The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 049

Hurricane City – Chapter 49 (Class Promotion Accomplished)

Xu Lin’s team?

I reckoned that for a long period of time, we would only exist as a party, that was the most basic image of a guild. Although it wasn’t fix, but as soon as a Guild Creation Certificate was obtained, then the status of everyone in the party would be upgraded to a guild member. The perks of being a member of a guild came in great quantity. For example, it provided 10% bonus experience while hunting monsters, which was a considerable amount. When a guild upgraded into a legion, then the experience bonus would be 20%!

Currently, players could only fantasize about it. Not only none of the players had managed to raise their prestige to 10000 yet, but there was also the fact that nobody had any idea where to get a Guild Creation Certificate. The officials weren’t even leaking any hints to us, so it all came down to the players to search.

Murong Shan Shan was now actually asking when our Green Veggies team would be forming a guild…

“I don’t know. It’s still quite early, our prestige isn’t even close for the requirement.”

“If I manage to establish a guild first, would you join my guild?” Murong Shan Shan said while biting her lips.

All of a sudden, I recalled about how Xu Lin renounced me following the dispute with Mad Warrior, thus I said, “As for this, we can discuss it in the future. Establishing a guild isn’t something that we can do just by speech after all.”

Murong Shan Shan pursed her lips and smiled, “If that’s the case, we’ll talk about it next time. The Devil Valley is just further ahead. All the monsters there are of the demon types, clerics would have an easy time against them.”

“That’s right, what’s your mission about? Is it to eliminate a BOSS or what?”

“If only it is as simple as killing a BOSS, my mission is really abnormal. It says that there are 18 magical seals scattered over all corners of the valley. Only by releasing all 18 seals simultaneously within 5 seconds would the BOSS for my mission be released. I think this BOSS really isn’t simple. Who knows, it might even drop a few blue equipment for me~!” Murong Shan Shan displayed a very excited expression, her cute and spirited figure caused all the perverted followers to stare in a daze.

Murong Shan Shan ordered a command in the party chat and almost 50 players immediately scattered and headed into the valley. The magical seals were pretty obvious, while the monsters in the valley were only left with a few, following the stampede of the large group of players.

Cocoa walked to my side quietly and spoke in a low voice, “Hey, do you know that Shan Shan is the prettiest girl in our school? Almost all the guys here have ulterior motives towards her.”

I nodded my head but didn’t say anything.

“Aren’t you worried?” Cocoa stared at my face as if she would not let any of my expression escaped her eyes.

“Worried about what?”

Cocoa gave me a stupefied look. After determining that I really didn’t care, she said, “Forget about it. Just pretend that I never asked anything, poor Shan Shan, who knows she’ll be chased by which pervert…”


Before long, all the 18 magical seals were occupied by the players. Murong Shan Shan opened the map and confirmed all seal location had been covered. Then, she started giving out instructions through the party chat, “On the count of 3, everyone immediately deactivates the magical seal. Hold on! Which idiot is already deactivating the seal at 9 o’clock? Stop it right now!”

Following a brief chaos, everyone finally calmed down and successfully deactivated all magical seals under Murong Shan Shan’s arrangement by the second attempt. A blinding light radiated and suddenly a Level-25 Boss spawned in the middle of the map. This was none other than the target of Murong Shan Shan.

“Lin Fan, come over and help out. Everyone, strike together!”

Everyone charged towards this pitiful BOSS. By the time I landed my second strike, the boss actually met its end!

God! I thought this was the fastest BOSS I’d seen to crumble, not even 10 seconds was needed to kill it. A blue steel boot for warriors was dropped, and naturally it belonged to Murong Shan Shan.

After Murong Shan Shan gave me a polite word, she immediately headed back to town. At the same time, I received a notification for party disband. It looked like this was a method of Murong Shan Shan to get rid of those annoying followers.

A text message came afterward, “Lin Fan, I’ll go level with Cocoa and the others first, I won’t be accompanying you for now.”

I let out a silly laugh, then recalled that I also had my own matters to attend to. Right now everyone’s level wasn’t low anymore, and if I did not hurry and raise my level, I was afraid Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu would be catching up to me very soon.

Opening the ranking board, I was shocked to discover myself to be ranked at world’s seventh and fourth in China respectively. Right now, I was already considered a celebrity in the game. From what I saw according to the Top-10 ranking board, the level gap between players was gradually being pulled apart. Ranked at first place was still the thief named [Power Hotpot] at Level-29. From second to fourth rank were all Level-28, fifth to seventh were at Level-27. As for the player ranked eighth, he was only at Level-25. Due to having less experience, Murong Shan Shan didn’t manage to enter the leaderboard, but still ranked at sixth place in China. Lu Xue Han, Xin Yu, and the others were still far from this level.

Deciding not to return to the city, I headed toward the sawmill where I was training with Shan Shan yesterday. Theoretically, there should be some stronger monsters in the area. With my current level of 27, the experience gained from killing monsters of the same level will be less and training this way would only increase my gap from other high-level players.

Slowly, the night befall and the wilderness had been enveloped by a thick veil of fog. The dewdrops were quite severe, and every single step I took, there would be a “swish-swish” sound coming out upon contact of my Undead’s Battleboots with the ground filled with dew. My body was also stained wet by dewdrops from the trees which glittered on my armor. I felt really uncomfortable with my red cloak attached tightly to my body.

I opted to bypass the sawmill area. There was no point in killing Level-27 monsters anymore. Behind the sawmill was a wide plain, and from far away, I could even see puffs of smoke rising into the air, and a yellow flag was flapping under the guidance of the wind.

Between the sawmill and the plain was yet another large riverbank, with a swaying suspension bridge connecting the two. A simple camp could be seen near the bridge, with a few rugged looking soldiers surrounding a campfire, currently in the midst of their own discussion. I felt a sudden curiosity and confusion as to the relationship of these soldiers and the yellow flag. Could they be a team of dispatched soldiers?

I crossed the suspension bridge cautiously. Seeing that someone was coming over, the few soldiers guarding the rear of the bridge immediately stood up and surrounded me. A figure who seemed like the captain pointed at me and questioned loudly, “Who are you, what business do you have here?”

I replied calmly, “I’m from Hurricane City.”

“What? Were you sent by the King to rescue us?”

I pondered for a moment, this could be another mission, thus I replied, “I am a recently promoted swordsman from the kingdom. May I ask if there’s anything I can help you with?”

A sudden surge of emotion filled the captain, “I thought the kingdom had already forgotten about us who fought all the bloody battles for the country!”

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