The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 047

Hurricane City – Chapter 47 (Bear Killer)

After dinner, everyone went back to their room. Lu Xue Han called me and said, “Lin Fan, Lin sister is doing it for everyone’s good, please don’t hold a grudge…”

I smiled, “No problem at all. It’s still not clear when we can establish our guild. To wait for Lin sister to reach 10,000 prestige, I’m afraid I can’t wait for it…”

Lu Xue Han nodded and said with a smile, “Then let’s get online. It’s almost time for the mission.”

I walked into my room with a smile. This was my work now, so why should I be upset about this. I just needed to focus on earning my share!

When I got online, first I looked at the friend list. Murong Shan Shan’s name was still dark. It seemed that she was still sleeping, or perhaps she was having dinner.

I opened the system information and was excited to find out that the Barbarian skill book had been sold for a high price of 18,400 Yuan. This was really a crazy world. This Level 14 skill book would later surely be easy to acquire, but there were still more rich people willing to spend money on this. Anyway, this skill was very practical regardless for leveling or PK.

[Battle Axe Strike] and the Swordsman’s [Heavy Strike] were almost the same, except the higher damage added. Just one level would increase the damage by 15%, while the Swordsman’s skill only increased 10%, more than half of it. That was why the Barbarian was the highest damage dealer profession in [Moon Monochrome]. Just imagine a Level 90 Barbarian with [Battle Axe Strike] rose to Level 10, that would be a 150% increased of damage, totaling 2.5 times of the original damage. Against another profession with the same level, the health bar would be emptied fast. Fortunately, the higher the skill level, the chance to hit would also get lower. And with a Level 10, the hit chance would be lowered by almost 50%. This would give the non-armored profession a little way to escape.

“Lin Fan, come to the East Gate. The employer is already here.” Xu Lin sent me a message.

The East Gate was near the auction house, so I went right over there after organizing my equipment. There were already many people at the East Gate bridge, including the 7 girls from the Green Veggies team. There was also a Warrior called ‘Heifa Piao Fei’ (Black Hair Floating in the Air) standing with them together, it seemed that he was the rich employer.

When Heifa Piao Fei saw me coming, he was obviously surprised for a moment, then turned to smile and say, “Since the eight of you are here already, let’s go!”

Xu Lin nodded and lead the way. Her AOE magic skill was very effective to clean up the low-level mobs.

Heifa Piao Fei made an introduction while walking, “The mission is to kill a Bear King BOSS in the valley, but there’s a small BOSS, a Bear Killer, guarding the cave leading to the valley. I came here with 4 of my friends to fight it, but they were all insta-killed by the Bear Killer. I was lucky enough to use the City Return Scroll in time, otherwise we might wait until tomorrow before the promotion mission.”

I asked, “What skill did the small BOSS use to instakill you all? Does he have a very high Attack?”

“Not really, his attack isn’t too high, at least not that high to instakill us. But his skill is very strong, and every time he threw his ax, one of us will die instantly. He’s really too violent!”

“Throwing Ax? Could it be the [Battle Ax Strike]?”

“Yes, that’s right, it was that skill. It was so sick, everybody must be careful!”

I nodded and said to Lu Xue Han, “as long Xue Han can put her instant skill in good use, there won’t be any death now!”

Lu Xue Han smiled, “No Problem.”

The cave was not far ahead of us, and there weren’t many monsters in the cave, only small blood-sucking bats, and similar small creatures. Xu Lin used her fire magic to lit the cave and the cave gradually dimmed. The red rocks on the surrounding, illuminated by the fire, looked as if it were dyed with blood. Then there was nothing anymore in front of us, so quiet, just the sound of water dripping from the stalactites.

Heifa Piao Fei stopped and was very tense, pointed to the front and said, “The Bear Killer is right in front of us, everybody must be careful!”

Xu Lin immediately gave out orders, “Everyone wait here. I’ll use my Frost Arrow to lure the bear. When it come over, Xin Yu will use Shock Arrow to stun, then Lin Fan can approach to fight it. Xue Han, don’t forget to heal Lin Fan.”

Everyone nodded, but I felt uneasy. I reached out to stop Xu Lin and cautiously said, “Lin sister, hold on. It might have a long range physical attack skill. It’s better if I go first, or else you might be insta-killed!”

Xu Lin was startled for a while, then smiled when she said, “Okay, that might be safer!”

I pulled out my sword, went over the stone wall, only to see a valiant human holding an ax standing in the middle of the tunnel. The walls on both of his sides were full of thistles and thorns, completely blocking the way. It seemed only by defeating him then we could continue.

I rushed forward in a flash, used the [Frozen Blade], followed by a casted fire magic, Ice Arrow, and Shock Arrow to freeze the Bear Killer there. Just when I felt confident, the Bear Killer shouted, “God, grant me the power to send these intruders to the outer world!”

A shining ax flew out from the Bear Killer’s hand, targeting the person nearest to him, which was me!


The red figures had shocked everyone. No wonder Heifa Piao Fei and his friends were insta-killed. Even with my 212 Defense, it could still give me such high damage. If it was someone else, wouldn’t it be over a thousand?


A holy light engulfed me. The reaction speed of Lu Xue Han had improved greatly, and before the Bear Killer’s second attack arrived, she had healed me “262” points. Although not very high, but enough for me to take another blow from the Bear Killer’s ax.

I quickly shouted, “long-range attacker don’t get too close! If the attack hits you, you’ll be instakill for sure.”

Xin Yu immediately retreated after shooting with her bow and laughingly said, “You should be careful too. It wouldn’t look good if you get killed too fast!”

With our combined attacks, the Bear Killer’s health dropped with a fast rate. His health was originally not too high, perhaps around 2000. And with his low Defense, it only took a few minutes to finish him. As long you could stand against the throwing ax, killing him wasn’t a difficult thing.

Nothing was dropped. But when I opened my profile to take a look, I was surprised to find out the prestige reward was quite big. Although there was no System Notification, but my Prestige had risen from 1630 to 1960, an increase of 330 points. With 9 people, each of us still got more than 300 prestige. The prestige reward of killing the Bear Killer was really significant.

What Murong Shan Shan needed the most right now was prestige. Here would be a perfect place to accumulate it!


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