The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 056

Hurricane City – Chapter 56 (Golden Horsemen’s Base)

Everyone was already online when I got back at 8:30.

After getting online, yet again I appeared on the Wild Horse Plain. Out of the 100 golden badge required, I’d already collected eight. With my current pace of getting 2-3 pieces per hour, I would probably need 40 hours to complete this mission. Having put in so much effort, I really didn’t know what kind of surprise would the reward be. Could it be a purple equipment that was still yet to be seen in the entire server?

Not far away, a small troop of knight scout came walking toward my direction. As I was about to move, a sudden thought struck me. Every time, a scouting troop like this would disappear on the plains, then another group would appear. However, none of these troops ever entered the large Golden Horsemen’s camp. Could it be there’s another camp outside of those tall wooden fences?

I followed the group of knight scout from a distance. Ten minutes later, they circled the Golden Horsemen’s camp from the right side, and then reached a pine forest where they disappeared. When I caught up, a placid path appeared in front of me, and traces of hoof stomps could be seen throughout the trampled soil.

Their other camp should be at this place!

Waving my sword to clear out the sharp vines on the path, I moved forward for another five minutes. The sight of the plains in front of my eyes was getting wider and wider while the numbers of towering trees were getting less too. The sight further up was very glaring and I could clearly see coiling smoke rising up from an open space.

After chopping off the bushes in front of me, several large tents appeared in front of me. Clearly, this was the unit of Golden Horsemen stationed at the outer circle. There weren’t any high fences over here, only some sharp logs that were arranged in a simple way. It seemed they did not expect this hidden location would be discovered by anyone.

If they sent out troops from here, it would be very likely to deal a lethal blow to the enemies. Like this, it was no wonder that the Flying Knights Cavalry completely lost.

Something wasn’t right! All of those stationed here seemed to be elites!

This was when I realized those guarding the camp were all Golden Knights. As for the Silver Knights, they were all stationed outside the camp. This situation looked really favorable for completing my mission. At the very least, I wouldn’t have to go around searching for Golden Knights.

Through the gaps of the sharp logs, I sneaked into the knight’s camp, where actually didn’t have that many troops inside. Only a few of the Golden Knights were in the patrolling groups, which made it easier for me to gather the mission objectives. With five Golden Knights within the units, I probably only needed one medium healing potion to wipe them out.

As I made up my mind, I immediately activated my [Ambush] Talent and concealed myself on a path the knights would go through. Five Golden Knights slowly headed towards my direction. I could almost hear my own breathing. Earlier, I was only planning, but to put it into action was totally different. Furthermore, I wasn’t good at math, especially in higher algebra. Back when I was still in school, I often asked Xiao Yu to help me with my math.

Shaking my head, I secretly cursed myself, “Cheap bastard, why am I still thinking about her!”

When the Golden Knights were five yards within my location, they had discovered me, an enemy lurking in the shadows. Unfortunately, the merely five yards distances had rendered them unable to use their Assault skill, which was exactly the effect I was hoping for. The damage dealt by their Assault skill was not to be underestimated, especially when all five of them came at once, it could wipe off 1/3 of my health.

A burst of ‘Clink-Clank’ sound was heard when the knights relentlessly swung their blades at my body. Luckily, my Defense was high, thus, it wasn’t fatal. On the other hand, I needed around 10 attacks to take down each knight, and the healing potions were exhausted at a very fast rate. Fortunately, these Golden Knights were rather generous. Almost every two of them would drop a loot of medium health potion and magic potion, enabling me to keep killing at the same pace. The equipment drops were also many. The drop rates from those earlier Silver Knights had already surpassed normal monster’s, so the drop rate of these Golden Knights wouldn’t be far from it either.

Six to seven minutes later, all five golden knights sprawled over the ground. They had dropped three gold emblems and a green leather wrist guard with Agility +11, Stamina +8 and Level Requirement of 25. At the moment, Xin Yu was already at Level 24 and could use this very soon. I could already imagine her dazzling smile and sexy voice…

Calculating the time needed to kill and lure them, about every ten minutes I could take down five Golden Knights and gain 3 gold emblems, which was 18 of it per hour. At this pace, I might even finish this high difficulty mission before lunchtime!

After 2 hours, there was already 74 gold emblems inside my inventory while the time was still 10:30 right now. It seemed I was progressing faster than I expected.

The Golden Knights in the camp were getting fewer by the minutes. And without noticing it, I’d already slaughtered my way into the core area of the camp. An exceptionally large tent was set right in front of my eyes with at least 10 Golden Knights guarding it. Firelight from several bonfires could be seen releasing puffs of blue-green colored smoke.

The person in the tent should be the supreme commander of this garrison!

I was ready to lure the Golden Knights when unexpectedly, someone suddenly opened the entrance of the tent and shouted with an imposing and stern voice, “Enemy attack!”

I was shocked. The so-called enemy attack, could it perhaps refer to me?

Damn! They could even sense my presence from the camp. Did I expose myself through my murderous aura?

I couldn’t think of anything in the current situation as more than 10 Golden Knights hastily surrounded me. At this moment, the person that looked like the general waved his hand and all the Knights came to a halt. As light reflects from the swords wield by them in their cold grips, I couldn’t help but shiver unconsciously.

“Who are you? You even dared to ambush the golden knight’s camp!” The general asked with a grim voice.

Here came the dialog. I thought for a moment and spoke with a tone of justice, “I’m a swordsman from the kingdom, entrusted by Captain Roger to exterminate the rebels!”

Saying all these words, even I myself wanted to laugh.

A golden knight waved his sword and said, “General Lin He, there’s no need to listen to his nonsense! We’ll chop his head off. Swordsman from the kingdom? Pfft!”

Lin He let out a cold laugh, “Hmmph, rebels? Indeed, we might be rebels in your eyes. But so what? Even the proclaimed number one elites of the country, Flying Knights Cavalry, were defeated by us into a rout. The king wants to kill Chief Commander Drake. As brothers in arms, we’ll go through fire for him, do you really think we would just stand aside and do nothing? Three years ago, if it wasn’t for Chief Commander Drake’s leading the Golden Knights back to the defend the Imperial kingdom, that foolish old man would’ve been burnt to death on a cross. The so-called Holy Church, could they resist against the power of the undeads?”

I took a deep breath, “No matter what, betraying the kingdom and the people is a violation of the Knight’s oath! All of you abandoned the country and its people, yet, you still call yourself knights?”


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