The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 051

Hurricane City – Chapter 51 (Assault!)

Gently pointing to look, my skill list had changed already. My [Combo] skill had been replaced by [Enhanced Combo], and the skill level was also still at Level 3. Luckily, it was not changed back to zero, so I wouldn’t need to level it anymore.

Opening the skill details:

[Enhanced Combo] – Improve the combo skill by increasing 30% damage per attack. When the skill level increases, the amount of damage would also increase.

Shit! I hit the jackpot this time!

If a Thief’s stealth and ambush ability were considered a bug in the game, then my [Enhanced Combo] could be considered imbalance in the game. With my current strength, I could easily insta-killed a player with leather armored class. And combined with my [Frozen Blade], unless it was a tank player, other players would not stand my no CD time (Skill’s cooling down time) 3 skills combo: [Frozen Blade] (3 seconds stun) – [Combo] – [Heavy Strike]!

I smiled so hard that I almost got a cramp on my face. I turned around to take a glance, and Captain Roger had crouched back to the campfire after giving me the skill book and lit a cigarette which I didn’t know where he got it from.


A text message from Murong Shan Shan came in, “Lin Fan, I’ve got a good news! I’ve completed my Class Promotion Mission and also got a reward. Can you guess what I got?”

“Blue equipment?”

“Wrong! Guess again. I’ll give you candies if you guess correctly.”

“Come on. Could it be also a skill book?”

Murong Shan Shan opened the voice communication, and a sweet laughing voice was heard, “That’s right, it’s a skill book. [Sword Qi]!” (TL Note: ‘Sword Energy’)

I was stupefied. What was that stuff?

“Shan Shan, what’s so special about this [Sword Qi]?”

“The sword can cut in a straight line direction within three yards, and all targets will be damaged. So to say, it would be an AOE attack skill!” Murong Shan Shan said with great pride. At the moment, she must be grinning from ear to ear.

“If everyone got a reward, why didn’t my colleagues get any rewards? They even got promoted earlier than you!”

“I don’t know. Perhaps I have great luck…” Murong Shan Shan let out a crooked smile, her hand knocked the communication device and said, “Hey, it’s cool, right?”

I unhappily wiped the drool on my mouth, “It’s nothing special, not cool enough to make me drool.”

“Hmmph, the voice of you sucking your drool was so loud, you still don’t admit it?”

“By the way, I know a place where there is a small BOSS. Although its attack is very high, but killing it would gain high prestige. I think if three people killed it, each person can get 1000+ prestige at first. Even if the prestige declined after some time, it should be sufficient to get to 10,000 directly. If we bring a Cleric along, it should be safe. What do you think?”

Immediately, from the other side could be heard Murong Shan Shan excited cry, “Really? Where? Take me there right now!”

“No need to rush. Doing it now will bring no use too.” I paused a while, then continued, “At the moment, nobody knows where to get the Guild Creation Tablet. So, even if you’ve got 10,000 prestige, it will be of no use. Moreover, the current players’ levels are still on the lower side, where only a few players have reached Level 20. So their priorities at the moment are to level up and getting equipment. Now it’s not the right time to establish a guild.”

“That… Then I have to get my prestige to 10,000 early. So, should we do it tonight?” Murong Shan Shan said with unwavering voice.

“Are you sure? Tonight? Don’t you have a final exam tomorrow? I heard it’s a subject you have the most problem with…”

“You… How did you know that?” Murong Shan Shan asked in surprise.

“Hey, hey. I just heard Cocoa said your final exam has already begun, and tomorrow is the first day. If you want to do it, still have to wait until tomorrow night.”

“Hmmph, that unloyal bitch…”

If this continued, there would be no end to it, so I quickly changed the subject, “Also, right now I’m doing a mission. We’ll discuss this tomorrow. Don’t fail on your test, it’s pretty embarrassing for a girl to retake the test.”


Murong Shan Shan’s sweet voice still echoed in my ears even after turning off the communication. This beautiful girl wasn’t simple. No wonder this charming little beauty would attract so many boys. But there’s an ancient saying, people with low status would only bring a woman misfortune. It would be best if I didn’t get too close to her, lest Xu Lin would blame me for seducing the customer…

Just when I was thinking about Xu Lin, her message came in, “Lin Fan, I just checked our bank account, and there’s an additional 100,000 Yuan. What’s going on?”

I opened the Comm and replied, “A while ago, Murong Shan Shan paid me 100,000 for my two months service. I didn’t discuss it with you since I thought you won’t have any problems with that.”

Xu Lin said with a sweet smile, “And I thought you have sold yourself for 100,000. Since it’s for two months only, then there’s no problem. By the way, Xin Yu and Xue Han just went to the supermarket to buy snacks. We’re going out to eat hot pot later at midnight, are you coming with us?”

“Eh? Going to eat hot pot in the middle of the night?”

“Yes, Xin Yu proposed it. Lu Xue Han and I agreed since we feel somewhat hungry too.”

“Okay, there’s still three hours left. I’m going to do my mission first.”

“Well, see you later.”

This time I could really focus on acquiring the Golden Horsemen’s coat of arms. The darkness of the night completely enveloped the entire plain. Fortunately, the player’s visibility was only reduced a little, otherwise I might accidentally bump into the Golden Horsemen’s camp, which at my current level, I might get eaten alive by them.

At the small road on the wood’s border, a small group of Knights in shining armor came marching slowly from afar. Watching at their numbers, they should be those responsible for the scouting job. It was a small group of twelve people from the Silver Crest Legion, they all were at Level 32, giving such a majestic appearance. Their attack power wasn’t unveiled yet.

I looked at my own stats. Swordsman Level 27, Health 1230, Defense 212. It should have the power to fight with them.

I slowly approached the group of Knights under the cover of the darkness. Just when I was about to charged forward, something as if I was seeing a ghost happened!

My body suddenly couldn’t move!


System Notification: You are affected by the Silver Crest Legion’s [Assault] skill attack. Stunned for 1 second!

System Notification: You are affected by the Silver Crest Legion’s [Assault] skill attack. Stunned for 1 second!

Almost at the same moment, this combat notification appeared 12 times!

Luckily, they launched the [Assault] at the same time, otherwise, I would most likely be slaughtered to death with this continuous [Assault]!

God! A knight with a mounted horse combination was really fearful!

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