would cause damage around 250 points. Thus, with the drain effect of the ring, I almost got my health back to full, so I didn’t need to drink any potion.

After practicing for two hours, it was already nine in the evening. I felt so bored, so I send a screen shot of the Silver Armor to Murong Shan Shan. Few seconds later, that girl already responded, “I’m already out of money now. Lin Fan, don’t keep tempting me!”

I let out a crooked smile and persuaded, “Shan Shan, you can just overdraft, it’s almost the end of the month already. How much allowance do you have for next month?”

Murong Shan Shan with an acknowledgment sound said, “Probably about 5000. But in a few days, this piece of equipment would be worthless, then I wouldn’t need it anymore.”

“That’s okay. I’ll sell it to you for 2000. It was a drop from Mad Warrior anyway and took little effort from me. Just use it first and give me the money when you have gotten your next month’s allowance.”

“Well, would it be okay? Where are you now? I’ll be right there.”

“Ok, the coordinates are xxx,xxx. Get over here fast, I missed you so much!”

“Ugh, you’re disgusting~!”

Half an hour later, Murong Shan Shan emerged from the woods covered with dews, her beautiful long hair also had a few fresh green leaves on them.


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