The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 063

Hurricane City – Chapter 63 (The Date)

Divine Blessing: Passive skill. Increase Magic resistance to all type of spells by 40%. The effect can stack up.


This passive skill compared to any equipment or skills was still very superior, increasing the resistance of any type of magic by 40%. That means if originally the Magician could hit me with 100 points of damage, with this passive skill, I would only lose about 100/1.4 = 71 points of Health. With my high movement speed and Frozen Blade, even against a Magician with Frost Armor casted, I had the confidence to kill it in three seconds.

Three minutes after the mission was accomplished, the system prompted: Please leave the current map. In five minutes, the map will refresh. The company shall not be responsible for any loss and inconvenience if the player doesn’t leave the map. Thank you for your understanding!

This change must have been due to me completing the mission. I estimated the Golden Horsemen would be gone from this map after the refresh, so this mission would also not be available anymore.

I quickly retreated toward the nearby sawmill and only after I was sure I had left the Wild Horse Plain area then I stopped to watch the refresh happening. Five minutes later, everything had calmed down. No more traces of humans were there, instead they were replaced by various high-level monsters.

It was almost the time already. I would come back tomorrow to explore what new missions this new map would bring!

Then, I sent three messages…

To Xu Lin, “Lin sister, I just got a skill book suited for your profession, get back to the city!”

To Xin Yu, “Honey, did you miss me? I helped you to acquire a skill book, come over here!”

To Xue Han, “Beautiful Xue Han, two skill books are ready to be traded. We can discuss a way to thank me…”

A few seconds later, all the three beautiful women replied…

Xu Lin: “I’ll come right away. You’ll get your salary in a few days!”

Xin Yu: “Of course I missed you. Tonight, I want to cuddle and sleep with someone…”

Lu Xue Han: “Hehe, I’ll be right back!”

I was quite speechless. Xu Lin loved money, Xin Yu was charming, Lu Xue Han was smart, and all of them could be considered as the number one beauty. I really wondered how many men would be envious of my situation.

When I used the City Return Scroll, the three beautiful women were already waiting at the bridge of the East Gate. I hadn’t seen them only for a few days, but their equipment had changed a lot already. Xu Lin was wearing a blue Mage robe, and in her hand, she was holding a wand flickering a gloomy light. No matter how you looked at her, she would appear as an expert female magician. And Xin Yu, her stunning body was covered with leather type equipment, and her slender body looked taller with her holding the long bow. Her beautiful face appeared to be even more gorgeous than before. I was pretty sure Xin Yu would be the most beautiful Elf player in Hurricane City or even in the whole East China region. In contrast to Xin Yu, Lu Xue Han’s beauty was the kind that would make a person couldn’t help to profane. Dressed in a white cleric robe reflecting her soft curvaceous body. Her snow-white flawless face would make any man wanted to cherish her. Even I had gotten this inexplicable urge…

Xin Yu unhappily said to Xu Lin, “This Lin Fan guy seems to really like our little beautiful Xue Han. Look at how he glanced at her, so full of desire!”

Xu Lin nodded in agreement while Lu Xue Han’s face was covered in red, and she shyly looked at me.

I didn’t bother to argue with Xin Yu, but directly handed over the equipment and skill books to them. And then I said, “Murong Shan Shan had done a mission with a Level 26 blue sword as a reward. To get the same sword, I have to take her to dinner tonight…”

Xin Yu instantly glared at me and said, “Are you going to eat or to do something else? Will you come back tonight? Murong Shan Shan is so beautiful, could it be that you have fallen for her, that you even dare not to spend dinner with us on Christmas Eve?”

I quickly explained, “It’s really just for the mission, please don’t misunderstand!”

“Wow, you even blushed but still denied?” Xin Yu began to gloat, “Just be honest, are you now neglecting our little beautiful Xue Han, and don’t even care a bit about her who sleeps in the room next to yours everyday? Do you know, in order to prepare your breakfast, she would warm the food at eight in the morning just for you. Who would think that you, little ungrateful punk, won’t even notice her…”

I was dumbfounded and asked dully, “Xue Han, is it true? I’m sorry, I really didn’t realize it…”

Lu Xue Han just smiled with a pursed lip, “It’s okay.”

I felt really awkward. The agreed time with Murong Shan Shan was close already, but I suddenly felt really uncomfortable to get offline. With the three standing in front of me, and Lu Xue Han’s beautiful face blushed, I really didn’t know what to do.

Xin Yu glanced at me and softly said, “You’re still not going? Don’t let other people wait.”

I looked at her but didn’t know what to say. This time Xu Lin also said, “Lin Fan, just go. Murong Shan Shan had already paid you one hundred thousand, so as long she doesn’t request something unreasonable, just try to meet it.”

Xin Yu immediately followed, “Yes, but be sure to come back tonight. I’ll be waiting for you…”

I rushed to avoid Xin Yu’s hot gaze. If I let her continue to look, I would feel like not wearing any clothes.

“It’s okay, quickly get offline…” Lu Xue Han finally spoke, allowing me to get offline.

I nodded as a farewell and went offline.

When I switched off the helmet’s power, I suddenly felt wrong to just leave like this. I looked at the box of cookies beside the pillow and immediately got an idea. Finding a pen in the cabinet, then I tore a sheet of white paper from the phone book and wrote, “Xue Han, I’ll come right home. This box of cookies is for you to eat, and I will bring you something to eat when I come back later!”

I clipped the paper on the cookies pack and then went into Lu Xue Han’s room, and carefully put it on her bed. A girls room is always so neat and has a trace of sweet fragrance. Lu Xue Han was lying in her bed. Looking at Lu Xue Han’s twin delicate breasts made my heart beat rapidly and short breathed. I swallowed hard and went out the door.

The night came early in winter, and snow was still falling outside. With the lights had all been lit up, and the snowflakes added the romantic situation, several pairs of lovers embracing each other under an umbrella were walking on the street. The sound of people laughing in the winter created a wave of warmth feeling.

“Hey, what are you looking at? Hurry up come over here!”

Across the street, a lovely girl waved at me. It was Murong Shan Shan who just came out from the school. Next to her were Cocoa and another girl.

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