The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 055

Hurricane City – Chapter 55 (The Number One Expert)

After we arrived at Stone avenue, we discovered that not a single person was in sight. It was still 5 o’clock in the morning, and no shops would open so early…

Murong Shan Shan gasped in surprised for she hadn’t expected this. But since we were already there, she still insisted me to stroll the road with her. So, just like that, we walked the Stone avenue up to the end of Guan street. The sun had lit up the sky now, and as I looked at the watch, it was already somewhat over seven in the morning. Murong Shan Shan exam’s would start at 9:00, so we both ate breakfast at a small shop at the roadside.

While we were eating, suddenly a sound of heavy metal music was heard coming from across the street. With some hesitation, Murong Shan Shan looked at me, then said, “Are there any events at Su Ning today? Why have they opened so early? Quick, finish the breakfast then let’s take a look there!”

I put the last steamed dumpling into my mouth, covered a bit energy back from the loss of getting up so early. But seeing the beautiful girl’s appearance which was full with enthusiasm, I didn’t know how long this little energy would last.

Even in this heavy snowfall, the stalls were put out. I didn’t know what Su Ning Appliance was up to, but it managed to attract a crowd of onlookers who got up early. The red carpet was soon covered with snow, which the staff would sweep every couple of minutes.

A big banner was displayed, and the theme became visible. Murong Shan Shan stared surprisedly and pointed her finger, “Isn’t that the advertising poster of [Moon Monochrome]? It seems that a player figure is on it.”

I looked at the direction pointed, indeed, it was an advertising poster with a scene from [Moon Monochrome]. In the middle of the poster was a Thief figure holding a dagger. The focus of the picture was on the flashing dark-blue dagger, and above the player’s head, the words “Impulsive Hotpot” was printed.

“The Chinese first ranked player?!”

Murong Shan Shan and I both said those words almost in unison. Several young people around us also pointed at the poster and saying,

“I heard they got the current first ranked player to promote a new motherboard for the game installment. Apparently, this time Su Ning Appliance was hoping this new mainboard would make a hit and spend almost a million to pay this player. They even asked him to endorse this mainboard’s brand.”

I was surprised and looked at the girl beside me, I asked, “That [Impulsive Hotpot], doesn’t he live in Jiangsu area? Why is he spending his time to come here for this promotion?”

Murong Shan Shan stared blankly at me and said snappily, “For a million, anyone will do it. It’ll only take a half day if you’re flying, and you can sleep on the plane. So he wouldn’t waste much time for his leveling.”

“You can say that, but the commercials would certainly take a lot of time to rehearse. I’m afraid this Impulsive Hotpot won’t be able to keep his position.”

“Hehe, even if he can’t keep up, it’s still not your turn yet. Oh, right. I’ve looked up some information regarding Magnificent Hotpot. Will you be interested to hear it?”

Murong Shan Shan blinked and revealing a smile like an enchanted elf, making the few guys standing next to her giving out a dumb look.

To gather that Impulsive Hotpot’s personal information, could it be that she liked him?

While I was wondering about it, I reached out my hands to help Murong Shan Shan fixed her milky-white scarf. I was only doing that as any friend would do, but Murong Shan Shan’s face blushed, which made me feel quite happy. For a moment, I wondered why I would feel like that. She was just a customer of mine.

“Spit it then. What information do you have regarding him?” I asked her back after I’d calmed down.

“Well, let me think…” While also helping me brushed off the snow on my collar, she chuckled and continued, “Impulsive Hotpot. His real name is Liu Xu and was a professional WAR3 player with the ID: FIRE. CEG Champion in 2014, China WCG Qualifier Champion in 2015. He is famous for his excellent operating skill, and his mental quality was outstanding. He holds the world record for his Chinese League consecutive wins. Currently, he is the number one Thief in [Moon Monochrome]. And his reputation in the Southeast region is very high.”

Hearing her saying this long information so fluently, it somewhat surprised me, “How do you remember it so clearly? What’s the point of investigating him so much?”

“I wasn’t investigating. I saw the info in the forum. All the world’s top ten players information was put there.”

I was surprised, “Then, is there also my information?”

Murong Shan Shan smiled, “Don’t worry. When they posted this info, you weren’t in the top ten yet.”

I was relieved and replayed this Impulsive Hotpot’s information in my head. I didn’t expect him to be that famous FIRE who two years ago had shaken Heaven and Earth. This guy is extremely abnormal. His way of play and behavior was also sick. It was said that to train his mental fitness, he once challenged a lunatic group from Europe in a 50 set matches in BattleNet and unexpectedly didn’t lose even once. Normally, players would lose a couple of matches due to mental fatigue, but he could continue to maintain his state. No wonder he could climb up to the first place. I wasn’t sure if he had some good sleep during these ten more days since the launching of [Moon Monochrome].

This Impulsive Hotpot would not appear here until nine o’clock. I looked at the watch and it was almost 8 o’clock already. If we didn’t get back soon, I was afraid Murong Shan Shan wouldn’t be allowed to enter the exam room. Besides, I wasn’t interested to see him. It was still snowing, but the street was already filled with so many buses and cabs, which was also convenient for me. Thus, I wouldn’t need to drag Murong Shan Shan, who seemed to still have an excess of energy, back to her place.

Inside the cab, Murong Shan Shan regrettably said, “Too bad we can’t see how this Impulsive Hotpot looks like. I heard that he is a handsome guy.”

I blurted out, “What handsome? His face looks like Wu Meng Da. Once when we were eating together, he even scared away a girl.”

“What? You knew him?!”

“No, no!” I said hurriedly and continued seriously, “I just met him in a restaurant. I recognized him, but he didn’t know me…”

“Hmmph… Hey, Lin Fan, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight!”

“Treat me to dinner? On what occasion?” I had a feeling that Murong Shan Shan must have a purpose.

“Help me gain prestige tonight. I had also asked Cocoa to come with us.” Murong Shan Shan gave a sweet smile. Seeing her charming face, the driver became so ecstatic that his drool dripped all over the steering wheel.

I thought for a moment and replied, “I have no problem with helping you gain prestige. But there’s no need to go out for dinner. I can just eat at home so I don’t need to go out anymore. It’s both troubling and a waste of time.”

If Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han knew that I spend the night before Christmas with another girl, the damage would be beyond repair…

Murong Shan Shan said with a little disappointment, “Okay then, next time I’ll treat you to a meal.”

The cab stopped in front of XX University’s entrance. After I paid the taxi fare, Murong Shan Shan waved me goodbye and ran lightly into the campus. The two guards on duty looked at her as if they were drunk and stupefied.

“I’d better accompany Xue Han and Xin Yu on Christmas Eve…” I said quietly and walked back to the apartment.

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