The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 058

Hurricane City – Chapter 58 (The Competition)

I didn’t even have the time to deliver the mission, and immediately used the Return City Scroll. Engulfed in a bright light, I was sent back to Hurricane City. Murong Shan Shan wearing a fire red armor was standing not far from where I appeared.

I hurriedly ran toward her, “Shan Shan, what’s so important that you anxiously call me back in a hurry?”

Murong Shan Shan blinked her eyes, “Haven’t you realize that today, Hurricane City isn’t the same as usual?”

I looked around for a moment and just realized that snow had fallen in Hurricane City. Beautiful snowflakes floated in the air at every corner of the city. Probably, there wasn’t enough time to modify the program. The small grasses on the roadside had not been removed, but it was snowing already. Although it was different compared to the weather outside, the game felt less real, but it had a more romantic atmosphere. The Medieval European architectures, the East Gate bridge made all of stone, and snowflakes floating in the air. And, there was this beautiful girl with snow-white and smooth skin next to me…

“So, it’s just to tell me about this?” I couldn’t help to mutter the words.

“Why? Isn’t this not important enough? Right, did you look into today’s game announcement?”

“I went into the game in a hurry, so I didn’t look. What about it?”

Murong Shan Shan looked at me with a surprise and said, “You didn’t even look? Unbelievable! In three days, there will be a system maintenance for an upgrade. After the maintenance, you can challenge other players into a non-PK duel. That is to say, you can spar with others to practice. And something more important, there will be a new event after the maintenance – Courage Challenge! Which is generally an in-game tournament, where the top twenty players will get a decent reward.”

This had caught my interest, so I hurriedly ask, “Would that be for the whole world?”

“Of course not. For now, the matches will be held in each town. If the players from all around the world would compete, wouldn’t the server blow up? The servers are separated regionally…”

That made sense. Hence, I smiled and asked Murong Shan Shan, “What plan do you have for now? You’re now the second ranked in the city. When the time comes, if you’re not even in the top ten, it would have an impact for your career!”

Murong Shan Shan sounded displeasing, “Please! With my current equipment and skills, I’m sure I can beat Mad Warrior in under a minute. Don’t you believe me?”

“Sure, of course I believe you! Hmm, is there only individual competition? Or will there also be team competition?”

“Of course there will be! Five people can form a team. By the way, in the city’s top-ten list, three of them belong to the Green Veggies clan. Should I also join your team? Then we can enlist the names of this five team in the Imperial Palace.”

With Murong Shan Shan added to the team, it would be good. But didn’t she also have her own group of people?

“Shan Shan, if you join our team, then what about Cocoa?”

“Oh, right… If I leave, what would Cocoa and the bunch of idiots do? Forget it, better if I do it with my group!” Murong Shan Shan just realize that.


A message from Xin Yu came urging me to eat. I glanced at Murong Shan Shan and said, “I’m going to eat. Have you eaten your lunch yet?”

Murong Shan Shan ignorantly answered, “Just go then. I’m on a diet. Let’s have dinner together~!”

I laughed as I went offline. She already had such a modest figure and still needed to lose weight? In that case, I hoped God wouldn’t change her almost perfect breast, otherwise, Xin Yu’s big breast would really beat hers. With that perverted thought, I went out of the room.

Everyone was already sitting around the table. Today, Xin Yu did the cooking, which everyone was looking forward to since she had the best cooking skill among the seven girls. Lu Xue Han would then be the second best. As for the others, there was no need to mention it. In their mind, as long the food could be eaten, then it would be enough already.

Xin Yu sat down beside me and asked, “Have you heard about the Courage Challenge?”

I nodded, and Xin Yu continued immediately, “At this moment, Xue Han and I are almost Level 25, so we should be chosen for the five-person team. Lin sister is still at Level 24, but her equipment and skills are very good, so she should also be chosen. And with you on the team, we’re only one person short.”

I thought for a moment. There were already four persons chosen, with the profession of Swordsman, Magician, Cleric, and Archer. All long range attack, short range attack, and healing aspect had been covered. So, there would be no need for other professions. If we really wanted to add someone, then we should probably add Li Qing who was a Summoner. She could then summon a monster to add the attack power to the team.

Before I said out my thought, Xu Lin had already spoken, “We should add Li Qing to the team. Her summoned elemental creatures could be used for PK. Its attack power should be comparable with a Swordsman holding a white sword.”

After Xu Lin said this, no one else had another opinion. The lunch was boisterous, everyone was discussing the Courage Challange. Although Joly, Liu Yun, and Guo Zi would still need to find other players to form a team to participate in the team competition, but they could still take part in the individual’s tournament.

“Lin Fan, what’s so funny?” Xin Yu poked me with her arm, which had splashed my soup.

I smiled and said, “Xin Yu, what do you think would be the reward for the first place in this challenge? Could it be some God Artifacts or top-level skill books?”

Xin Yu shot a glance at me and said snappily, “It won’t be a God Artifact. If a God Artifact appeared in just a month after the game launches, other players wouldn’t have any chance to play anymore. Besides, even if a top-level skill book is awarded, you won’t be able to learn it. I heard that you need to be above Level 80 to learn a top-level skill. It’s really powerful!”

I nodded in agreement. At that moment, Xu Lin looked at me and said, “Lin Fan, you are currently the City’s top-ranked player, and your level is even 3 level higher than Murong Shan Shan who is in second place. With you on the team, there shouldn’t be a problem to get the first place, right?”

“Can’t say. There’s still the sky beyond the mountain. Who knows if suddenly an expert would show up out of nowhere, and killed me in one move…”

Xu Lin immediately stared at me and said, “Nonsense! Right now, you would have at least 1200 of Health, who could instakill you? Anyway, yesterday I teamed up with a Level 22 Swordsman who wore two green Level 12 equipment. I asked how he distributed the extra attributes, he said 3 points for Strength, 1 point for Stamina, and 1 point for Agility. Can you guess how much Health he has?”

“How much?” Xin Yu widened her beautiful eyes, revealing her snow-white neck under the collar.

“624!” Everyone was at a surprise when Xu Lin said that. She went on to say, “His Defense is 113, Attack 72-104, holding a white two-handed sword with 9-18 Attack. Lin Fan, what are your attributes?”

I was secretly worried. It would be better if nobody knew my sick attributes. Under the heat of everyone’s look, I said out my stats, “Health 1530, Attack 220-284, Defense 302, guys… please, don’t stare at me like that…”

“Too OP!” Xin Yu said in a low voice and continued, “The man I’m falling for is really marvelous!”

Xu Lin said with a smile, “The attributes of that Swordsman should also probably what most players have at the current state. The rest of our equipment, although couldn’t compare to Lin Fan’s, but compared to other players, I still think we are much stronger. In this team tournament, we should try to get a good ranking!”


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