The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 059

Hurricane City – Chapter 59 (War God’s Force)

After I finished dinner and drank tea, I re-entered the game. Murong Shan Shan was still online. Snow was still falling inside the city. I wondered if that girl was still appreciating the snow, so I immediately texted her to ask, “Shan Shan, what are you doing right now? You can’t still be watching the snow, right?”

Soon after, Murong Shan Shan replied, “I’m leveling in the east side of the Spirit Forest. I got a mission with a blue equipment as the reward, hehe. Don’t disturb me now, I’m trying to collect the mission’s items. I’ll accompany you tonight.”

Accompanying me tonight?

I couldn’t help to let my imagination running wild, but it wouldn’t be proper to ask her what she meant by accompanying me. After repairing my equipment, I walked toward the Wild Horse Plain. Along the way, I ignored those Level 20 something Skeleton Warrior and went straight to the suspension bridge. At the sawmill, a lot of people were forming groups to level there already. Watching at them struggling to beat the Level 27 Skeleton Warriors, they should be around Level 20. As I walked across the bridge, I turned back to give a quick glimpse and saw a sad scene. Several white lights continuing to rise. Obviously, with only a few green equipment, how could they stand against the abnormally high attack skeleton warriors?

As I arrived at Captain Roger’s tattered camp, I could still see him sitting in front of the bonfire speaking with a Knight beside him, “It has unexpectedly snowed early. The soldier’s clothes are already in such a ruined condition. If this continues, even if the Golden Horsemen don’t kill us, we would hardly get through this winter.”

I quickly went over there and said to Roger, “Captain, I’m back from completing the mission.”

“What? You have really finished the task I asked you to do?” Roger showed a look of disbelief and said, “Where’s the prove? Show me the prove of completing the mission.”

I immediately took out the 100 pieces of Gold Emblems. The mission accomplishment announcement was sounded…

System Notification: You have completed [Mission: Captain’s Roger Request]. You gained 240,000 Experience, 12 gold coins, Prestige +1400. You get a reward [War God’s Force]!

[War God’s Force]: Increase the Attack of the surrounding teammates within a certain range. The range increases as the level increases. Passive Skill. Applicable Profession: Archer. Required Level: 24.

I was somewhat disappointed. After spending so much effort, my reward was a skill book for Archers. More importantly, the increasing rate was also unknown yet. Considering how stingy the [Moon Monochrome] developers company was, it would be already nice if it would even add 2%. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any difference at all with no bonus added.

Better if I looked for a follow-up mission. Considering the relationship between the Golden Horsemen and the kingdom, this matter shouldn’t be so easily settled. This story was presumably designed to have the player wholeheartedly commit into the plot.

“Hmm, Captain. I’ve met their Second Commander, Lin He.”

Roger was slightly surprised but said in disdain, “What’s the point of mentioning that scumbag who ambushed our camp? If it wasn’t for his sneak attack, our commander wouldn’t have died for the kingdom! “

The more he talked, the more Roger got furious. I quickly explained, “If this keep going on like this, it won’t bring any good to both sides. The undead armies are preying at us from the West, and our military forces are in serious shortfall. We’re lacking especially of experienced Knights. Why can’t we let the Golden Horsemen Cavalry to serve the kingdom again?”

“Impossible!” Roger interrupted me without hesitation and then he added, “If the Golden Horsemen Cavalry return to the Imperial Army, then our Commander would have died in vain. Whose head would be responsible for that?”

I froze for a while and then said, “Then, should it be Drake’s fault? Was it wrong for him to take risks for his beloved woman? The blame should be on that old King for being so silly. To let this two strong forces to destroy each other in battles. It’s all because of the King being too stubborn!”

“What did you say? How could the king be wrong?” Roger was surprised, and several Knights around him had pulled out their swords already.

I became scared in a cold sweat but still managed to calm down. I went on to say, “You’re trapped here for three years already. Has the king dispatched even a single soldier to rescue you? Don’t say it’s because the sawmill is occupied. Even if it isn’t, upon receiving the news of your defeat, he had decided to give up on Flying Knights Regiment. Because in his eyes, you have lost your value!”

Roger’s face was abnormally ugly. Even though my words were somewhat extreme, but it wasn’t without reason. It had even hit some right spots, waking Roger up from years of wondering.

After hesitating for a long time, Roger finally said to me, “I don’t believe the Kingdom has forgotten our brave fighting forces. Perhaps, some of your words are right, that the Golden Horsemen Cavalry is indeed the most capable force to resist the spreading of the undead’s tyrannical powers. But still, our commander’s death can’t be neglected. I hope you can get to Drake to obtain his letter, bring it back to the King, and let him come to rescue us, the Flying Knights, which only have 3,000 knights left.”

Mission Statement: Accept Captain Roger’s request. Obtain the letter from Golden Horsemen Cavalry’s Commander, Drake, and take it back to the King in the palace. Fulfill Roger’s wish for the remnants of the Golden Horsemen and Flying Knights to return to the Imperial Army!

This mission was mandatory, but also a unique one. I guessed after I brought back the Golden Horsemen and Flying Knights soldiers, this Wild Horse Plain would return to its previous peaceful state, then some new monsters would appear.

My current worry should be how I could obtain the letter from Drake. With my present strength, to storm into the Golden Horsemen camp would be utterly stupid. I couldn’t even say whether I could break through the first barrier!

Hmm, when I went out from Lin He’s camp, his soldiers didn’t seem to be hostile against me anymore. Perhaps there wouldn’t be a problem to ask for his help!

I immediately put my thought into action. I packed my stuff and after bidding farewell to Roger, I went straight to Lin He’s camp. There were still some patrolling scout troops along the way. I cleaned up a few groups to get some healing potions and then went directly into the woods. Lin He’s camp was still very peaceful. The soldiers there really didn’t take me for an intruder and didn’t even stop me as I entered Lin He’s tent. I quickly checked my properties panel, and the diplomatic relationship between me and the Golden Horsemen was shown in green color: Neutral. No wonder they didn’t attack me…

Lin He recognized me immediately and asked, “You’ve come again. What’s the matter?”

“I think maybe you can help me to see Commander Drake.”

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