The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 053

Hurricane City – Chapter 53 (Climbing Over The Wall)

Xu Lin’s jaw was as if it would to fall. Li Qing gaped speechlessly. Guo Zi looked at me with an expression as if she was seeing a prehistoric trilobite crawling in front of her.

“Hey, how come Lin Fan become so daring? He even hugged Big sister Xin Yu. Isn’t he afraid to be hit flat?” Guo Zi said secretly to Joly, who was also looking at us with a shifty eye. Joly lowered her voice and said, “Keep it down. Perhaps Lin Fan hasn’t touched a woman for too long and couldn’t hold back now. Why? Do you also want to comfort him?”

Guo Zi’s face went red and annoyedly said, “Don’t talk nonsense, look at you, so perverted!”

Before I had noticed my lack of self-control, Lu Xue Han said to me in a low voice, “Have you hugged enough? Sister Lin is watching us!”

Looking at Lu Xue Han’s charming face turned deep red, I couldn’t help but felt my heart swaying. Still, I had to put my hands back. I have drunk nothing, yet I had already lost myself. It would be too obvious.

When Xin Yu saw the food on the table, she pursed her lips and smile. Lu Xue Han with her face still blushed whispered, “the pot is cooked, we can eat now…”

In the pot, there was already cooked a chicken, with many added ingredients, the smell was naturally so nice. Xin Yu took some pieces of lamb, put it on Lu Xue Han’s and my plate, and said, “eat some more. After the meal, we’ll sleep. I heard we’ll have heavy snow tonight!”

“Heavy snow?” I surprisingly looked at Xin Yu and said, “it snowed so early, winter come earlier this year.”

“However, it seems that for some of us, spring has come early.” It was Xu Lin who said that with a bitter feeling.

Xin Yu and I said nothing anymore. Lu Xue Han blushed even more. Fortunately, Xu Lin had some conscience and immediately changed the subject, “There’s still a month to Chinese New Year. Have you ever thought of going home with your loved ones?”

Lu Xue Han’s petite body slightly shook and said with a scared voice, “No, I don’t want to go home.”

She must have an irreconcilable dispute with her family, otherwise she wouldn’t come to this red-light district. She was so beautiful, even when she said she wasn’t selling herself, nobody would believe her. On several occasions, if I didn’t prevent it, she would probably already been indecently treated by those pervert wolves, and I wouldn’t be able to protect her chastity I cherished so much.

Lu Xue Han had always been grateful to me. Even though she never said it, but I knew.

Xin Yu put another piece of meat on my plate, and with an expressionless face said, “My family had already renounced me. I also don’t want to go home. I’m not in the mood to spend the new year with them.”

Different with Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han, the other girls all wanted to go home for the new year. Their family didn’t know what they were doing outside. Xu Lin was a loner, and this was her home, of course, she didn’t need to go anywhere. The last person was me then.

After I drank my coke, I smiled and said, “If I go home, then it will take a long time for me to come back here. I’m afraid I will miss Xin Yu and Xue Han. Better I don’t go home. I’ll spend the new year with everyone together this year. How about it?”

“Excellent!” Xin Yu revealed a trace of a charming smile.

I really wanted to pinched Xin Yu’s beautiful face, but looking at everyone, I still better refrained.

It was already past one o’clock in the morning when we finished the meal. I lied on the bed and closed my eyes but couldn’t fall asleep. Xu Lin’s words had touched me a little. Anyway, at least right now Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han, the two beautiful girls, would keep me accompany. Thinking back in the past, if I could start over again, would I let Xiao Yu go?

Possibly, the outcome would still be the same…

People are like this. Even knowing that being soft would only hurt themselves, but they still keep repeatedly doing so.

Still feeling grief, I fell into a deep sleep. The dreams wouldn’t stop as if it was an endless presentation to let people suffer.

“Beep… Beep…”

The noisy phone rang woke me up from my nightmare. I took a look at the cellphone, unexpectedly, it was Murong Shan Shan on the phone. Looking at the outside from the window, it was all very white, but apparently it wasn’t daylight yet. What did she have in mind making a call so early in the morning?

“Hello, is this Shan Shan? Why are you disturbing me so early? What’s the matter?”

“Lin Fan, get up quickly. Put on more clothes and pick me at my school!” Murong Shan Shan words couldn’t hide her excitement.

“What’s the matter? Tell me first. I’ve only slept for three hours now…” I looked at my watch. It was four o’clock in the morning. The white color from outside was the reflection of the snow.

“Just come over. I beg you. When you get to the school gate, give me a call!”

With her unprecedented begging tone, I couldn’t say no. Grudgingly, I got dressed up. And after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I felt that just going out like this would be somewhat improper. I should at least let Xu Lin know, but I didn’t want to disturb her. Without a choice, I tried to open Lu Xue Han’s door. Unexpectedly, it went open!

Apparently, Lu Xue Han didn’t lock her door when she slept at night. So unguarded toward me?

Due to the heater, Lu Xue Han was only covered with a thin quilt. A snow-white arm stuck out from under the quilt. Wearing a smile on her beautiful face, two small dimples appeared on the corner of her mouth, extremely cute.

“Xue Han, wake up!” I shook her on the quilt, for fear if I touched her soft skin, I would do something wrong.

Lu Xue Han lazily opened her eyes, showing a hint of surprise on her face and said, “Lin Fan, how did you get in here? It’s still so early, what’s the matter?”

I didn’t have time to explain, Murong Shan Shan had rushed me to get there fast. Going out so late in the night would certainly make me look bad. So I simply cut the long story short, “Well, Murong Shan Shan suddenly called me at this hour and said there is something very important. I want you to tell sister Lin about this in the morning…”

“Is that all?” Lu Xue Han looked at me with her pursed mouth, her expression was very strange. I felt like a man being discovered having an affair, very uncomfortable.

“Yes, that’s all. Thank you.” I nodded and flew out of the room. If I let Lu Xue Han pursuit further into this matter, I was afraid I couldn’t help myself to kneel by her bedside to repent my sins.

I locked the door before going out. I didn’t want any stranger to break into the house where seven beauties were sleeping inside. Most people wouldn’t be able to hold back. As for me, it was probably because the wound created by Xiao Yu hadn’t healed yet, so for the time being, I hadn’t even thought how to get that tempting and delicious Lu Xue Han…

It was still dark on the streets where it was covered by a thick layer of snow. Snowflakes still floated heavily on the air. There was no pedestrian in sight, only several hard-working people cleaning up the snow from the main road. It was then when I noticed the shops on both sides of the road had tagged the shop windows with Christmas ornaments. The holiday atmosphere was very strong. Although many people said that the Chinese shouldn’t celebrate these foreign holidays, but I disagreed. Wouldn’t this life be less boring with the little fun from these holidays?

I arrived at XX University and immediately dialed Murong Shan Shan’s phone. She was already impatient.

“Have you arrived at the main gate? Listen to my instructions. To climb over the wall, walk 150 meters to the wet… Are you there yet? Can you see the lower wall there? There’s a small tree on the side. Okay, climb up that tree and jump over here…”

I speechlessly looked at the wall and the small tree.

So exciting! It had been four years, and now I could finally climb over the school wall…

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