The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 060

Hurricane City – Chapter 60 (Challenging Drake)

“What? You want to see Commander Drake?” Lin He was surprised.

I nodded and said, “Yes, I have something to say to him, then hopefully you can improve your situation.”

“Okay, follow me!” Lin He didn’t consider much and immediately agreed. Perhaps, he was also tired of this rebel life.

The Golden Horsemen camp was huge. Looking at one troop after another that keep passing beside me, my heart somewhat trembled. These were all NPCs, but roughly looking, there should be more than ten thousand knights. If players had to attack this place, I don’t know how many players would die just to get this place leveled. Even if all the Hurricane City’s players died three times, they would still not be able to defeat the Golden Horsemen.

The Commander’s tent was also very large. I couldn’t see any of the knights’ level who was patrolling outside. I guessed they must be at least of Level 37. It would already be difficult to deal with one of these knights, so what would be the level of the BOSS, Commander Drake?

Lin He opened the curtain to the tent’s entrance, turned to me and said, “Please go in. I have already sent someone to inform.”

I nodded and went inside. What I saw inside was astonishing. A heavily armed commander with his dark blue and white striped shiny armor, and a golden sword at his waist flashing a bright light. No matter how you look, its attributes should be of a super-awesome weapon!

“You want to see me?” Drake said with a calm but charismatic voice while he turned around to face me, showing an energetic chiseled face. He must be a good looking man when he was young. Years of battle experience sign were clearly carved into his face, with a pair of eyes like that of a tiger’s showing his unyielding spirit, full of confident, sincere. So bright and thorough!

I replied, “Yes, I was entrusted by Captain Roger!”

“Hmmph, Roger? He hasn’t been killed by the undeads yet?” Drake’s voice carried a hint of contempt.

“No. I came here to meet you, Commander, to obtain a letter from you. I was hoping to resolve the conflicts between you and the king. After all, the Golden Horsemen used to be the Kingdom’s most elite combat regiment. And since now the undead’s power constantly erodes the human’s realm, the strength of the Golden Horsemen is direly needed!”

“Haha, in the time of needs, he only sends someone with a small role to settle things? Is that old man, Kevin, really so old already? Is he that stupid to think that I, Drake, am an idiot?” Drake said mockingly.

I consider for a while, gritting my teeth and said, “Commander, I’ve heard about the matters between you and the old king, and I don’t think it’s a matter without the possibility of reconciliation. After all, the fate of the whole kingdom lays in both the king’s and your hand. If the Golden Horsemen Cavalry can return back to the Imperial’s Army, the strength to resist the undead’s threat will be secured…”

Drake suddenly interrupted my words, “Because of his own selfishness, Kevin even exiled his own daughter to an inhabited wasteland because of the plague. Misha was left all alone in the cemetery, can you imagine how she must have felt? Despair! I risked the loss of hundreds of Golden Horsemen troops to burst into that ancient tomb, but I couldn’t find Misha. She must have been killed already… Those God-damned undeads!”

He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and then looked at me.

I immediately said seriously, “Commander, I think you misunderstood. Princess Misha… She isn’t dead!”

“What? Misha, she… she didn’t die?” A glimmer of hope appeared on Drake’s desperate face.

“Yes, after receiving Master Healer Lance’s instructions, I found the herbs to cure Princess Misha’s illness in the mountain, and later in the plague cemetery I’ve also found Princess Misha. I already took her back to the kingdom!”

Drake’s grief turned to delight and he laugh out loud, “Haha, Lance, that old fox! He wasn’t dead! He saved Misha, haha, he saved Misha!”

All of a sudden, he stopped laughing and instead drew his sword and pointed it toward me. His voice thundered, “You want to deceive me so easily? At that time, I brought more than a thousand soldiers and searched the whole plague cemetery but failed to find her. Even the Imperial’s Magician that came along couldn’t detect any living being there. Misha is already dead!”

I was flabbergasted and hurriedly explained, “That’s because the Necromancers used dark magic to extract Misha’s soul. And her body was hidden in the basement of the old building. That’s why the Magician couldn’t detect her presence. I found her in the basement and brought her back to the palace.”

Drake’s anger subsided slightly, but he was still on alert and said, “You alone, could you really save Princess in that place guarded by so many undeads?”

“How can I prove it to you that I have the power?”

Drake smiled, pointing his sword and said, “As long you can survive my sword’s attack for ten seconds, then I’ll believe you!”

“Isn’t it too frenzy?” I secretly laugh, but on the surface, I still let out a serious look and said, “Then, let’s get started!”

System Notification: Drake’s Challenge accepted. To pass the challenge, the player has to be still alive after 10 seconds.

Remaining time: 10 seconds!

Remaining time: 9 seconds!

On the 7 seconds count, Drake launched his offensive. His sword attack filled with electricity came toward me, and a split second later, my body was sent flying. The System Notification pushed me further into despair!

You received a critical hit from Drake, 1420 Health lost!

Damn, just one hit had left me with only 110 Health remaining. Really f***ing killing me!

I rapidly took out the only large bottle of Healing Potion from my inventory and drank it. My Health immediately got another 800 points restored so that my Health was at 910. But I didn’t have time to be happy. Drake’s sword had already befallen on me, and I lost another 670 points of Health. I only had 240 Health remaining!

God! Drake’s attack speed was really too fast!

Ice crystals rapidly converged on my sword. As he attacked me for the second time, I finally could launch my attack, and immediately shot out [Frozen Blade]. Although Drake tried violently to finish me, but he still froze on the spot!

The average players in this kind of situation would certainly continue to hit some more attacks on Drake, but I was an expert, furthermore, I was the best of the best experts. I wouldn’t even bother to use such dirty tricks!

0.01 seconds later, I used the long lost skill of the martial arts world, that was…

Run for my life!

Running all the way out of the tent, I didn’t even dare to look back. A rush of wind came from behind. Drake who was already freed from the [Frozen Blade]’s confinement, chased after me really fast!

The system continued to prompt.

Remaining time: 3 seconds!

Remaining time: 2 seconds!

At the last second, Drake’s sword landed on my back. Since the 8 seconds CD time for taking the healing potion was up, I took out a bottle of medium healing potion and used it instantly. The combat information came up:

You have used a healing potion (medium), 485 Health restored!

You are attacked by Drake, 710 Health loss!

My body felt light as if it was floating…


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