The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 052

Hurricane City – Chapter 52 (We Are All Family)

I brandished my sword for a counter attack!


The number quite surprised me. My Attack of 245 only dealt 175 damage? Was this Knight’s Defense too high?

I out leashed a [Combo]!

125! 132!

Enhanced Combo was really extraordinary. If I leveled up the skill to Level 4, then it was likely to make three consecutive attacks. But the added damage caused by the Enhanced Combo was certainly more than 30%, so this was even more amazing!

After several successive attacks, and accumulating 1200 damage on the Silver Knight, he finally collapsed, together with his magnificent horse mount. The 4200 experience reward gave me quite a shock. Even a Level 28 Skeleton Warrior would at most gave me 2100 experience. This Silver Knight was only at Level 32, but the experience turned out to increase to such an extent!

As I was attacking, I looked at the combat log. Each time the Silver Knights attacked, it only dealt me a dozen points of damage, which gave me a surprise. It seemed their attacks could pretty much not break my Defense, but their Defense itself were high. If my Attack wasn’t so crazy high, perhaps I wouldn’t break theirs too.


An equipment drop! A green leg armor!

I didn’t have the time to examine it and just put it straight into the inventory. First thing first, I needed to clean out this group of monster first!

After more than ten minutes, I killed all those twelve Silver Knight Cavalries, but I also needed to drink up healing potions. A total of two green equipment and almost four gold coins were dropped! Humanoid monsters really gave out rich rewards! Equipment and money in quite a big sum. I quickly took a look at the two green equipment:

[Warrior’s Leg Armor] (Green Equipment, Armor)

Defense: +34

Stamina: +12

Strength: +9

Required Level: 26

[Cleric’s Mantle] (Green Equipment, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +21

Stamina: +12

Intelligence: +7

Required Level: 25

I took a look at my previous [Ferocious Wolf Shinguard] which only had a miserable Defense of 8 points, also only a Level 4 equipment. Then, I quickly put this new armor onto my legs, and immediately it was covered with a flashing silvery shining armor. Although the armor color was in contrast with the upper body armor’s color, but for a poor player, this was already a great combination!

At current, Lu Xue Han wouldn’t be able to wear the mantle which required a Level 25 to equip, as she was now but at Level 23. Perhaps because of the skills from the class promotion, she and Xin Yu leveling’s speed had improved. The two of them right now were occupying the fourth and fifth position in the city ranking list, while Mad Warrior and Little Ants On The Tree Leafs had also trained their levels up and were already at Level 24, tightly chasing behind Murong Shan Shan.

After examining the equipment, I checked the inventory. But there wasn’t any gold emblem (coat of arms) required for the mission!

How was it possible? Could it be it wasn’t these Knights that would drop the required emblems?

With a headache, I continued to wander outside the barrack. From afar, I noticed another group of the Cavalry scout. When I was ready to approach them, I found out there was something different…

There were still twelve knights in the group, but the person leading at the forefront turned out to be a Knight wearing a golden armor. When I tried to look at the stats, it only showed a Golden Horsemen of unknown level. With its lance and shield were of gold, this kind of human-type monsters should give a rich reward.

My eyes glittered and only saw the money. I clenched my hands holding the sword and charged forward. Like last time, there was a collective Assault, but then they had nothing left in store. The only one that caused me real harm was the Golden Knight. This Golden Knight differed from the others. It gave me serious injury after just several attacks, so I also locked my attack on this Knight. Unable to hold off, I drank a bottle of red potion. And after attacking a dozen times, I successfully put him down causing a “Crash” sound. Not only did it drop silver coins and a bottle of middle red potion, but also a golden emblem!

Apparently, only this Golden Knight could drop a Golden Emblem, which gave me a goal to strive for. Despite the fact that I could only encounter four groups of scouts in an hour, and half of them without the Golden Knight, it was still considered okay. After 50 hours, I could finish collecting the emblems!

The experience gained was also considerably big. At my current Level 27, the experience rose quite slow already, but after I killed four groups of scout troops, my experience had risen 10%. So, in another two hours, when I got offline for the winter hotpot dinner, I would have reached Level 28. How exciting!

Two hours later, Murong Shan Shan sent me a text telling me her leveling was too slow. It seemed with her current Level 25, it was already difficult to level up. Instead, I was Level 27 but still could rise so fast, indeed, very satisfying…

It was midnight already, time for me to get offline. Xu Lin had already notified us to get offline before twelve, so it should also be more comfortable for us all.

They were all already noisy in the main hall. Steam coming out from the hot pot had engulfed the entire room. With such thick steam clotted the inside, from the window, dim lights reflecting the outside coldness loomed in. Only by seeing the shaking shadows of the people walking outside, the warmness of the room could be appreciated.

“Lin Fan, come, let’s eat together.”

Wearing a pink sweater, Xin Yu came to pull my arms. Even covered by the sweater, her chest showed a full and plump luring ** inside her underwear. Her white skin under the light was so fascinating, that even a good guy like me who had not touched a woman for quite a long time couldn’t stop my heart from making a loud beating sound. This charming and sexy Xin Yu really added a warm enthusiasm to this cold night.

Pulling me into the seat, Xin Yu subconsciously put her hand on my lap. Her intimate action made us looked like two lovebirds.

The table wasn’t very large, and with the eight of us sitting together, it was full already. The pot of vegetables had been placed on a small table next to us. Although Lu Xue Han was sitting opposite of me, I could still smell the faint fragrance of her scent.

“Do you guys know what date is today?” Xin Yu grinningly asked us.

I was confused and saw the same confusing look from the others, and said, “December 23rd. What’s up? It’s nothing special.”

Xin Yu gave me a flirty glance, “Well, it’s not really special though, but tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I didn’t expect I would spend this year’s Christmas Eve with so many people.”

Xu Lin chuckled and said, “Yes, we are now like a big family, of course, we will spend it together.”

I didn’t know whether Xu Lin’s words was heartfelt or just clichés, but still I couldn’t help to feel this warm feeling. It had been a year, such a long time since I felt this feeling of warmth…

On an impulse, I stretched out my hands to hug Xin Yu who was next to me and Lu Xue Han, and said happily, “Yes, we’re all in this together, we are family…”

Xin Yu unexpectedly showed a trace of shyness on her happy look, while Lu Xue Han after a little struggle at last became still. I looked from the side, her snow-white face was already bright red…

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