The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 065

Hurricane City – Chapter 65 (Supermarket Peaches)

Of course, I didn’t have the slightest idea that Fire almost recognized myself because I’d already devoted all my attention on the snack bars alongside the road.

“Lin Fan, have you heard of the origin of Guanqian Street?” Murong Shan Shan asked with a grin and then continued after seeing me shook my head, “Guanqian Street’s name was derived from the scenic spot of Xuan Miao Temple (a prominent Taoist temple). It is the heartbeat of the bustling downtown, just like the famous pedestrian street Nanjing Road in Shanghai and Nanjing’s Confucius Temple. Furthermore, Guanqian Street also has its own legend.”

My interest was piqued, so I asked, “What legend?”

Murong Shan Shan smiled proudly and said, “According to the legend, during the time of Qing Dynasty, there was a shop which sold stew and cold dishes. The owner went by the surname of Lu and often fell asleep lying on the table due to the shop’s poor business. One time, he fell asleep again and saw an old beggar in his dream, a familiar face which often accepted his aid. The old beggar told shopkeeper Lu, ‘I am actually not a mortal. Today, I have to leave. Shopkeeper Lu, the straw mat that you’ve gifted me is still under the bridge where I seek shelter from. You can take it back, I believe it would serve to be useful in the future!'”

I suddenly burst out a laugh as it was really interesting when Murong Shan Shan put on that taut face while speaking ancient Chinese prose. Especially when she was wearing a white dress and walking in a flurry of snow, she did carry the kind of “immortal” feel. No wonder why all teenagers on the street casted their gaze over.

Murong Shan Shan was somewhat angry and said, “Don’t interrupt me! I’m not finished yet!”

I laughed, “Alright alright, go on, I’m listening!”

“Hmmph! After shopkeeper Lu woke up, he actually discovered that straw mat under the bridge and brought it home. He didn’t expect it to provide any use, so he threw it in the kitchen stove to burn. At that moment, a miracle happened. Waves of strange yet fragrant aroma drifted throughout the city of Suzhou. Shopkeeper Lu promptly took out part of the straw mat which remained unburnt and even used a container to store it up. Later, every time he prepared a stew, he would retrieve one straw stick and throw it into the stove. Miraculously, whenever he threw in the straw, his stew turned out to be more fragrant and tastier than other shops’, which drove his business to blossom over time.”

At this point, Murong Shan Shan blinked her eyes and looked at me, “Do you know the moral behind this legend?”

I shook my head. I had no idea at all…

“Hehe, this story is saying ‘Three points of efforts, Seven points of fuel’. Everything should like that. No matter what we do, we must not overdo it. Do you understand this principle?”

I laughed, “Of course! My teacher had said this before during primary school.”

Murong Shan Shan turned to face me, speaking word by word, “No, you do not understand. I’ve calculated, you only rest for a maximum time of 6 hours per day and spend the rest of the time online. If this goes on, your body will collapse sooner or later. Now, do you understand my good intention, asking you out for a walk?”

I startled a little. Perhaps, what Murong Shan Shan said carried some truth, but that good intention part was unnecessary.

“Let’s go, I’m starving too, I’ll treat you to steamboat today!”

It was around eight when I went home. As I walked down the neighborhood area, I suddenly thought I should buy something for Lu Xue Han first. After all, she had been really nice to me, and with such a beautiful and graceful little beauty, no one would believe when I said she was naive.

After a long consideration, in the end, I just walked in the supermarket below and bought something for Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu to eat. Girls love to eat. So, buying snacks for them should be the right decision…

This supermarket wasn’t small, but most notable there was a very coquettish attendant, which was even well known within the radius of ten miles. Even the boys from the nearby XX came here to buy something, just to see the attendant’s great boobs and her nice curvy ass. I had seen her several times, but before I got the time to look carefully and appreciate it, Xin Yu had already dragged me away.

Surprisingly, after scanning the entire supermarket, I didn’t manage to discover the coquettish attendant. So, I went to pay after picking some snacks. But, when I reached the counter, I suddenly noticed a special counter selling chewing gum on the side. After eating such a spicy meal with Murong Shan Shan, I ought to buy some chewing gum to even out the taste. Thus, I headed over to the counter and also did something I regretted for an entire week.

“Miss, do you sell Wrigley’s Doublemint here?”

I did not lift my head as my sight remained on the counter, scanning those small boxes. Mmm? The packing of the gum here seemed a little weird. There were even stimulating images printed on it. Could it be that doing it while chewing a gum would be more exciting?

“Hey handsome, what flavor are you looking for? Mind telling me your size?”

A flirtatious voice drifted over. The moment I lifted my head, I got dumbfounded. An attendant wearing a suit uniform was looking at me with a smile on her face. Despite the cold winter, she only wore an overcoat and a wool knit shirt within, with a really low neckline. Her cleavage which loomed under the dim light was exceptionally attractive.

“I only wish to buy a box of chewing gum…” My voice trembled a little. This busty lady should be that of the legendary supermarket peaches!!

The woman straightened her body to emphasize her chest line and said with a smile, “Don’t be shy, the most important thing being a man is to be responsible. It would be bad if you made your girlfriend pregnant. Come, let big sis take a look at your size!”

I had no idea how she would check my size, but I saw her extending her pink little hands toward me. There was no one around this place that was formed like a cubicle. Customers that were purchasing stuff on the outside wouldn’t be able to see what was happening over here, other than a few blurs of human shades on the glass wall.

“Big sis, I really only wanted to buy chewing gum…”

She chuckled charmingly, pointing behind me, “Chewing gums are placed over there, you can get it yourself. Ahh right, are you really not going to buy? How about big sis leave a phone number for you?”

I hurriedly fled. Did she flirt this way toward every handsome guy that had a cultured look? Hmm, if I were to hook up with her, it would be better to just head home and doing it with Xin Yu. At least Xin Yu’s figure wasn’t inferior to her and even looked way prettier.

I headed home carrying the snacks after paying them. Everyone should still be in the game. I opened the door and splitted what I bought in two, placing one in Xin Yu’s and Xu Lin’s room, and I placed the other on Lu Xue Han’s bedside. I even took the chance and touched her smooth cheeks with my hands. Wondering if she would notice, I entered my room.

After entering the game, I appeared on the East Gate’s bridge of the city. Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han probably already went to level up, while Murong Shan Shan wasn’t online yet. After repairing some of my equipment, I decided to head over to Wild Horse Plain to check out the new map. Maybe there might be some new missions.

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