The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 050

Hurricane City – Chapter 50 (Enhanced Combo)

The Captain continued, “We are the kingdom’s cavalry from the Regiment of the Flying Knights Cavalry. Three months ago, we received the Kingdom’s order to annihilate the rebel forces-The Golden Horsemen, here at the Wild Horse Plain. After two months, our numbers were getting less, and the Kingdom even stopped sending us supplies. Then we found out at the route, the nearby sawmill, had been corroded by the undeads. The supply troops that was sent here were all killed and turned into undeads. The Golden Horsemen regiment of the rebel army here were very valiant. Two months ago, they took advantage of the plains to defeat our troops in one fell swoop. Many of our soldiers lost their lives in that battle, and since then we could only barricade ourself on this suspension bridge. Two months have passed, and our supplies have been completely exhausted. If we don’t receive any reinforcement soon, we can only starve to death here.”

He didn’t say anything anymore after that and sat next to the campfire, just sighing there. The few other soldier went into a damaged barrack. It seemed this unit condition was already on the edge. Compared to the Golden Horsemen units on the opposite side, it was very contrast, even the blinds could see it.

Seeing there was nothing better to gain, I quickly sat on the campfire and talked to the Captain, “Sir, the Golden Horsemen regiment should also be the Kingdom’s army. Why did they revolt after coming back to the plains?”

While still sighing, the Captain said, “Yes, the Golden Horsemen regiment was the first regiment of the Kingdom’s four elite knights legion. The regiment leader, Drake, was one of the top knights in the kingdom. Things began three years ago. In that year, the princess of the Kingdom, Princess Misha, and Drake fell in love with each other. But also in that year, a terrible plague spread through the kingdom, and the princess, unfortunately, was also infected with the plague. The old king, forced by the ministers, exiled the Princess to a plague cemetery to meet her own fate.”

“Drake certainly wouldn’t agree, right?” I was intrigued, didn’t expect that missions had such an interesting background stories. [Moon Monochrome] was really awesome!

The Captain laughed bitterly, “Drake is a very stubborn person, and so were his subordinates’ loyalties to him. The third day after the princess was sent to the cemetery, he brought his elite forces to burst into the ancient tomb where the necromancers resided. Unfortunately, he didn’t find princess Misha, instead he had angered the king, and after an argument, Drake left the kingdom with his Golden Horsemen regiment. The old king was in a rage and sent out the second strongest legion, the Flying Knights Cavalry to crush Drake’s Golden Horsemen regiment. Heaven knows the Golden Horsemen are so strong, within only three days, we were utterly defeated. With this, Drake has really gone up to the point of no return.”

I was secretly in awe. This matter had such a close relation with the Rescue Princess Misha’s mission. The reason Drake couldn’t find princess Misha was perhaps because her spirit had been pulled out at that time.

“Young man, whether this regiment can get back alive to Hurricane City or not, depends on you helping us to deliver this letter back to the city.” The soldier’s Captain finally spoke out his request. The mission reminder prompted: Will you accept Captain Roger’s request to entrust you with the letter?

I hesitated for a while. A mission to deliver a message would be too simple. I just needed to get back to the city and received the mission’s reward. If there’s no Follow-Up Missions, then it would be really a big loss!

Risks! Only missions with big risk would give a great reward!

I lightly waved and chose ‘No’, didn’t think that the Captain, Roger, surprisingly smiled this time, “Young man, do you think this matter is too simple?”

I nodded. To uphold justice I said, “As a Kingdom Swordsman, I have the courage to challenge Drake!”

Roger’s face was stifled. It seemed the program had already proceeded to the next phase of the mission. Within a few seconds, Roger said, “Young man, this is not a simple matter, you need to have the courage to give up your life! Go then. Go to Drake’s Golden Horsemen regiment and bring back the prove of your determination!”

Mission Statement: You accepted [Mission: Captain’s Roger Request]. Kill the soldiers of the Golden Horsemen regiment and bring back 100 Golden Horsemen’s coat of arms to Roger. This mission is extremely dangerous, be very careful! The Golden Horsemen regiment resides across the plain. Every half hour they will send out a small team of scouts to patrol outside the barracks.

I carefully read the mission statement twice then I pack my stuff. Helping Murong Shan Shan with her mission before did not decrease the durability of my equipment too much. It shouldn’t be a problem to complete this mission. The mission statement suggested that I should kill the Golden Horsemen soldiers. Except for the patrolling troops, it was clear that I shouldn’t charge into the barrack to look for troubles, and just killed the patrolling soldiers outside.

“Young Warrior, is there anything else?” Captain Roger seeing me not moving, surprisingly asked me.

I wanted to ask for an artifact to protect my body, but looking at the poor condition of the Captain in front of me, I didn’t have the heart to say it. He had even lost his own horse, probably killed to feed the regiment. His lance was already gone, his broadsword had several gaps and the hilt was rusty already. His armor that was supposed to shine in silver color had completely turned black. This scene was too unbearable to watch.

“Captain, there’s nothing else. I’m going.” I drew my sword, and sincerely not asking for anything.

Roger smiled and said, “I also have nothing good to give you. You probably don’t know, I was actually a Warrior before. I’ll give you this Swordsman skill book, hopefully, it can be of use for you!”


A skill book landed in my inventory. I opened it and was dumbfounded – Enhanced Combo!

[Enhanced Combo]: Increase the effectiveness of the Swordsman’s [Combo] by increasing the damage to a certain extent. Require [Combo] Level 3!

I hurriedly checked my skill list. My [Combo] skill that I frequently used had just reached Level 3, which was also the highest skill level I could train with my current level. In [Moon Monochrome], the highest skill level that could be reached was a tenth of the player’s level plus one. So, with my Level 27, the highest skill level I can reach would be Level 3. Afterward, I wouldn’t get any more experience. Not when I reached Level 30 then I could increase my skill Level to Level 4. Someone in the forum had claimed that a Level 10 [Combo] would release 7 continuous attacks where a Swordsman with a high attack stats could insta-kill a Magician of the same level.

Unfortunately, that was only a possibility. [Moon Monochrome] was a very balanced game. Someone had found out from testing that the subsequent attacks of [Combo] would give out a lower damage. In the last two days, many Swordsman had already complained in the forum regarding the inferior damage of the [Combo] skill. It was almost certain that the two hits from the [Combo] would total less than the damage of a normal attack.

Would this [Enhanced Combo] improve this quite useless skill?

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