The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 062

Hurricane City – Chapter 62 (Holy Baptism)

After equipping the new blue glove, my attributes had improved greatly. My Health had reached 1720 points, Defense 333, Attack 234-302. Too bad, the Attack was still quite a lot below Murong Shan Shan’s 265-345.

The Princess resided on the left part of the Palace. Without many difficulties, I had already found her, and she seemed to still recognize me. When she knew I was entrusted by Drake, she revealed a rare smile.

Princess Misha took out a piece of exquisitely carved jade, “Drake gave me this in the past. Could you please help me bring it to Drake? I really want to see him!”

After I took the jade piece and felt that the princess had nothing else to say, I immediately used the Return City Scroll, and in the blink of an eye, I appeared next to the auction house. When I was preparing to leave the city for the mission, I saw a player had set up a stall at the city’s gate. He displayed seven or eight skill books in there, all had a price tag on them.

That selling player kept approaching the players who passed by the roadside, “Fellow brothers, please come have a look. Freshly acquired eight skill books, still very hot! Will trade for a wife with a good appearance, not for equipment!”

This dude, while selling things he also looked for a wife. This kid would have a bright future!

“Hey, brother. You’re selling so many books?” I approached to find out. There were many varieties of skill books, all prices were only in gold coins. I wondered, “Why only sell for gold coins?”

“Yes, our boss received a secret Profession Advancement mission and must pay 100 gold coins. These days, who would have that much gold coins? So, we could only sell the skill books we just got!”

When I heard it, I felt a joy in my heart. Currently, [Moon Monochrome] had only provided an online trading system to use RMB for buying and selling items, but hadn’t opened an RMB to gold coins exchange system. So, the gold coins that the general players were getting right now would usually not enough to learn skills. Even to learn low-level skills would need 1 gold coins. Especially expensive were the Magician skills, which cost would increase the higher its level is. A level 20 skill would cost up to 5 gold coins. Unless a player was completing a mission, it would be hard for a player to have more than 10 gold coins just from killing monsters alone. Mostly, the Magician would need to borrow gold coins from their friends. Only a few players would have an excess amount of gold coins.

I took a look, and among the 8 skill books, I had not seen 3 of them. Two of it were skill books for a Level 20 Clerics, which were also an attack type of skill. For the current Lu Xue Han who could only restore health, these skills should be very useful. The other skill book was a Frost Armor for a Level 24 Magician, which would also be very useful for Xu Lin. The three of them together costed 80 gold coins.

I looked into my inventory, and there were just 84 gold coins. For ordinary players, this sum of gold coins would be almost impossible to get, but the mission that I had done wasn’t few either. Moreover, the coins I got from the Golden Horsemen mission was quite a lot. So, I barely could afford it. No wonder that this kid couldn’t sell any skill book despite of already trying to sell for so long. The average players only had few gold coins, even the rich!

I quickly bought the skill books. Even though no one had bought it yet, but with time, some people would find the coins to buy it. If I wait for later, regretting would be too late!

Three skill books, it was considered okay…

Retribution (Requirement: Cleric Level 22): Deal a certain divine damage onto a target. Damage dealt to a demon monster would be doubled. Cooling Down time 3 seconds. The damage value would increase with the level increase.

Reflection (Requirement: Cleric Level 25): Within 30 seconds after casting, will reflect once a magic attack and inflict the same degree of magic damage. Spell duration will increase with the level increase!

Frost Armor (Requirement: Magician Level 24): Increase the caster’s Defense 120 points for 30 minutes. The attacker will suffer a freezing effect, move speed and attack speed will be reduced by 50%. Skill effectiveness will increase with the level increase.

When I looked the description, I was dumbfounded. Retribution was okay since a Cleric should have an attack magic. But Reflection was a little sick. Just imagine a Magician who put all the points into Intelligence attacked a low resistance Cleric, the reflected magic attack would probably instakilled that low health Magician! Frost Armor was even more abnormal. Even the Level 1 skill would increase the caster Defense for 120 points. This would reduce the probability of the Magician being instakilled. And more to it, the attacker movement speed would be reduced by 50%. Thus, a Thief or Warrior with close combat skill would be difficult to get near the Magician to attack again.

In my inventory was still the skill book for Archers, War God’s Force. This time, Xu Lin, Xin Yu, and Lu Xue Han wouldn’t say I was biased. With these powerful skills, the chance of us to win the 5-person team competition would greatly increased. I couldn’t imagine how great the award would be for the team competition…

When I looked at the time, it was already 16:30. There was still another half hour before the agreed time with Murong Shan Shan. I should simply go to submit the mission.

I went by detouring the sawmill. The scene at the Wild Horse Plain was still as usual, only the Flying Knights regiment wasn’t there anymore. Perhaps, when I went to the palace to do the mission, Roger had also returned with the remnant soldiers to the kingdom. There were already players practicing at the sawmill, so even with Roger soldiers already gone, there would not be much danger.

I went directly into the Golden Horsemen Commander’s camp. When Drake saw me coming, he immediately let out a smile. But when I handed him the piece of jade from the princess, this big and tall man had tears falling out, almost killed my voice.

Drake began to summarize the results of my mission that I had been doing for the last two days, “Brave warrior, thank you for your help. Our Golden Knights could finally return to the Kingdom. We no longer need to fight aimlessly. To express our gratitude to you, I decide to let you undergo a Holy Baptism to make you stronger!”

System Prompt: Drake wants to get you through the Holy Baptism, will you accept it?

I was stunned. Shouldn’t a Holy Baptism only be done by a High Priest or an Oracle? Could it be that Drake from the Golden Horsemen was also one?

I thought for a moment. Accepting it shouldn’t be a bad thing, so I waved my hand and picked OK!


System Prompt: You were baptized, and acquired a passive skill – Divine Blessing.

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