The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 046

Hurricane City – Chapter 46 (Chicken Mushroom Stew)

The darkness of the night had befallen already. When I finished doing the stuff for my personal hygiene, all the others had logged off already for dinner. Lu Xue Han was responsible for preparing today’s meal, and from far away, a delicious smell was emanating from the kitchen’s direction.

“Lin Fan, I’ve reached Level 22 today!” Lu Xue Han came out from the kitchen with the dishes, not forgetting to report her progress. A small flowery apron tied on her small waist, she looked so cute. Yes, indeed really cute. If it had been worn by Xin Yu, I would not say so.

Based on my observation, only Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han might be the last two women in our studio who was still pure…

I responded, “Oh, 22 already, not bad. Xue Han, what is it you’re cooking? It smells so good.”

“Chicken Mushroom Stew!”

At this time, Xin Yu and Xu Lin also came out from their room laughing, it looked like today they had made quite a profit. When I asked, indeed… In just one afternoon, Xu Lin, Lu Xue Han, and Xin Yu, the three of them together had managed to acquire three Level 15 and higher green equipment, of which, one of it could be used by Lu Xue Han, while the other two was sold for over 500 Yuan. Too bad the equipment weren’t close combat weapons, otherwise they would surely sell off for a big fortune.

“Lin Fan, what did you achieve last night?” Xin Yu asked with a grin.

After thinking for a moment, I said, “A Level 26 blue Cloak, and a Level 24 green Boots, both I can use. Oh, and a Barbarian skill book which I’ve listed in the Auction house. I don’t know if someone had bought it already or not. And I’ve reached Level 27.”

“Not a small gain at all.” Xu Lin smiled, then looked at me dubiously and said, “Last night, in the city, the top two city ranks had increased several levels, are there anything special about that?”

Xin Yu added oil to the flame by also saying, “In the middle of the night, a couple being alone, besides training, has nothing happened?”

I awkwardly explained, “I was doing a mission together with Murong Shan Shan yesterday. She had good equipment. Teaming together, we completed the mission easier. If I was doing it by myself, it could be very hard to complete.”

Xu Lin smirked, “Don’t worry, I will not forbid you to relate with her. Besides, I learned from Xin Yu that she is still a college student, not just beautiful but also wealthy. If you can woo her, that would be good.”

“What are you guys talking about? There’s nothing between us. With her being so rich, would she even notice this poor guy?”

“Hmm, the more you try to cover it, the more suspicious does it sounds.”

“Ah, just forget it. I’m not saying anything anymore!”

I quickly clipped a piece of Chicken Mushroom Stew with my chopstick and put it into my mouth. Savoring the taste for a moment, I got a flash of my childhood when I was picking mushrooms in the fields after the rain. Mom’s Chicken Mushroom Stew tasted about the same with this one. Lu Xue Han was indeed a gentle, virtuous, beautiful, and the best of the girls after all!

“Xue Han, it smells really delicious. Ah, if only every meal could be like this!” I ate while praising her.

Lu Xue Han snow-white face was instantly becoming red and said in a low voice, “If you like it, then I’ll do it every day.”

“Unfortunately,” Xin Yu said with a sour tone, “he already had that Murong sister. Xue Han, shouldn’t you fight to get our Lin Fan back?”

Lu Xue Han just smiled without saying anything further, just quietly ate her meal.

Xu Lin suddenly remembered something, smiled and said, “Lin Fan, at 7 tonight, our studio had received a paid request from a player. That person is a merchant in Shanghai, they hired us to help their boss to complete a Class Promotion’s Mission. Regardless of the difficulty, the fee is 2000 RMB.”

I just smiled, “No need to consider. The difficulty of the mission wouldn’t be low. He must have already failed, so he wanted to hire us.”

Xin Yu nodded and said, “That’s right, nothing is cheap nowadays. Although, our Class Promotion’s Mission were quite simple, the level of the monster that we need to kill wasn’t high, and we managed it quite easily. I can’t imagine how difficult this person’s mission could be. Is it that everyone’s mission would be different?”

Lu Xue Han put her chopsticks down, her eyes blinked with glitter, she said, “I think so. I’ve heard in other cities, there are players who had to hire 10 players of Level 20 to achieve the promotion.”

I suddenly looked up to ask, “When you finished the Class Promotion’s mission, did the Profession Trainer reward any skills?”

“Not really. We can only learn those few original skills, with some new skills that were quite useless. Why? Did you get some skills as a reward?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, since I was the first player in the world that got promoted, I received a skill book as a reward, [Frozen Blade], can stun enemies for 3 seconds, movement speed reduced by 50% for 60 seconds! Super PK skill. Yesterday I used the skill to kill a Level 17 player.”

Lu Xue Han gave a look of amazed, Xin Yu almost drop her saliva, Xu Lin’s face was also lighted up, and the rest of the girls all looked at me with adoring eyes.

“But there’s one thing…” Xu Lin gave a dark look and continued, “You have started a feud with Mad Warrior. I don’t want to meddle with this, but our studio is in the game for the money, so you shouldn’t provoke players like Mad Warrior. If it’s okay with Lin Fan, I think in public places we shouldn’t admit you as a member of our team. This way would benefit us all, and Lin Fan can play leisurely too. If you want to kill someone, just kill and act like a lone wolf. But when the team is in needs, you should still give us a hand to help.”

I nodded silently saying nothing. Although Xu Lin words made sense, but I somehow felt like I was being abandoned. I wasn’t feeling too happy.

Xu Lin stole a glance at me, then softly said, “actually, I also want to seek revenge with you and kill all the people we dislike. But the reality doesn’t allow me to do that. The electricity, water bill, and all the other expenses need to be paid, and we need to have an income. If everyone is too busy to PK, in the future, whether it’s just to get equipment or doing missions, things wouldn’t be convenient.”

I smiled and said, “It’s OK. I also like being a lone wolf. Besides, the other day, I met a group with many girls, maybe I could sneak in and snatch on of the beauty?”

Xu Lin knew I was only joking, laughed drily, and began to eat the vegetables.

Lu Xue Han’s eyes were like the water, she looked at Xu Lin as if she was going to say something, but instead she said softly to me, “Quick, finish the dinner. We only have half an hour before it’s time to help the guy who paid us. If we’re late, it would give a bad impression to us and affect our reputation.”

It was then silent, and only the sound of the chopsticks and plates collided was heard.

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