The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 048

Hurricane City – Chapter 48 (Murong Shan Shan’s Troops)

After crossing the path guarded by the Bear Killer, when I turned back to look, I found out that just in the short few minutes, the Bear Killer had re-spawned already. Grinding Prestige at this place would be something convenient to do.

“Hurry, there’s nothing good to look at.” Xin Yu pulled me, following behind everyone.

Outside the cave, there was an entirely different world. From the verdant valley the sound of water murmuring could be heard, and on some occasion, a few Level 24 bear monsters would jump out creating killing scenes.

“The Bear King BOSS should be at an open field behind this jungle. Yesterday I’ve checked the map.” Heifa Piao Fei explained.

Xu Lin excitedly said, “Then let’s hurry to go there!”

Soon, our group of people had cleared the way to pass, and there was indeed just the black Bear King alone in the open ground after the jungle. I looked at the stats, it was a Level 28 BOSS. For our group, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

“This time, I’ll freeze it first, then Lin Fan will face it.”

When Xu Lin’s mana was back full, she stood up and chanted the Frost spell. A blue light radiated from the fingers.


a Frost Arrow hit the Bear King’s body, it immediately reduced its speed by 20%, Xin Yu and I attacked it right away. One round of attack had reduced about 1/10 of the Bear King’s health. Xin Yu’s equipment now could be considered good already. With the one I gave her, and those she got by herself, she already had 5 green equipment. Her attack power was strong now, added her skills to it, she had now become a main attack force.

A few minutes later, as expected, the Bear King had fallen and dropped a staff. Xu Lin immediately rushed to pick up the staff, followed by Heifa Piao Fei who seemed to be dissatisfied next to the Bear King’s body. He said, “This BOSS dropped an equipment, it should be mine…”

He said his words with no confidence, which Xu Lin instantly retorted, “We helped you to complete your promotion mission. You didn’t even touch the BOSS, no matter what, this equipment shouldn’t be yours, right? You aren’t lacking any equipment yourself, just consider it a little bonus to help you clear the mission.”

Heifa Piao Fei was speechless and with a forced smile he returned to the city to report the mission.

Xu Lin looked at the dropped Staff. It added a healing effect, so it was directly given to Lu Xue Han. After everyone was back to the city, I looked at the time. It only took one hour to complete this mission to earn 2000 Yuan!


I didn’t notice Murong Shan Shan had gone online already and had also sent me a text, “Lin Fan, I got a Class Promotion’s Mission and it seems to be very hard. I’ve already asked a few friends to come. Can you also come to help?”

I thought for a moment and answered, “I won’t mind helping, but I will still charge a fee!”

Murong Shan Shan opened the communication line right away and said with an exaggerated smile, “Wow, you really think of me as a cash cow. And I thought we were friends, didn’t think there would still be business matter~!”

I desperately tried not to laugh but saying seriously, “Come on, I’m doing this for a living. With no fees, what am I supposed to do?”

Murong Shan Shan laughed and asked me, “Lin Fan, I only now got online, are you not going to ask what I’ve been doing?”

I was quite surprised, “What’s keeping you? Your great aunt came?” (TL Note: It’s a slang for a woman to get her period.)

“Asshole! I already got it several days ago… God, why did I even say that…” Murong Shan Shan blurted out, got embarrassed, and anxiously said, “Let’s get serious. I just went to the bank and transferred 100,000 RMB into the account number you gave me, on your behalf.”

100,000 Yuan? What’s the occasion?

I asked in surprise, “Why are you giving me that much money?”

“Well, this time my mom had allocated a total of 600,000 of operating funds. I want to use 100,000 to buy your service as my assistant. Unless there are special circumstances, I want you to be available anytime, whether to help me with a mission or something. And later on after I established my guild, if there’s a conflict with other guild, you have to help me.”

Hearing Murong Shan Shan’s words, I lost my excitement right away, and asked, “Shan Shan, you didn’t think that just with 100,000 Yuan, you can buy my hard labor for a lifetime, right?”

“Of course not. This 100,000 counts for two months salary. If you’re doing well, I will add some extra to it. Besides, if you have equipment to sell, it will be additional to it too.”

I thought for a moment, and smilingly said, “How can you put so much trust in me? If I repudiate this, what are you going to do?”

“It doesn’t matter. If you dare to repudiate it, even if I have to chase you to the end of the world, I won’t let you go.”

“No need to be so serious. Tell me where you are, I’ll be right over…”

This time, Murong Shan Shan brought even more people, a mighty large group with about 50 persons. After she put me in the team, their names all turned green.

“What do you think? My future troops are full with talented people, right?” Murong Shan Shan proudly said.

In cold sweats, I risked myself to asked her with a whisper, “These are your people? Why only a few girls? I even know them all…”

Murong Shan Shan blinked her eyes and said pouting, “Anyway, to have this many people is already good enough. Do you have any advice?”

I smiled, “Although there are many of them but have you ever thought how many of them would be really loyal to the team? Furthermore, I’m saying if, hmm, if one day you got a boyfriend, I guess they would just leave the team like that. They are not reliable!”

Murong Shan Shan simply smiled silently and looked at me for a moment before saying, “So what are you implying?”

I spread my hands in innocence, and at that moment Cocoa already came and said, “Let’s depart already. The others are getting impatient.”

Murong Shan Shan nodded and said in the team channel, “Everybody let’s depart to the East Demon Valley!”

The large group marched slowly. With my equipment giving me so much agility, my movement speed was faster than the others, so I had to slow down with them. With this ability, I easily walked beside Murong Shan Shan, which kind of drove the other supporter crazy. They all tried to squeeze toward us, but, fortunately, Cocoa and several other girls surrounded us. I just walked with my sword unsheathed. No one here was a match to my strength.

When I opened the team member list, I found that these animals were actually mostly on Level 15 or less. Did they level together with the girls?

I whispered to the beautiful girl next to me, “Shan Shan, you brought so many people with you, what do you need me for? They could kill a monster just by spitting all together.”

Murong Shan Shan glanced at the crowd and said, “I want you to know them first. Anyway, when is your team going to establish a guild?”

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