The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 061

Hurricane City – Chapter 61 (Justice Contender)

I thought I was dead! Seeing the system message, I was immediately filled with a surge of joy!

System Notification: Congratulations! You’ve passed Drake’s Challenge!

Haha, it looked like the last health potion saved my life after all. Right now, Drake had already returned to his camp. I immediately followed up, eagerly waiting for the mission reward!

In the end, Drake was still an NPC. He was already steadily seated, and while looking at me, he spoke, “Young man, it seems you really do possess the strength to have saved Princess Misha. You see, this precious sword is my self-defense weapon so there’s no way I can give it to you. How about this, you’ll take this pair of gloves, Kevin, that old man, and Misha should recognize it as this was bestowed by the old king.

I accepted the gloves and looked at it, but couldn’t see anything – Justice Contender (Mission Item).

Drake spoke again, “To prove the princess is still alive, I hope you can bring over Princess Misha’s keepsake. If you could do it, I’ll be willing to bring my soldiers back and serve the kingdom!”

I nodded my head and accepted the mission.

Damn it! I thought Drake would hand over that sword which seemed like a God Artifact. In the end, all I got was only a mission item, what should I do now?

I looked at the time. It was already four in the afternoon. Without knowing it, I had already spent two hours on this mission. The map of this plain was indeed large, killing monsters while on the move didn’t make me feel like the time was flowing.


Murong Shan Shan sent me a short message, but there was no content in it. All I could see was an equipment’s screenshot:

[Night Elf’s Sword] (Blue Equipment)

Attack: 120-175

Strength: +21

Stamina: +24

Agility: +16

Required Level: 26

Oh my God, what kind of logic was this?

Attack 120-175? Wasn’t my [Pine Forest Claymore] Attack only 24-45?

I immediately turned on the communication device and could already hear Murong Shan Shan’s laughter from the other side. Looked like she was really delighted.

“Shan Shan, is this your mission’s reward!?” I questioned eagerly.

“Yes, it is! I’ve done a full 5 hours long of mission, totally worth it!”

After 2 minutes…

“Hey, Lin Fan, did a cat get your tongue?” Murong Shan Shan asked grinningly.

Wiping off the drool on my mouth, I answered, “I learned from this painful experience… I will definitely get a weapon stronger than yours! Ah, that’s right, Shan Shan, how did you assigned your points, what’s your attack now?”

“I assigned all the points on my strength, now my Attack is 265-345, what about yours?


I felt distraught, to think my attack would be exceeded by Murong Shan Shan just because of a weapon. Looked like it was time to change my Level 12 Pine Forest Claymore after all. Unfortunately, this kind of thing couldn’t be rushed. There weren’t any weapons better than Pine Forest Claymore on the market, and such weapon would only come by chance.

“Lin Fan…” Murong Shan Shan spoke again.


“I’m already Level 26 now, just enough to equip this Night Elf’s Sword. You know, this sword is just too beautiful, the entire sword is glistening green, I really like it! To celebrate, how about I’ll treat you to dinner?”

“What, is it really alright? Anyway, can you tell me about the details of your mission? Is it possible to receive it again, my weapon right now is really weak…”

Murong Shan Shan gave out a mysterious laugh, “I’ll tell you during dinner, let’s meet up at Food Heaven 1 hour later, alright?”

I pondered for a moment, originally I planned to spend Christmas Eve with Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han. I didn’t think that because of a weapon, I would be dragged out to have dinner with Murong Shan Shan. Luckily she was the one treating, so I could eat comfortably.

I turned off the communication device. There was still another hour until dinner… Then I should just head back to the city to hand in my mission first.

The location of the Palace and Hurricane city was only separated by a bridge. There are only a few guards and I already entered the palace after going through some checkpoints. Stepping on the red carpet did give off an entirely different feeling. At the moment, the King and Queen were in the grand hall.

Using my mission item, I obtained an Audience Seeking Certificate from the guard in the grand hall. Only with this, I was granted entrance to the grand hall by the guards. The elegant queen and the bearded old king were just seated there.

Seeing my arrival, the king spoke, “Brave young man, I heard that you’ve managed to obtain Commander Drake’s keepsake. May I know what kind of news have you brought back?”

“Indeed, Commander Drake allowed me to bring over his gloves to indicate his allegiance, but he wants to see the princess’s keepsake to confirm she is still alive.”

The king replied readily, “This matter can be easily handled, hand over Commander Drake’s keepsake. Princess is now staying in the Palace’s left wing, whatever you need, just ask her for it!”

I was a little stupefied because I never thought it would progress so easily. Looked like the King was really helpless about the current situation, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a dramatic change to his attitude, where he no longer cared about Drake’s previous rebellious actions.

I hastily walked up and hand over the [Justice Contender] to the king. He sentimentally wiped the pair of gloves and spoke with a faltering voice, “This is really Drake’s gloves, he must have suffered for the past few years!”

I chuckled secretly, this kind of progression was a little too realistic, what a superb scene of shedding crocodile tears by the king.

The old king took another look at the gloves, raised his head and said, “Young warrior, this is my decree to Drake. I will pardon all the sins of Drake and the Golden Horsemen Cavalry. I hope they can immediately head out towards Twilight Forest located near the west, and wipe out all the remaining undead forces over there! After recovering that land, he can then bring his troops back and report to the kingdom. I will send people for the re-admission of the Golden Horsemen Cavalry and reorganize the troops.”

I was secretly surprised, the old king was indeed a sly fox. Before Drake’s army returned, he wanted them to eradicate the undeads to prove their loyalty. This kind of scheme and shrewdness really got hold of my admiration.

Seeing that I had not left yet, the old king suddenly laughed and said, “Ah, that’s right. Drake probably wouldn’t want this pair of gloves back. O, brave warrior, I will now bestow this to you, I hope you would work harder to contribute to the kingdom!”


System Notification: You’ve obtained a mission reward – [Justice Contender]!

Drake’s equipment would certainly not be bad. I immediately opened my inventory and took a look. My heartbeat accelerated all of a sudden!

[Justice Contender] (Blue Equipment – Armor)

Defense: 57

Stamina: +24

Strength: +22

Agility: +21

Extra: Increase effect received from healing spells, up to 100 points.

Level Requirement: 28

It was a Level 28 blue armor. The defense was high, and the attribute points provided were also very high. The 20+ points for 3 attributes were equivalent to 12 levels worth of points. Even by excluding resistance, this equipment was equal to 10 levels. This showed that in [Moon Monochrome], equipment attributes were extremely important.

As for the bonus healing effect, it probably meant that whenever I was healed by any clerics, I would receive more health than usual!

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